True Martial World Chapter 598

Chapter 598: Grabbing Attention
Chapter 598: Grabbing Attention

At this moment, in Treasure House, the Ambassador from the Martial Alliance was still being attended to by the important figures of Heaven Martial City. He was still inspecting the various treasures gifted to him by the various large family clans.

The family clan Elders were eloquent in their introductions to the treasures. They also mentioned several legendary stories which made it quite interesting.



The Li Fire Sect Elder Gongsun Ding suddenly received a transmission message. He first believed that Gongsun Yang had taken the troublemaker to task, and he was reporting on the completion of his mission, but upon listening to it…

“How is it? It has already been settled, right?” Beside Gongsun Ding, Lord Zhang from the law-enforcement team said leisurely. However, before he finished talking, his own transmission token had also lit up.

Upon hearing the news, Lord Zhang’s stared blankly.


His people had been driven back with injuries?

Despite the euphemistic report from the law-enforcement team, just the fact that the hooked-nose man was beat up into such a wretched state that he could not even speak and had to let one of his subordinates make the report was enough to completely dumbfound Lord Zhang.

Their Heaven Martial City’s law-enforcement team went to arrest a criminal, but they ended up being trounced to a pulp?

This was… preposterous!

“What’s wrong?” The Martial Alliance Ambassador turned his head and asked Zhang.

Zhang’s face turned ugly. Previously, with the Ambassador here, and the occurrence of a security problem did not reflect well on him, and now, with the law-enforcers getting beaten up by the criminal while doing their job, how could he not be ashamed?

However, he knew that it was useless trying to conceal the matter. There was no need for the Ambassador to investigate the matter as it would automatically reach his ears.

He could only bite the bullet and say, “Responding to the Lord Ambassador, this subordinate’s law-enforcement team headed to Six Swords Inn to enforce the law, but the criminal was arrogant and beat up my men. He is still on the loose, and it might need this subordinate to go in person.”


The middle-aged scholar was slightly stunned. He was also a bit surprised that such a thing had happened. However, he was just surprised. The Martial Alliance was extremely large, and it had its power spread throughout the Tian Yuan world. Heaven Martial City was just one of the cities under the Martial Alliance, so even if the city was very big, it was not extremely important to the middle-aged scholar.

It was a trivial matter to him that the Heaven Martial City law-enforcement team, which was set up by the Martial Alliance, had been brutally beaten up. It was not to the point of violating the dignity of the Martial Alliance, or pushing him to the brink of anger.

“Interesting. Your men from the law-enforcement team have to pay attention to increasing your strength.” The middle-aged scholar nonchalantly said it without putting too much thought to it. At the same time, he subconsciously glanced in the direction of the Six Swords Inn.

This glance was just on a exploratory whim. As Lord Zhang from the law-enforcement team mentioned the Six Swords Inn, it had attracted the middled-aged scholar’s attention.

After all, the Six Swords Alliance had been repressed so badly in recent years that it was quickly dissolving. Some of the six member factions of the Six Swords Alliance were already planning on joining the Martial Alliance.

The middle-aged scholar wanted to see if the troublemaker was someone from the Six Swords Alliance. He wanted to know if the person had deliberately stirred up trouble because he was dissatisfied with the dissolution of the Six Swords Alliance.

However, what the middle-aged scholar saw from the glance stunned him.

How could that be… ?

At this moment, in the Six Swords Inn, Yi Yun had returned to his room and he was looking at Ah Niu, Ah Yu and their cousin standing in the corridor.

Ah Yu’s cousin knelt down on the ground with a thud.

“Hero Jiang, this little me was blind and ignorant. Please do not take whatever actions this little one did to heart!”

This youth was one shameless person who bullied the fainthearted but feared the stouthearted.

He previously thought that Yi Yun would be taken away by the law-enforcement team, but now, Yi Yun’s display of his strength dumbfounded him. It had already exceeded the scope of his understanding. He was worrying that the offensive actions he did previously would make Yi Yun unhappy, so he quickly knelt down and pleaded.

Yi Yun could not be bothered with this youth at all as he said to Ah Niu, “In a while, there should be some people coming. Hide in the room and do not come out. I might not be a match for the person that comes this time. When this matter is settled, I will take you to Treasure House to buy pills!”

“The pills that you’ll be buying will improve a portion of your body. Using too much would be ineffective. But even so, it would let your talent rise to the standards of a large faction’s elite. It would be no problem for you to join any powerful faction of the Tian Yuan world after that.”

Pills that improved one’s physique was most effective towards a person with a weaker physique. Upon reaching a standard level, pills that could result in any effect became more and more rare, and the efficacy would slowly decrease.

It was like a malnourished child who only ate grain and vegetables. An occasional piece of meat allowed them to turn a healthy pink, and grow a strong body.

However, if a child who was already very well-nourished, even if delicacies were fed to him daily, he would only end up getting fat. There was no way for him to grow taller or muscular.

“Thank you Big Brother Jiang.”

Ah Niu also knelt down. His eyes gleamed with sincere gratitude. He knew that at Yi Yun’s realm, there was nothing he could do to help Yi Yun. However, if Yi Yun requested anything of him, he would rush to do it without even frowning!

“You don’t have to thank me. Just work hard on cultivating.”

As Yi Yun said this, suddenly…


At that instance, he felt a slightly chilly perception scan across him. It penetrated deep into his body, as if it was completely seeing through him.


Yi Yun’s hand immediately pressed on his interspatial ring.

He was not surprised to be suddenly spied on. With the Martial Alliance in charge of Heaven Martial City and him being so flamboyant in his dealings by defeating the law-enforcement team, he would naturally attract the attention of the Heaven Martial City’s important figures.

However, he never expected that there was a person with extraordinary strength in Heaven Martial City.

“Interesting… ” A faint voice rang in Yi Yun’s ear.

Moments later, that perception receded back like the tide.

Yi Yun felt apprehensive as he looked towards Treasure House. As if separated by layers of space, he looked the middle-aged scholar in the eye.

“Hur, he is actually a young man. I really never expected it!”

The middle-aged scholar’s interest was piqued. Previously, his reaction was mild despite the Elders from various large factions introducing all sorts of treasures to him.

However, he was excited seeing Yi Yun.

He thought that a person who made trouble with the Li Fire Sect and had beaten the law-enforcers was a Yuan Opening realm warrior, that was not surprising.

However, when he scanned him with his perception, from the residual energy fluctuations in from the battle, and comparing all the guests of the Six Swords Inn, and from Ah Niu and his cousin’s conversation, the middle-aged scholar was sure that Yi Yun was the culprit.

A young man with such strength greatly surprised the middle-aged scholar.

Besides, the moment he scanned him with his perception, Yi Yun had discovered it immediately. Not only that, Yi Yun managed to lock on to his position!

This point alone made the middle-aged scholar even more excited.

“Interesting, really interesting!”

The middle-aged scholar had said the words ‘interesting’ three times, stunning the people surrounding him. They did not know what he was talking about.

“I must definitely meet such an interesting person in person!”