True Martial World Chapter 591

Chapter 591: Ten Times the Payback
Chapter 591: Ten Times the Payback

Since he knew there was no way of covering up the matter, Yi Yun did not bother to do so. He just walked out of the store openly, not afraid of anyone.

Although Yi Yun was not bothered, Ah Niu and Ah Yu were too weak. If he fought the people that rushed here from the Li Fire Sect’s Heaven-ranked shop, the siblings were most likely going to be affected. Especially Ah Yu, who was practically a mortal. She was too weak.

With a wave of his hand, Yi Yun used a wave of Yuan Qi to cover Ah Yu and Ah Niu.

Following that, he kicked the door to the shop open and strode out.

The moment the door opened, many people on the streets looked over.

A while ago, although the Li Fire Sect’s shop closed its doors, many warriors on the streets already discovered that something odd was happening in the shop.

They were also curious as to what sort of person dared to fight the Li Fire Sect.

Now, when they saw a person walk out, those who had been loitering outside all looked inside the shop.

In these people’s point of view, anyone who dared to cause trouble in a Li Fire Sect shop, forcing the Li Fire Sect to come to arms, would probably be a corpse by now.

However, when the door opened, they were completely dumbfounded.

Inside the store, it was in utter chaos. There were more than ten people lying all around in a half-dead fashion. There were Li Fire Sect emblems embroidered on their clothes. Their shelves and goods were scattered all over the floor.

All this was taken in by them as a young man walked out of the shop in a stately manner.

Who is this person?

The crowd of onlooking warriors were all shocked.

The Li Fire Sect shop closed its doors, but they ended up getting destroyed?

And the young man, who walked out, dared to cause trouble in a shop set up by the Li Fire Sect in the Heaven Martial City? And yet, he could walk out in such a stately manner… ?

What sort of things did he eat to get guts like that?

Yi Yun completely ignored the onlookers as he strode into the crowd. Yi Yun’s footsteps were not fast, but the space between his legs seemed to shorten. In a few casual steps, he had traversed a distance of a few streets away from the crowd, and he had disappeared from the crowd’s view.

At this moment, another figure tumbled out of the shop and rushed out.

“Hero, wait… wait! Don’t leave me behind!” Ah Yu’s cousin said with a terrified look. Tears were streaming down his face.

Now, he was feeling extremely terrified. Yi Yun had instantly offended the entire Li Fire Sect!

The Li Fire Sect was a gigantic entity. The people who were beaten by Yi Yun were small fry that did not have much standing in the Li Fire Sect, so it was not a big deal that Yi Yun had defeated them.

After beating these small fry, what if a Li Fire Sect Elder came looking, then what would happen?

Ah Yu’s cousin was already too frightened to keep imagining what would happen next. Now, all he could count on was Yi Yun.

He never expected that Yi Yun had taken Ah Niu and Ah Yu with him, but he had completely ignored him.

Hence, Ah Yu’s cousin could only desperately chase him with tears and piss flowing…

Yi Yun took the siblings away from the city region and to a large inn in the eastern sector of Heaven Martial City.

This inn was called the Six Swords Inn and it was opened by the Tian Yuan world’s Six Swords Alliance.

The Six Sword Alliance was also a large organization that had a long history in the Tian Yuan world. It was formed by a total of six sects and family clans that used sword arts.

The Six Swords Alliance was inferior to the Martial Alliance. Especially in recent years, the Martial Alliance was becoming more and more powerful. Slowly, it had taken control of the world, with no one daring to defy it.

As such, the Six Swords Alliance could only stay low.

Although it was impossible for the Six Swords Alliance to compete with the Martial Alliance, with the Martial Alliance’s intention of “using virtue to conquer the world”, it could not have conflicts with organizations similar to the Six Swords Alliance.

Yi Yun stately walked into the Six Swords Inn and booked two high class rooms.

One night cost three inferior-grade relics, this made Ah Niu and Ah Yu feel the pinch.

Ah Niu’s cultivation method up to this point was to sparingly use low-ranking relics that did not even make the cut. He had never been able to indulge in using inferior-grade relics, but now… three were spent for a night in an inn, so how could he not feel the pinch?

“Big Brother Jiang, you are letting us stay here?”

