True Martial World Chapter 581

Chapter 581: Heaven Martial City
Chapter 581: Heaven Martial City

The moment the nomological seed sprouts and breaks out of the Yuan foundation, that was the Yuan Opening realm.

The Yuan Opening realm was still a distant matter for the present Yi Yun. However, there were many talented Dao Seed realm warriors whose nomological seeds had already accumulated energy and had hints of germination just before breaking through.

Once the Yuan foundation was broken out of, the seed would rapidly grow into a towering divine tree.

So although Yi Yun was far from breaking out of the Yuan foundation, his nomological seed had already accumulated an alarming amount of energy,

The increase in cultivation level was one aspect, but the Beast Mark of Life gave Yi Yun even more benefits, such as a boost to his physical body.

The Nine Neonate beast was a nine-headed snake that had awakened its ancient bloodline. Its body was strong, and it was not something that humans could compare with.

Previously, in the battle with the Nine Neonate, Yi Yun had shot at it with the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow several times, but all he got in return of slightly injuring the Nine Neonate was his fingers being cut by the bowstring. He did not even manage to fully penetrate the Nine Neonate’s body. Even the arrow did not fully embed itself in the Nine Neonate.

This showed how abnormal the Nine Neonate’s defensive power was.

Now, having refined the Nine Neonate into a Beast Mark of Life, Yi Yun had only received a tiny boost from the beast mark, but it was a quantum leap for his physical body.

“Pi Pi Pa Pa!”

Yi Yun clenched his fists as all his veins began to bulge out. His bones issued continuous explosive sounds. He could not help but shout from this pleasant feeling he experienced.

It was too comfortable. It seemed like he had endless energy and he needed to vent it.

With a roar, he punched out.


This punch was not powered with any laws, it was just his physical strength alone. The moment his fist made impact with a sand dune, the entire sand dune exploded causing sand to rain down from the sky in a dense manner.

In terms of his bodily strength, Yi Yun had never been very strong.

For speed, he had the “Golden Crow Sun Shift” movement technique, so his speed was very fast.

For laws, he cultivated pure Yang laws, and he had a minor focus on pure Yin laws. Yin-Yang laws were considered Great Dao laws, the level of profoundness was above the five-elemental laws.

For offensive strength, Yi Yun dual cultivated sabers and swords, and he also had the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow.

As for cultivation techniques, he had the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, which came from supreme Great Dao manuals, so it was obvious.

However… in contrast, defense was Yi Yun’s weakness.

During fights, he needed to initiate his protective Yuan Qi to cover his entire body. If a sword pierced his head, Yi Yun would die.

With his physical defense lacking, he had to be careful at all the time, preventing him from being able to fight in a free manner during battles.

And now, after merging the Nine Neonate beast mark, Yi Yun’s body had begun to transform. With the Nine Neonate’s growth, Yi Yun’s body would become even stronger.

“It’s time to leave.” From the time Yi Yun came to the southern sea to conquering the Nine Neonate, as well as fully merging the Beast Mark of Life into him, he took a month’s time.

“Before I absorbed the Nine Neonate beast mark, the Nine Neonate was about to experience a Heavenly Tribulation. With its current level, there’s no way for it to survive it. It was doomed to die. If the Nine Neonate beast mark is destroyed by the Heavenly Tribulation, then there’s no way of nurturing this beast mark anymore, and I’ll be back to square one.” Yi Yun muttered to himself. He naturally would not allow such a thing to happen.

He wanted to search for heavenly treasures for the Nine Neonate so it could tide over the Heavenly Tribulation. At the same time, he wanted to investigate the schemes of the Martial Alliance.

Yi Yun opened an exit and flew up into the sky, before disappearing from the Great Empress mystic realm.

In the eastern regions of the Tian Yuan world, there was a city. It was built on a towering tree, and it was known as Heaven Martial City. From afar, the gigantic tree looked like the scene of two people fighting. And at the roots of the gigantic tree, as well as its branches, there were many warriors standing there or mediating.

Many of them had stayed here for long periods of time. Their goal was to gain some insight from the images generated by the gigantic tree.

This gigantic tree had existed many years before. Now, it looked like it had died, but it did not wither.

