True Martial World Chapter 599

Chapter 599: Meeting
Chapter 599: Meeting

Go in person?

Upon hearing the Martial Alliance’s Ambassador’s words, everyone looked at each other.

The law-enforcement team’s Lord Zhang tried probing, “Lord Ambassador, it can’t be that you want to meet that criminal?”

Zhang had noticed that the middle-aged scholar had said those words after looking in the direction of the Six Swords Inn. It seemed like what garnered his interest was Jiang Yidao, who had caused trouble at the Li Fire Sect shop.

A puny junior like him actually managed to pique the interest of Martial Alliance’s Ambassador so much that he wanted to meet him in person?

Zhang was a bit stunned, while the Li Fire Sect Elder was a bit dumbfounded.

The middle-aged scholar had used the word ‘interesting’ as an evaluation, but he did not appear angry. This situation did not bode well.

“Criminal?” The middle-aged scholar chuckled, “Using the word criminal is a bit of a hyperbole. A young man tends to enjoy success from young, so he can be flamboyant in a way, so it is reasonable.”

Young man?

Upon hearing this term, the handsome youth, who had been accompanying the middle-aged scholar all along, frowned.

From the middle-aged scholar’s tone, the person who defeated Gongsun Yang and company was a young man?

From the looks of it, this young man clearly was stronger than trash like Gongsun Yang. Furthermore… he had managed to make the middle-aged scholar say the words “interesting”.

So he is interesting… ?

The handsome youth knitted his eyebrows and subconsciously cracked his knuckles.

The middle-aged scholar noticed this small movement, but ignored it. He carried on speaking to Zhang, “A young man tends to get angry quickly. Furthermore, your law-enforcers have always been tough and rough in your mannerisms. The Li Fire Sect probably had a few bouts of arrogance, so it’s easy for there to be conflict. Him beating your men up in a spur of the moment is also something normal.”


Gongsun Ding was dumbfounded.

Their Li Fire Sect’s Man-ranked shop had been destroyed and more than ten people were crippled. Even the law-enforcement team leader that went to investigate was beaten to a pulp.

Yet, the middle-aged scholar’s comment on this was… ’normal’?

If this came from someone else’s mouth, Gongsun Ding would have blown his top.

However, what else could he say when it came from the Martial Alliance’s Ambassador’s mouth?

“Lord Ambassador, if we do not mete out punishment on this matter, in the future, our law-enforcement team… ” Zhang said while being placed in a difficult position. He could tell that from the tone of the middle-aged scholar that he was not interested in pursuing the matter. Instead, the young man had piqued the interest of the middle-aged scholar.

This was not good news. How was his law-enforcement team to uphold its dignity after this?

The middle-aged scholar said, “Meting out punishment is necessary. It is not good for a young man to be reckless and domineering due to his own abilities. There is a need to admonish him.”

When the middle-aged scholar said those words, it left Gongsun Ding completely speechless.

Just “admonish”?

For a fight to break out in Heaven Martial City, it was a great offense to Zhang and Gongsun Ding’s dignity. However, to the middle-aged scholar, it was like children fighting. He did not put it to heart at all.

“Elder Gongsun, you don’t have to take it too badly. I will naturally give you the necessary reparations. Since your shop has been smashed, I will let you open another one.” The middle-aged scholar said lightly. To a figure at his level, maiming more than ten Li Fire Sect guards, who did not have good talents, was nothing. Just giving them another shop was more than enough in compensation.

With the middle-aged scholar saying this, Gongsun Ding and Zhang could only follow him to the Six Swords Inn, no matter how unwilling they were.

Just after they exited Treasure House, they encountered a few people looking embarrassed.

Leading them was Gongsun Yang.

The hooked-nose man and Gongsun Zhi had already disappeared. Gongsun Zhi was still alright because he had only suffered light injuries. As for the hooked-nose man, his nose had cratered into his face, and he was completely unsightly.

Only Gongsun Yang was lucky enough to escape only by abandoning his dignity to plead, along with an interspatial ring.

Hence, Gongsun Yang could return to report alone.

Upon seeing the middle-aged scholar walking in his direction, Gongsun Yang became flustered. He had gone with a domineering stance to take care of a Southern Sea savage, but his entire team ended up being driven back. He was too embarrassed to even stand here.

“Lor… Lord Ambassador.” Gongsun Yang gave a salute while biting the bullet.

The middle-aged scholar lightly nodded and he did not say a word. However, the handsome youth behind him sneered. He sent a voice transmission, “What trash. Returning like a stray dog.”


Gongsun Yang stared at him as his face turned red!

This handsome youth was already so arrogant just because he was a member of the Heavenly Dao Union. He had mocked him more than once!

How could he take this lying down anymore?

“Enough!” At this moment, Gongsun Ding’s Yuan Qi transmission rang in Gongsun Yang’s ears.

Although the handsome youth had only used a voice transmission without opening his mouth, from Gongsun Yang’s reaction, and him leering at the handsome youth, how could Gongsun Ding not guess what had happened.

In fact, not only Gongsun Ding, the middle-aged scholar had also noticed it, but he did not say a word.

Gongsun Ding was also helpless against the handsome youth’s mockery.

“Don’t you feel ashamed enough? If you had defeated the savage, would all this have happened? Causing our Li Fire Sect to be mocked!?”

Gongsun Ding transmitted his voice while being exasperated at Gongsun Yang’s failure to live up to his expectations. Gongsun Yang had bit his lips so much that they nearly tore, but he was out of options.

He had no means of refuting Gongsun Ding’s words.

He could only follow the crowd dejectedly. He hated the handsome youth to death, and he also hated Jiang Yidao who had trampled on him twice.

The entire group were all experts, so although they appeared to walk slowly, in a less than a minute, they had already gone from Treasure House to the Six Swords Inn.

“Is this it?”

The middle-aged scholar stood in front of the Six Swords Inn, with his hand behind his back. He gave off an inspiring aura. The pedestrians who passed by glanced at him.

Even though they did not know who the middle-aged scholar was, they could sense that this person was no ordinary person.

The Six Swords Inn’s door had already been smashed by the hooked-nose man. The entire inn was in disarray, and with a commotion to watch, there were still people around. However, everyone subconsciously avoided the middle-aged scholar. It made where he stood rather empty.

The middle-aged scholar only waited and he did not step in.

And at this moment, an azure-clothed youth walked out of the messy Six Swords Inn with a saber in his hand.

This youth looked very ordinary, and he was the kind of person that didn’t stand out in the crowd. However, his body exuded a crisp aura that made people apprehensive.

This youth was naturally Yi Yun who was using the “Star Transference Heaven Changing Book”. With such a fascinating mystic technique, his looks, aura and even bone age could be changed. Furthermore, the arrogance he exuded made it very difficult for people to link this genius who had undue confidence in his own ability, to Yi Yun who had disappeared about seven years ago.

The middle-aged scholar and Yi Yun exchanged glances.

Is it him… ?

Yi Yun sensed a familiar aura from the middle-aged scholar. The probing energy that previously gave him a chill came from this person apparently.