True Martial World Chapter 588

Chapter 588: Man gets into trouble because of his Wealth
Chapter 588: Man gets into trouble because of his Wealth

Only now did Ah Yu and Ah Niu experience a rude awakening. Ah Yu said with a trembling voice, “These… are these for us?”

This amount of wealth was so much that her mind had gone blank.

To poor warriors, this amount of wealth was ridiculous. With these, their lives as siblings would be completely different. Ah Niu would be able to enjoy the same perks as descendants of large family clans, such as nourishing his body and cultivate good cultivation techniques, without leaving any hidden injuries.

When Ah Niu then become someone mighty, they would be able to lead good lives in the future. There was no fear of others bullying them again.


“Sis… We cannot.. accept these relics…”

Ah Niu said with great difficulty as he bit his lips.

Although he was stunned by the Empyrean relics, and had fantasized the changes this vast amount of wealth would bring him, he slowly calmed down. Although he was young, he knew the principle of how a man gets into trouble because of his wealth.

Such a large sum of wealth was not something he and his sister could bring along. Once he left Heaven Martial City, their lives would be in danger!


Yi Yun glanced at Ah Niu and showed eyes of appreciation.

Although the principle of how a man gets into trouble because of his wealth was simple, when great wealth befell a person, not everyone could still remain calm.

“You don’t want them? Are you silly!?”

Ah Yu’s cousin suddenly shrieked. He had been completely immersed in his fantasies of wealth. He wanted to use this wealth to establish a sect, taking in talented and beautiful girls to be his maid servants or concubines and lead a luxurious and palatial life.

However, when he heard Ah Niu’s rejection, he stared straight and pounced towards the Empyrean relics. He said incessantly, “He is a young child without any good sense. I will decide for him. This rock shall be sold to you!”

With riches before him, this person had already lost his head. Other than the relics before his eyes, he cared for nothing else!

However, just as he was about to touch the Empyrean relics, he felt a powerful force surge at him, blocking him from moving further. It caused him to retreat several steps. With a stagger, he nearly fell to the ground.

The cousin was stunned before he recovered. He saw Yi Yun looking at him without emotion, but his eyes flashed with a trace of disdain.


The cousin swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He had been in a euphoric mood, but it had now cooled down significantly.

This Southern Sea savage looks down on me!

You only got lucky, and made a fortune. What is there to be arrogant about!?

If not for that f**king luck of yours, you would be inferior to me!

He was having such thoughts and started feeling more depressed. Why would such a savage get those Empyrean relics? Heaven is so unfair. It would be so good if he was the one who got those things. Supreme-grade pills, supreme-grade women, majestic palaces… That kind of life would be awesome!

Although he felt a grudge against Yi Yun, the cousin was still hoping to depend on Yi Yun to get rich. He suppressed his anger and put on a smile on his face. He obsequiously said, “Aiyah, look at me. I was too much in a rush. I was overjoyed for Ah Yu and Ah Niu and lost my sense of propriety. I should just let you complete the deal, after all, it is such a huge matter.”

Yi Yun gave him a stern glance and ignored him.

He only looked towards Ah Niu and Ah Yu, saying, “Keep it.”

“Thank you to this big brother’s kind intentions, but we cannot accept it…” Ah Niu looked at the Empyrean relics in envy, but he still firmly shook his head.

He greatly wished for those relics to change his life and lead a good life with his sister. However, he was too weak. These relics were things he could not hold on to.

Yi Yun said easily, “Do not worry. You can keep the relics. In Heaven Martial City, I will ensure the safety of you two. After this, I will bring you to Treasure House. These relics cannot be protected by the two of you, but you can spend them, and then it will no longer be a problem.”

“Your name is Ah Niu, right? You have very good talent. It is not lacking compared to the geniuses of large sects, unfortunately, you were born from a poor background, which delayed your cultivation time. Besides, you have eaten too many low quality herbs. A lot of foul Qi has accumulated within your body. If this carries on, your martial path will be unlikely to have much success.”

“However, I know there are certain wonder medicine that can allow for you experience a rebirth and cleanse your marrow. They can be used by low-level warriors without any side effects. These sort of medicines can remove the foul Qi accumulated after birth, and improve on one’s constitution. It will let your cultivation talent improve another level! When that happens, entering a large sect would be an easy task!”

“As for the remaining fortune, you can purchase mortal treasures for your sister, allowing for your sister to practice martial arts as well. Her lifespan can then go beyond a thousand years. I do not have such wondrous drugs for low-level warriors, if not, I would have given them directly to you.”

“As long as you finish spending the ten Empyrean relics, and exchange them for pills and eat them, then those large factions would not scheme against you. Catching you would be useless then. What do you say?”

When Yi Yun took out the relics, he had already decided on such a plan. There existed wondrous medicine that allowed for low level warriors to cleanse their marrows and improve their talent, they were just very expensive.