Such a divine tree was said to be formed naturally from Heavenly Dao. Later on, an Empyreal King built a city here, naming it Heaven Martial City.

The Heaven Martial City was the biggest city closest to the Martial Alliance in the Tian Yuan world. The Martial Alliance was not open to anyone, so the Heaven Martial City became a place for many Tian Yuan world warriors to gather.

Many sects and factions in the Tian Yuan world had set up branches in the Heaven Martial City. With more people, there were a greater turnover of treasures. The Heaven Martial City was also the most important trading location in the Tian Yuan world.

The Treasure House established in the Heaven Martial City was famous to many mortals.

In a mountain forest a distance away from Heaven Martial City, there was a white flash. Following that, a figure walked out of a door of light.

Yi Yun landed gently on the ground. His destination was Heaven Martial City!

As a city closest to the Martial Alliance, there were many organizations of the Martial Alliance in it. Hence, this place became Yi Yun’s first destination.

Before arriving here, Yi Yun had done some research of Heaven Martial City beforehand.

Tens of millions of years ago, the ancient Great Empress had traveled around the Tian Yuan world, and in a notebook she left behind, she had previously mentioned this divine tree. She had even reviewed it, but the ancient Great Empress did not mention the city. It was most likely that the city was built after the Great Empress’ era.

There were countless numbers of warriors in the Heaven Martial City. There were many warriors training in the surrounding mountains and forests also.

Yi Yun flew towards the Heaven Martial City and he met a few groups of cultivating warriors. These warriors were mostly in the Yuan foundation realm, so they could not even detect Yi Yun’s aura, much less see his figure.

As Yi Yun proceeded, he observed these young warriors. Many of them came from the various factions of the Tian Yuan world, but some of them wore black martial suits, and on them, there were embroidered Blood Moon logos.

The Blood Moon logo was extremely striking to Yi Yun. Clearly, these people came from the Martial Alliance.

These people may not be directly related to the Blood Moon, and were just exterior members, but even so, they enjoyed a certain status amongst the cultivators.

Yi Yun could sense that many people were extremely deferential towards them.

Amongst the many warriors, Yi Yun saw a small team of about eight young warriors. They were dressed in bright colored clothing, and from their direction of travel, they were also heading to the Heaven Martial City.

Yi Yun stopped and looked at their clothes, they turned out to be people from the Li Fire Sect.

The Li Fire Sect could be considered as an accomplice of the Shen Tu family clan. They stationed themselves with the Shen Tu family clan outside the Lin family, and they monitored the Lin family’s actions. However, eight young disciples were killed as a result of Yi Yun’s actions.

In this team, there was a young warrior who dressed very nicely. He was saying to a female warrior in his team, “After killing another two more desolate beasts and letting you absorb two beast marks, we will need to rush to the Heaven Martial City. Martial Uncle Gongsun will not be happy about our tardiness.”

“What’s there to fear? However, Martial Uncle Gongsun wants to join in the Treasure House’s event this time. If we get back early, he might even let us follow him to widen our horizons. I heard that there will be many heavenly treasures that no one has ever heard of.” The female warrior said in excitement.

The young warrior smiled and he said in a self-satisfied manner, “Those are nothing. The main star of the show this time is a Longevity Extending Pill! Many Elders from large sects, and even Grand Elders are coming in person, all for this Longevity Extending Pill. Just looking at it can increase a year’s lifespan!”

“Really?” The female warrior’s eyes lit up. Was it possible to increase one’s longevity just by looking at it? Then she had to go to the Treasure House to take a good look.

Soon after, when she saw how her senior brother was unable to hold back his laughter, she knew that she had been fooled. The two began to quarrel, and they finally embraced each other. Their training experience this time had included having a clandestine love affair.

Yi Yun, who was hidden in a corner, no longer paid attention to the couple. However, their conversation made him frown slightly.

Longevity Extending Pill!

This could only be used by low level warriors. It extended one’s lifespan by severing one’s future martial path. It was not valuable in the 12 Empyrean Heavens, but it was coveted greatly by numerous people in the Tian Yuan world.

Just by selling it generously at the Treasure House, the Martial Alliance was able to win over the people’s support.

Yi Yun let out a light gasp. The Martial Alliance had existed for too long, so it would be very difficult to topple it!