True Martial World Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Bliss
Chapter 60: Bliss

“The most delicious foods…” Jiang Xiaorou looked at Yi Yun in a daze. In the dark night, her eyes were sparkling.
She felt that everything that happened that night was like a dream.
“Sis Xiaorou, you just have to wait to eat.” Yi Yun began to focus. He had prepared uncountable number of meals in his life, but he had never focused as much effort as this one meal!

Yi Yun had received an entire set of cooking apparatus and condiments from old man Su. He had even obtained some of the vintage wine. It was sufficient for him to fully express his culinary skills.

Water was added to the pot with the processed ingredients, together with the meat, seasoning, flavoring, soup stock ,oil….

Yi Yun was meticulous in his every step.

And he did many dishes simultaneously. As he a dish was being cooked, he was already preparing another.

The cutting board was a cleaned tree stump. The knife also came from old man Su.

After obtaining a Tempered Body, Yi Yun’s strength increased. His knife work was superb. The ingredients were cut as thin as the wings of dragonflies and his speed was unrelenting.

By the side, using the fire’s illumination, Jiang Xiaorou was stunned by Yi Yun’s knife work.

When did her brother become so powerful?

In order for Jiang Xiaorou to eat a good meal, Yi Yun had made a few dishes that needed complex steps. Even on Earth, these dishes needed Yi Yun’s care and attention as it required many steps, and he was not a professional chef. A mistake or two would make the dish lose its perfection.

But now, with Yi Yun reaching the Meridians realm, his brain’s channels had been cleared and energy entered his brain making his thinking sharp. So he was able to do three dishes simultaneously without missing a beat in the steps needed for each dish.

With one dish done, it was ladled out, and another dish was prepared. It was all done with clockwork.

And Jiang Xiaorou had already completely froze. The aromas that attacked her nostrils opened up her appetite.

Jiang Xiaorou seldom saw a few pieces of bacon, so when could she have the chance to see such top class cuisine?

Yi Yun’s dishes were all made of the best desolate meat. From old man Su’s stature and gluttony, he would not keep anything less than desolate meat. And even among the desolate meat, only the finest were kept.

Besides, the various condiments old man Su had left behind were all expensive items. So Yi Yun was able to fully express his skills, and finishing dish after dish.

Jiang Xiaorou looked at the delicacies that lined the tree stump. It felt like she was in a dream.

Was all this real?

Just a while ago, she was worrying over food and their future, but now, she was faced with a table of delicacies. Was all these made by her brother? Could she really eat all the food?

“Sis Xiaorou, quickly eat it. The wind is cold. The food will cool down soon.”

Yi Yun took a bowl of steamed meat that was as clear as crystal and said, “This is called steamed pork belly, Sis Xiaorou try it.”

On Earth, normal pork belly tasted great when made into steamed pork belly, but using desolate meat for steamed pork belly made it even better.

Yi Yun picked a piece of steamed pork belly and served it to Jiang Xiaorou’s lips.

It was always her feeding Yi Yun, but today, the roles were reversed. Jiang Xiaorou was not used to it and her face turned red as she opened her mouth to take a small bite. The moment the meat entered her mouth, it melted into an aromatic and delicious flavor. It was not greasy and with the faint flavor of rice, it was extremely memorable.

Jiang Xiaorou could not believe that there was something that delicious in this world.

People who have been starving for extended periods of time would find a bowl of soup noodles a delicacy, what’s more, this dish could rival even the best dishes on Earth with the excellent desolate meat.

Jiang Xiaorou felt as if her tongue could no longer move. It was too delicious. The taste was something she had never tried before, nor had she ever thought about it.

When she was young, Jiang Xiaorou came from a wealthy family but she was still young then. She was only obsessed with snacks and did not learn to appreciate food. Having only interest in sweets and having never starved, she never knew that fish and meat was that delicious.

“Hongshao Rou, salt-baked chicken, scalded vegetables, desolate bone vegetable soup!” Yi Yun introduced his dishes one by one. Old man Su had left behind some vegetables, so he had fried it with some meat.

China’s traditional cuisine with the ingredients from the strange world made the taste even better. Even picky as he was with his food, the glutton Yi Yun felt it was perfect.

Jiang Xiaorou ate it so fast that she almost swallowed her tongue. Eating such a meal was the same as a dream.

And the dishes would give a strong warm feeling when it entered the stomach. This warmth spread throughout their bodies giving them extreme comfort!

This was the desolate meat reforming their bodies.

Desolate meat was something the poor in the vast wilderness could rarely eat. If they could eat it daily, their bodies would be strong and would not succumb to illnesses!

Even the vegetables left behind by old man Su was something good for the body, and normal people would never have the chance to eat it.

The siblings ate ravenously and in fifteen minutes, they had swept away the delicacies on the tree stump like a typhoon.

It was hard to believe that Jiang Xiaorou was just a while ago desperate, hungry and cold and filled with despair, but in a short period of time, she was full from eating. And with the energy within the food, she felt warm.

Only after experiencing hunger would one know that delicacies were such blissful objects.

At this time, Yi Yun had already began constructing the tree house.

With his Tempered Body, Yi Yun had great strength, so it was simple for him to build tree house.

“Yun-er, what had happened the past few days?” Jiang Xiaorou saw Yi Yun busying himself, and felt like she was still in a dreamy hallucination.

The events of the past hour were too amazing.

“Oh, I met an unscrupulous man by the surname of Su. He saw that my constitution was surprisingly good and gave me some pointers. He also gave me some good items. It’s roughly that. Sis Xiaorou, don’t worry. I’m different from the past. In the future, your life will only get better and better.”

The tree house was completed, but it was cold and moist in the mountains, so sleeping in the tree house would be too cold.

Although there was a fire nearby, and it was warm, it needed constant attention for it could not burn throughout the night, so they would still be cold.

Seeing Jiang Xiaorou rubbing her ears occasionally, Yi Yun smiled and descended from the tree house. In a short while, he brought up the Chi Lin head.

The Chi Lin had a rich amount of fire-elemental energy. Placing the head in the tree house was like having a small heating stove. In a short time, the tree house had warmed up.

Yi Yun had brought in too many surprises this night, so Jiang Xiaorou decided against asking.

Although she had to lie down on the tree house’s wooden planks, she had never felt more secure than today.

Having eaten a meal, quenched her thirst, having a warm home and with Yi Yun by her side. What other thing in this world was more blissful than this?

“Yun-er, I’m so afraid this is all a dream…”

Jiang Xiaorou felt that everything was unreal. She feared sleeping, afraid that if she closed her eyes and opened them, she will find herself in that cold empty house with nothing but dirty cow dung, and the bad news of Yi Yun having died from an illness…

“It’s not a dream. Sis just sleep, I’ll protect you.” Yi Yun sat on a log bed beside her and held Jiang Xiaorou’s hand.

After feeling the heat from Yi Yun’s palm, Jiang Xiaorou obtained a peace of mind.

This warm touch allowed the tiredness to overwhelm her. Although she was unwilling to sleep, slowly she lost consciousness and fell asleep. This day, she had first learned of Yi Yun’s death, and then besieged by the villagers. She had been terribly frightened and her emotions were marked by big ups and downs, so she was totally exhausted.

Jiang Xiaorou entered dreamland and a blissful smile appeared on the corners of her mouth…