True Martial World Chapter 592

Chapter 592: Hanging a corpse for all to see
Chapter 592: Hanging a corpse for all to see

At this moment, Heaven Martial City, Treasure House.

Treasure House was a pagoda building that had twenty-two floors. Usually, the first twenty floors were used for business, but the twenty-first and twenty-second storeys were used to welcome important guests.

At the twenty-first storey of Treasure House, in a large hall, there were all sorts of valuable treasures placed there.

These treasures were brought and placed in the Treasure House from all over the Tian Yuan world. Some were for sale, while others were gifts from various large factions to the Martial Alliance.

A few years ago, the Martial Alliance was a large faction, but it had never been able to be receive gifts from the various large factions of the Tian Yuan world.

But now, with the Longevity Extending Pills in hand, various large factions were scrambling to be in the good books of the Martial Alliance.

And slowly, people discovered that the Martial Alliance had actually hidden a lot of its strength.

A typical alliance organization like the Six Swords Alliance was formed by six factions that used sword arts. The main combat power of the Six Swords Alliance were the six factions themselves. As for the Six Swords Alliance itself, it did not have much offensive power.

However, the Martial Alliance was different. In the past few years, especially with the Martial Alliance organizing several large-scale events, such as the martial arts meet and exploration of mystic realms, people began to discover that the Martial Alliance’s heritage far exceeded their imaginations.

The Martial Alliance seemed to be secretly nurturing a faction of its own.

As to how many people this faction had, or what the cultivation realms and strength of these people were, no one knew.

Such a faction was filled with mystery.

People knew almost nothing at the beginning. They only knew that they had the Blood Moon as their emblem.

And later on, even the entire Martial Alliance began to use the Blood Moon as an emblem. And with the Martial Alliance opening itself, it began to take in disciples from various large sects, for them to enter the Martial Alliance for cultivation.

Heavenly Dao Union was thus born.

As a result, the Martial Alliance had slowly evolved into a sect.

However, it was different from a traditional sect.

A typical sect would take in disciples, but prevent them from betraying the sect. If they joined other factions midway, they would be severely punished or even maimed of their cultivation.

However, the Martial Alliance did not mind. Their sect’s disciples were free to enter other sects.

Such generous terms tempted the elites of many large factions.

They could preserve the foundations of their original sect and enter the Martial Alliance, becoming a member of the Heavenly Dao Union.

In the Heavenly Dao Union, as long as you had talent, you were treated the same whether you were a chivalrous person, a favored child of Heaven or a sea-faring pirate.

One could obtain the Martial Alliance’s cultivation resources using one’s own strength.

As for the cultivation resources the Martial Alliance possessed, it was superior to any family clan in the Tian Yuan world!

Under such circumstances, who wouldn’t want to enter the Heavenly Dao Union?

This was something where there was everything to gain, but nothing to lose. Of course, even though it was attractive, the requirements of the Heavenly Dao Union were extremely demanding. Many elites nurtured painstakingly by large family clans were rejected when they attempted to enter the Heavenly Dao Union.

In the Treasure House’s large hall, a middle-aged scholarly person, with more than ten people attending to him, was admiring the treasures sent from the various large factions of the Tian Yuan world.

However… from the calm look on his face, there was probably nothing that caught his eye.

And on a table not far from him sat a pillbox.

However, this unremarkable-looking pillbox was something that many people coveted because inside the pillbox was a treasure made the eyes of Patriarchs of many large factions turn red — Longevity Extending Pills!

A single Longevity Extending Pill was sought after on the market for astronomical prices, but there was none to be bought. Such an item was only to be used for oneself. No one would sell it.

To obtain a Longevity Extending Pill, all the large factions had put in a lot of thought into it.

And at this moment, the people accompanying the middle-aged scholarly person were chief figures sent from various large factions to Heaven Martial City.

One of them included a Li Fire Sect Elder, Gongsun Ding.

Beside Gongsun Ding, there were two genius Li Fire Sect disciples, Gongsun Zhi and Gongsun Yang.

Two months ago, it was rumored that Gongsun Yang was seriously injured by a mysterious person at the Lin family. The rumors even went as far as saying that two Li Fire Sect Elders had jointly attacked this person with a Shen Tu family clan Elder, but they ended up letting the person escape easily, and they ended up suffering to a tiny extent.

This matter was completely denied by the Li Fire Sect.

The rumor did not sound credible to begin with, and later, when people saw Gongsun Yang, who had been rumored to be crippled, appear fine in front of others, these rumors began to subside.

No one knew that the Li Fire Sect had spent numerous treasures just to heal Gongsun Yang’s wounds. And even so, Gongsun Yang had not fully recovered.

He looked fine on the surface, but he still had internal injuries that had not completely recovered.

He had followed his sect’s Elder to meet the middle-aged scholarly person to obtain his appreciation for entry into the Heavenly Dao Union.

A spot in the Heavenly Dao Union was something that many elites coveted. It was something worth the desperation and prayers for.

At this moment, the middle-aged scholar happened to walk in front of the treasures sent from the Li Fire Sect. Elder Gongsun Ding deliberately let Gongsun Yang introduce the treasures, in a bid to let Gongsun Yang leave an impression on the middle-aged scholar.

It was a rare opportunity. Gongsun Yang introduced the treasures eloquently as he showed off his insight into the world’s various treasures that peppered his speech.

Whenever the middle-aged scholar asked a question, Gongsun Yang would answer in great detail as if he had been injected with stimulants.

For this, he had prepared for several days to obtain an exhaustive understanding of all these treasures.

