True Martial World Chapter 603

Chapter 603: Greatsword Mountain
Chapter 603: Greatsword Mountain

Yi Yun arrived at Greatsword Mountain exactly on the tenth day.

Greatsword Mountain’s peak pierced the clouds, making it impossible for birds to traverse it. While standing on the base of Skyward Path, Yi Yun looked up at the mountain peak, his eyes glaring with icy coldness.

Blood Moon was at the peak of the mountain.

These people wanted him, as well as Lin Xintong and Jiang Xiaorou, dead. Yet, they did not know that he was now right before their very eyes.

By stepping into Greatsword Mountain, his entry into the Heavenly Dao Union would be fraught with dangers. However, Yi Yun had already made up his mind.

He wanted to enjoy the Martial Alliance’s resources and treasures, and in turn, rain disaster on them.

Yi Yun’s goal was very clear. He was here to cause destruction.

Of course, there was no free lunch in this world. The Heavenly Dao Union definitely had its motives, and Yi Yun knew this all too well.

As Yi Yun began scaling the mountain through the Skyward Path, the wind grew stronger, to the point that it was as if he was in a squall. Steep cliffs bounded the path on its two sides. If a person lacked the requisite cultivation level, he would easily be swept away, crashing to the bottom of the mountain.

Yi Yun used his movement technique, and the flow of Yuan Qi within his body allowed for him to treat it as if it were flat ground.

At this moment, a few figures suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Oh” Through the strong winds, he discovered some people who did not wear the attires of the Martial Alliance. They were likely young elites from other factions.

Yi Yun could hear the conversations of some of them.

“Our applications to join the Heavenly Dao Union had been approved for days, but only now can we officially join the Heavenly Dao Union. It is such a rare opportunity.”

“That is right. The list of new recruits into the Heavenly Dao Union has already been publicized. I had been waiting at the bottom of Skyward Path for everyone. Since our family clans are friendly with each other, we should take care of each other when we get in.”

“With so many geniuses gathered in the Heavenly Dao Union, an alliance is necessary, else it will be difficult to survive.”

Upon hearing their conversation, he immediately understood the situation.

Today was the day the Heavenly Dao Union took in a new batch of geniuses. It was the official date of recruitment.

Back then, when the middle-aged scholar transmitted his voice, telling him to meet in ten days, he had not specified it only for Yi Yun.

These people’s attires were embroidered with different family clan emblems. Taking a glance at them, he noticed a familiar emblem, Totem Mystic Race.

Back in the Great Empress mystic realm, Panther Lady, who Yi Yun met, was from the Totem Mystic Race.

And later, in Heaven Martial City, the wanted poster that targeted him, which he had seen, included the Totem Mystic Race in its inscription.

This proud son of heaven of the Totem Mystic Race was a young man. His face was covered in a mysterious tattoo. It was the Totem Mystic Race’s runic mark.

As Yi Yun sized them up, they also noticed that there was an additional person behind them.

The Totem Mystic Race’s man turned around with a glance, “Who is that?”

“He looks young, and he does not wear the attire of the Martial Alliance. He should be the same as us and is here to join the Heavenly Dao Union. I know less than half the people on the list of new recruits into the Heavenly Dao Union, and I have never seen him before.”

These people did not hide their conversations from Yi Yun.

“Friend, why not speak your name? Which family clan are you from?”

A few people asked Yi Yun.

Everyone who joined the Heavenly Dao Union were competitors to one another. These people had already formed an alliance amongst themselves to share the benefits. Towards a stranger, all of them were wary, but they also wondered if there was a chance of forming an alliance with him.

Unfortunately, they did not expect that Yi Yun would just move through them after giving them a glance.

Yi Yun could not be bothered to answer these people, especially people from the Totem family clan. This family clan was involved in the death warrant for Lin Xintong, Jiang Xiaorou and himself, so it was already nice of him not to cause them harm from the shadows.

Yi Yun’s movement technique was adroit, so moving through them was just a matter of a blink of an eye.

By the time they were brought to their senses, Yi Yun’s figure was far ahead of them.

“This person!”

The man from the Totem family clan was immediately infuriated.