Back then, Yi Yun’s talent was very average. He had used top grade treasures to slowly improve his body, until he owned a perfect pure Yang body. His cultivation talent today had long since surpassed the Tian Yuan world’s elites.

As for drugs that extended a mortal’s lifespan, there were even more of those. A mortal’s life potential was not developed, so to extend their lives was much easier than extending the lives of Empyreal Kings.

“This…” Ah Niu’s lips wavered. Yi Yun’s idea was feasible!

However, if he ate so many top grade pills at once, it would be such a waste…

However, with him being so weak, there was indeed no other better method.

Ah Niu looked towards Yi Yun and felt sincerely grateful towards him. He had no idea what the worth of this rock was after obtaining it.

Yi Yun could have bought it with just a tiny bit of benefit, but he instead offered to pay ten Empyrean relics.

Yi Yun did not scam weak people like them. This was not something an average person would do.

Ah Niu said softly, “Actually… you do not really need to pay so much for this rock.”

Yi Yun gave a light smile. These pair of siblings were simple and kind. Even in the face of enormous wealth they had never seen before, they could still maintain their original intentions. It was a very valuable trait.

“It is alright. This is what you deserve. I might even have taken advantage of you.”

Yi Yun’s horizons were already above the Tian Yuan world’s Empyreal Kings. Since Empyreal Kings would not go crazy over Empyrean relics, to Yi Yun, these relics were nothing much.

However, that mysterious rock would serve great purpose.

Just as Ah Niu was planning to hand to mysterious rock to Yi Yun, suddenly a sneer echoed, “Are you still sleeping? Or are you treating as if we don’t exist?”

Ah Yu and Ah Niu were startled as they turned their heads towards the long-faced man.

Yi Yun also narrowed his eyes as he looked towards him.

The long-faced man said his eyes cold, but with a smile, “You have not asked if we are agreeable to it?”

This was ten Empyrean relics, a large sum of wealth. Wasting it on trash that had missed the opportune time for cultivation for Marrow Cleansing?

That was practically destroying Heaven’s property!

In the long-faced man’s opinion, he was already looking up to him by making a person like Ah Niu a Miscellaneous Chores disciple in the Li Fire Sect!

These Empyrean relics and that mysterious rock should all belong to him. Only in his hands would they be able to reveal their true value!

Ah Niu already hated this long-faced man for he had mistaken this smiling tiger, who was filled with nefarious ideas, as a good man.

He gritted his teeth and said with his anger suppressed, “Why would we need to get your agreement in selling our rock?”

Although he said it firmly, Ah Niu revealed a disturbed expression. After all, he was on the Li Fire Sect’s territory, and compared to the Li Fire Sect, they were too weak.

The long-faced man gave a teasing smile as he said in a laid-back manner, “Your rock? Are you mistaken? Haven’t you just sold the rock to my Li Fire Sect? Trying to get money from both sides for a single item, aren’t you too greedy? This mysterious rock is already property of the Li Fire Sect. These ten Empyrean relics should be handed over to me. As for you, I can still help you. I can let you report to the Li Fire Sect and become a Miscellaneous Chores disciple. If you work hard in the future, you still have a chance to become a official disciple. Isn’t entering a large sect your dream?”

The long-faced man gently needed his wrist and gave a condescending look to Ah Niu, as he gave a face full of mockery.

The Li Fire Sect may be powerful, but in Heaven Martial City, fighting was prohibited unless for special reasons, if not, they would receive punishments. These shops of theirs had to consider this, but…

With sufficient benefits before it, those did not matter. Furthermore, as long as a reason for making a move was found, then there would be no problem!

The long-faced man’s eyes glimmered as he had such thoughts.

Ah Yu and Ah Niu’s faces turned flushed. They had never seen such a shameless person ever!

The trade from before was not closed. How did this rock become his? And he had turned the tables on them and said they were greedy?

That youth in his twenties began to panic. Was money flying away?

Not only so, it seemed… like something was going to happen!

Ah Yu turned nervous, “This is Heaven Martial City. Are you going to violate Heaven Martial City’s rules to rob us in broad daylight?”

Ever since Heaven Martial City was established a long time ago, there had been very few incidents of forced robbery. It was taboo.

“Haha!” The long-faced man laughed, “I am doing my business properly, what do you mean violate Heaven Martial City’s rules?”

He waved his hands, and the fat shopkeeper behind him understood, as he shouted, “Close the doors!”

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The shop’s doors were closed!

Following that, the fat shopkeeper shouted again, and several stout men dressed in security uniforms appeared behind the long-faced man. These people were wardens of the Li Fire Sect, in charge of the Li Fire Sect store’s security.

Every warden had an aura full of vitality. Their breathing were restrained, and their eyes looked fierce. It was clear at a glance that they were martial arts masters!

It was imaginable how powerful they were at maintaining security for a Man-ranked Li Fire Sect store.

With a group of experts standing in a line, the sense of oppression given off by them was imaginable.