“You know quite a lot.” The middle-aged scholar evaluated him lightly. This made Gongsun Yang feel like he had received a great deal of rewards. He was immediately overjoyed but he kept a humble tone and said, “Thank you for Lord Ambassador’s praise. This junior’s knowledge is still limited. If it’s possible, I wish to receive a guidance or two from the Lord.”

Gongsun Yang’s words was an obvious hint to let the middle-aged scholar give him a chance at entering the Heavenly Dao Union. Only by entering the Heavenly Dao Union, could he obtain the middle-aged scholar’s guidance.

The middle-aged scholar only chuckled in response to this and he did not reply. However, a sneer sounded from beside him.

This sneer clearly imbued the derision of how Gongsun Yang was like a toad lusting after a swan’s feathers.


Gongsun Yang stared. At such an occasion, in the presence of so many important figures where everyone was amiable, with compliments flowing between each other, someone was so presumptuous that he sneered!

He gritted his teeth and looked over, and he noticed that the person who sneered was a handsome-looking young boy.

This young boy looked to be seventeen or eighteen. Although he was young, no one dared to think lightly of him as he was a member of the Heavenly Dao Union. Furthermore, he was highly appreciated in the Heavenly Dao Union.

This youth was clearly arrogant to a certain degree for him to emit such a mocking sneer in this situation. Clearly, he did not think much of Gongsun Yang.

However, no matter how much Gongsun Yang raged in his heart, he did not dare to say a word.

His stature was inferior!

The youth was a blessed child of Heaven from the Heavenly Dao Union. He was young with unlimited prospects for his future. As for Gongsun Yang, he still needed to use all sorts of schemes just to get into the Heavenly Dao Union. The difference was imaginable.

Towards the insolence of the handsome youth, the middle-aged scholar did not reprimand him in any way. It was as if he did not hear it as he continued to look at the treasures.

“This darn kid dares to look down on me!”

Gongsun Yang clenched his fists tightly and suppressed the anger from the humiliation he suffered.

Just as the middle-aged scholar was about to look at the next faction’s treasures, Gongsun Yang’s expression suddenly changed!

Beside him, Gongsun Ding’s expression also sank suddenly.

A moment ago, their voice transmission token had sent news that they found incredulous.

The news was sent to them by a Li Fire Sect warden, who said that a Man-ranked shop set up by their Li Fire Sect had been destroyed!

And the manager, shopkeeper and guards of the shop were all crippled without exception!

How… could there be such a thing?

Gongsun Ding found it hard to believe. Who could have such guts!?

The minute changes between him and Gongsun Yang was sensed by the middle-aged scholar. Although he gave off a breezy feeling, he was very cognizant of the thoughts and emotional changes of all the people around him.

He lightly glanced at Gongsun Ding and said, “Did something happen?”

“This… ” Gongsun Ding frowned. The shameful news of their Li Fire Sect’s shop being destroyed was not something he wanted to mention in front of a Martial Alliance Ambassador.

“Just some small matter. Someone cause trouble in our Li Fire Sect’s shop.”

“Trouble?” The middle-aged scholar chuckled. If it was some typical trouble, it would not have caused Gongsun Ding’s expression to change so drastically.

However, he did not expose him. Instead, a thin man’s expression beside the middle-aged scholar turned sullen.

He was the steward of Heaven Martial City, and he was the so-called “Lord Zhang” previously mentioned by the long-faced man.

This “Lord Zhang” was in charge of security in Heaven Martial City. Now, with the Martial Alliance’s Ambassador here, he naturally did not feel good about there being a major security lapse in Martial Alliance that he administered.

After an exchange with Gongsun Ding through a Yuan Qi transmission, he already knew what had happened.

A large faction’s shop being destroyed during an Ambassador’s visit was preposterous.

Gongsun Ding said, “With the Ambassador here, we need to resolve the matter quickly. Send Gongsun Zhi and Gongsun Yang to handle it!”

“Since that’s the case, take my token and a team of law enforcement to bring the culprit to justice.” Zhang transmitted his voice and passed his token to Gongsun Ding without a trace.

“Leave and settle the matter quickly.” Gongsun Ding transmitted his voice.

Gongsun Yang held the token. He was already enraged because of the derision he endured from that handsome youth, and now, someone had embarrassed their Li Fire Sect.

All of this was soon known by the middle-aged scholar.

As for the handsome youth, he had already guessed that something was amiss, just like the middle-aged scholar. He was watching them with an amused expression.

This resulted in Gongsun Yang feeling even angrier.

He had to kill the culprit immediately and hang the person’s corpse for all to see! He had to let everyone know what it was like to offend their Li Fire Sect. He also wanted to let the handsome youth know that he, Gongsun Yang was someone not to be trifled with.

At this moment, the middle-aged scholar looked at the gifts and said without even lifting his head, “You have been discussing for so long. Why, is the matter troublesome?”

The handsome youth also revealed a sneer on his lips.

“Replying to Lord Ambassador’s question, it’s just some trifling matters. It will be settled cleanly and immediately. Lord Ambassador, you don’t have to worry about it. Take a little rest, for this junior will be back soon.” Gongsun Yang said these words with great aplomb, to Gongsun Ding’s satisfaction.

Amongst the large factions that decided on leaning towards the Martial Alliance, the Li Fire Sect was strong, but they were nothing special.

Gongsun Ding even believed that if this sudden turn of events really became serious, it was possible that it was something good.

For example, the troublemaker actually had a strong faction backing him, or he would not have been so arrogant.

If that was the case, destroying such a faction could also reflect the power of the Li Fire Sect.