“What impudence!”

“He is too arrogant!”

This person had ignored them and had passed through them despite their questions.

All of them had their family clan’s emblem embroidered on their clothes, yet this person had ignored them, by doing so he was belittling their family clans as well.

“Chase after him!”

These people looked at each other and were furious.

They wanted to chase up to Yi Yun, not to argue with him, but because of the competitive streak young elites had.

Yi Yun did not even turn his head. He could not be bothered with them and only used his movement technique to move forward in the squall like it was flat ground.

He did not deliberately increase his speed, but as he was too powerful, he quickly left the young geniuses in his dust.

“He is so fast!”

The people behind him could only stare on. One of them, who had a weaker cultivation level, was already panting from a lack of Yuan Qi.

This path up the Greatsword Mountain was a small entry test. In this squall, the higher one went, the more draining it was on one’s stamina.

They wanted to strive for vindication, but they realized that they were being left behind, and their protective Yuan Qi were being shredded by the fierce winds. As for Yi Yun, he had long since disappeared.

“He specializes in movement techniques.”

“This person is too arrogant. Just because he has an advantage with his movement technique, he desperately charged forward, just to get the better of us. He sure is childish in his hope to prevail against others!”

“Tsk! He is just young and aggressive! Everyone has their own fortes, so it is nothing to be proud of!”

These people said in indignance. They seemed to have forgotten of their own hopes of “prevailing against other”. Only when they realized that they could not beat him did they take on a pure and lofty stance that such competition was meaningless.

Less than an hour later, Yi Yun managed to arrive at the peak of Greatsword Mountain after traversing the Skyward Path.

With Yi Yun’s speed, he could have taken less than five minutes to scale the mountain, but he had been delayed because the mountain peak was covered with arrays!

He turned back to look at Skyward Path, as he quietly thought to himself that the path was a good cultivation ground. If an ordinary warrior climbed it and continuously practiced his movement technique, his Yuan Qi would become denser.

Looking around him, a part of the peak of Greatsword Mountain was a large but flat stony platform. Just after Yi Yun finished scaling the mountain, he landed precisely on this stony platform.

At this moment, there were quite a number of proud children of heaven gathered on the stony platform. Upon Yi Yun’s arrival, many of them darted a glance at him.

Their glances consisted of a hint of wariness and scrutiny.

Although it was calm and peaceful, Yi Yun could feel a sense of animosity coming from the numerous geniuses.

As these geniuses came from various large sects or family clans, there was an intricate and complex network of relationships between them.

Yi Yun scanned the crowd. Back at the Great Empress’ mystic realm, only people of the younger generation from a small number of family clans had gathered. Now however, the gathering had expanded to people from all over the entire Tian Yuan world.

Despite that, they were no different than a smaller number to Yi Yun.

At this moment, the people from before, including the man from the Totem family clan, finally arrived.

The moment they reached the platform, they immediately looked for Yi Yun.

And when Yi Yun sensed their gazes, he only gave a nonchalant glance back and did not mind them further.

“This rascal!” The young man from the Totem family clan looked at Yi Yun with displeasure. This conflict was not something serious, but it was enough to make him want to settle scores with Yi Yun.

Yi Yun only cared about himself before finding a spot to sit down to meditate.

However, at this moment, he felt something. A certain baffling chil rose up from his heart, giving him a fight or flight response!

This is…

Yi Yun immediately opened his eyes!

He sensed an extremely familiar aura, but he could not figure out where he had encountered such an aura at that very moment.

This made Yi Yun ponder. After he practiced martial arts, his memory had been superb. He had an eidetic memory, so even if he had previously seen an unimportant person once, he could recall if he thought about it deeply. This time however, he could not recall where he had encountered it before.

What could it be…

Yi Yun scanned his surroundings. Many of the elites present were silently discussing through voice transmissions in sporadic groups, or meditating alone. Nothing seemed odd.

Yi Yun did not know if the person who had given him such a mysterious feeling was within this group of people.

Yi Yun made a note to be careful. Since this was the Martial Alliance’s headquarters, he could be said to have entered the tiger’s den. The moment his identity is exposed, the consequences will be unthinkable!