Ah Yu realized Yi Yun’s intention. She believed that after Yi Yun destroyed the Li Fire Sect’s shop, he would quickly leave Heaven Martial City.

However, Yi Yun had no intention to leave, and instead, he took up accommodation in Heaven Martial City.

Wasn’t this him waiting for people from the Li Fire Sect to come for him?

“Hero, hero! Why are you still staying here!? We are in big trouble, we need to run!”

Ah Yu’s cousin managed to catch up to Yi Yun, panting. He was covered in sweat and he was dead tired. He was completely dumbfounded when he saw Yi Yun preparing to stay at the Six Swords Inn.

If he didn’t escape, were they just going to sit here and await death!?

Of course, Yi Yun was like a life-saving straw that he needed to grasp onto, so he did not dare say such a thing. He was in a feverish state like ants on a hot brick, with no idea what to do.

Yi Yun could not even be bothered to answer this fickle cousin who sailed wherever the wind blew.

Want to run? This was taking things for granted.

To take two of them away, unless he took the God Advent Tower out, they would still be chased even after they left the city. Why not stay in the Six Swords Alliance’s inn? At least they would not dare to destroy this shop. So on this matter, Yi Yun was indifferent. It was safer for Ah Niu and Ah Yu to live in the inn.

Yi Yun estimated that in less than an hour, the Li Fire Sect would come looking for him.

To be ruthlessly stomped on in their own territory, how could the Li Fire Sect let this go after being shamed to such a great extent!?

Yi Yun was not wrong. After the Man-ranked Li Fire Sect shop got into trouble, the main store quickly learned of the matter!

The first reaction of the Li Fire Sect was that of shock. This was Heaven Martial City. There was actually a person who dared to mess things up, and destroy their Li Fire Sect shop? Was that person mad?

The Li Fire Sect hurriedly sent out a group of men to the destroyed Man-ranked shop. Seeing the sorry state of the shop, their faces turned extremely ugly.

Not only was the store smashed up, even the people inside had been crippled!

This was stepping on their Li Fire Sect’s face under the watchful eyes of the public!

“Their soul seas have been destroyed. All of them have been turned into retards! The one still conscious has been crippled!” The Li Fire Sect warden in charge of investigating the shop said with his face solemn after a probe.

“This is the downtown area. There’s people everywhere. To do this in broad daylight, they sure have tremendous guts!” Another Li Fire Sect warden said.

He looked at the long-faced man who had been completely crippled with a cold gaze, “What happened? Why did someone cause trouble? How did the grudge occur? How many people did they have?”

The long-faced man only had half a breath left. Seeing his Li Fire Sect people rush over, he was feeling an upheaval of emotions as tears streamed down his cheeks.

In times of despair, when people saw a life-saving straw, their inner emotions would be on the precipice of collapse.

“Sa… Save me.” The long-faced man climbed over with great difficulty. He used his bloodied hand to tug at one of the men’s pants. He looked with tremendous hope at the Li Fire Sect’s wardens and said with a trembling voice, “My Dantian’s Yuan Qi is… is about to dissipate. Save me… ”

The long-faced man wished for the sect to give him some divine medicine that could join up his meridians and restore his torn muscles. He did not wish to recover his original strength. He was content with just recovering a tiny bit of it.

Upon hearing the long-faced man’s request, the two wardens flashed a look of contempt.

He still wanted to be saved and keep his Yuan Qi despite being crippled?

He was too naive.

It was not impossible to save him, but it would cost a great deal of heavenly treasures. That was a big price that even the entire Li Fire Sect would feel the pinch.

It was not even worth it to pay such a price to save a core disciple, what more a exterior disciple who only did business and had no future?

However, in the presence of so many people, not only where there people from the Li Fire Sect, there were also outsiders watching. They could not reflect the coldness of a large sect, or they would be criticized as being cold and heartless.

The two wardens lightly said with a few perfunctory words, “We will naturally treat your wounds. Now, tell us what had happened. To dare touch our Li Fire Sect, we will demand ten times the payback!”

A warden said as his eyes flashed coldly!

No one dared to touch the Li Fire Sect. They were a super faction that no one dared to offend in the Tian Yuan world. Furthermore, they had relations with and the support of the Martial Alliance, so whoever dared touch them could only prepare to be annihilated!