True Martial World Chapter 596

Chapter 596: All Things Under Heaven are Weapons
Chapter 596: All Things Under Heaven are Weapons

A cup of tea water had shattered the all encompassing sword beam, and it had even injured a genius nurtured by the Li Fire Sect!

The onlookers were all warriors. They knew very well that although it looked like ordinary tea water, it was infused with extremely terrifying power. That was no tea water, it was a river of molten lava compressed together!

Thick! Heavy! Unrivaled!

When a spray of tea water had so much energy infused in it, it was powerful enough to shatter sword beams!

By being able to do this, this no doubt showed the great difference between Gongsun Zhi and that Southern Sea youth.

“Who is he?”

“He looks so young, but he’s actually some old monster!”

Yi Yun’s strength appalled everyone. In their minds, only those old people who lived for thousands of years and had the ability to make themselves look youthful could have such power.

However, there were some people present who could faintly detect Yi Yun’s cultivation level. They shook their head, and one said, “Not at all. He is a young man. His cultivation level is at most at the peak of the Dao Seed realm. A person at that cultivation level would be considered to have a slow cultivation speed if he was thirty years old.”

People began discussing it as Yi Yun was approaching closer.

Gongsun Zhi’s face was covered in blood. He was both surprised and angry. However, he could not do anything against Yi Yun whose strength was on a completely different level than his.

He held his face as blood continuously flowed through his fingers.

He looked angrily at the long-faced man who was sprawled at a corner. He really wished that he could stomp him to death.

Why did he offend such a person!?

As for the long-faced man, he was already dumbfounded. His slightly yellow horse face had now turned into a wax paper-like color. It was as ugly as it could be.

“Im… Impossible… ”

The long-faced man was still mumbling to himself. It was like a kid who had brought reinforcements with him after being beaten up. Despite countering with inflammatory words, he was still brutally beaten up again. As such, he could not accept it.

“Stop, don’t you move another step forward! We are Heaven Martial City’s law-enforcement team! On behalf of the Martial Alliance, we uphold order in Heaven Martial City. You have violated Heaven Martial City’s laws by causing trouble in the city. You destroyed a shop and injured law-enforcers. No matter who you are, you will be punished!”

At this moment, a hooked-nose man standing beside Gongsun Yang said coldly.

He stood in front of Yi Yun and pressed one hand on his weapon.

Despite knowing Yi Yun’s strength, he did not lack one bit of confidence in front of Yi Yun.

“I advice you to give up resisting and cooperate with us law-enforcers. If you remain defiant, one more charge will be added on, and then you will be seeking your own death!”

In Heaven Martial City, the law-enforcers enjoyed success in every endeavor. Sometimes, it was not because the law-enforcers were strong, it was because the people being captured did not dare resist, as they were afraid of a worse outcome.

As a result, law-enforcers became accustomed to using their authority to deter enemies.

Ever since the Martial Alliance’s authority had increased, there were extremely few people who dared to openly go against them and cause trouble.


The hooked nose man pulled out a token from his interspatial ring.

The token shone with golden beams as it exuded a strange energy fluctuation.

“With the Heaven Martial Token here, are you not submitting yourself to punishment!?”

The leader of the law-enforcement team shouted. And at the moment of him shouting, Yi Yun gently flung his hand.


Yi Yun had flung the tea cup in his hand!

Previously, he had poured tea water, but this time, he had thrown a tea cup!


The hooked nose man jumped in fright. He was planning on frightening Yi Yun, but clearly, it was ineffective.

Previously, the tea water thrown by Yi Yun was extremely horrifying. This time, despite him throwing a tea cup, the hooked nose man did not dare to act a moment slower. As he retreated quickly, he unsheathed the saber in his hand.


He brandished the saber as it emitted cold beams. The shiny saber beams roared forward like a tsunami!

Naturally, the hooked-nose man had excellent strength for him to become a leader of a law-enforcement team in Heaven Martial City.

With him brandishing his saber, the saber beams extended like a metallic wall without any weak spots!


The tea cup that contained Yi Yun’s pure Yang Yuan Qi seemed to suddenly become as heavy as a mountain. The saber beams that had formed a wall had been forcefully suppressed downwards.


With the light beams torn apart, the tea cup exploded from the great energy impact.

However, Yi Yun’s power was too strong. Although the tea cup had shattered, it did not lose its momentum.

It formed dozens of tiny porcelain fragments and they carried on flying towards the hooked nose man!

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

The fragments slashed through the air as they emitted a piercing screech.

The hooked-nose man received a shock as he gathered Yuan Qi to slash his saber a second time, hoping to shatter the fragments, but… it was already too late.


The hooked nose man screamed loudly as he flew backwards with great momentum.

The porcelain shards pierced through his protective Yuan Qi. Many of the tiny fragments had exploded into dust, and they no longer had any destructive power, but there were about seven large shards that pierced his flesh!

Blood splattered!

The hooked-nose man slammed heavily to the ground, breaking a solidly manufactured staircase made of Thousand Leaves Metal Tree open, and rolled down from the second floor!


The hooked-nose man crashed heavily on the first floor’s ground and he tumbled a few times, overturning a few tables before he managed to stop.

Immediately, the whole scene fell silent. No one spoke again.

In the beginning, it was possible to explain how Jiang Yidao succeeded in his attack because of Gongsun Zhi’s underestimation of his enemy.

However, for the second time, the hooked-nose man had already seen Yi Yun’s strength and he had used all his strength from the beginning. However, Yi Yun had managed to send him flying with a tea cup, which was enough to explain the situation.

This Jiang Yidao was too terrifying! Was there such a strong Dao Seed realm warrior in this world?

Yi Yun had thrown his tea water and then thrown his tea cup. Now, his hands were empty, and he had arrived in front of the group of people with a surging aura.

With Gongsun Zhi and the hooked-nose man taken care off, there was only Gongsun Yang left!

“You… you… ”

Gongsun Yang’s face was covered in sweat.

At this moment, if there were not so many people watching, and that his every move had to do with the Li Fire Sect’s reputation, he would have definitely ran away!

If this madman fought him again, he would be crippled again. Then, the sect might not pay the huge price of healing him again. He was lucky the first time because the sect wanted to cover up the news.

This time, there was no way to conceal the news.


Gongsun Yang drew his sword and pointed it at Yi Yun. However, his sword tip was trembling slightly. Clearly, Gongsun Yang was extremely afraid at that moment.

How could he not be scared? With such a malefic jinx, it was not impossible for him to be the fifteenth person to be crippled after the fourteen people in the Man-ranked shop!

To a blessed son of Heaven like Gongsun Yang, who had a bright future ahead of him, being crippled was an extreme pain. It was more horrifying than death.