True Martial World Chapter 604

Chapter 604: Masked Man
Chapter 604: Masked Man

More and more people gathered at the square of Greatsword Mountain. Although Yi Yun looked calm on the surface while meditating, he was actually constantly alert towards his surroundings.

After a few other batches of paragons arrived, it was already noon. The Sun hung high in the sky, but when its rays shone down, it appeared weak. It was as if the Sun’s rays had been greatly dispersed by Greatsword Mountain’s solemn aura.

“Oh? There is someone…”

Yi Yun suddenly frowned. He sensed that, at a spot about dozens of meters away in front of him, there was a slight Yuan Qi fluctuation. Yi Yun could feel a furtive observation coming from that spot.

However, when he scanned at it with his eye, the spot only had a lone stone pagoda, with nothing else surrounding it.

Yi Yun narrowed his eyes, for he sensed that there was something special about the stone pagoda.

“Is it an array?”

Yi Yun closed his eyes to sense it. The energy fluctuation seemed to conceal itself within a distorted space-time, and felt like an array.

Hence, Yi Yun opened his Purple Crystal’s energy vision.

Under the energy vision, nothing could hide for everything could be seen at a glance!

In the energy vision, there was no stone pagoda. Where the stone pagoda stood there was actually a palatial grand hall.

And on the two sides of the grand hall there stood two demonic stone sculptures. On the top of the grand hall, there was a signboard with the three words “Demon God Hall” written on it!

There were four youths wearing the Martial Alliance’s attire beneath the signboard as they pointed towards the crowd.

These four people looked like Heavenly Dao Union’s elites.

Their cultivation level were also at the Dao Seed realm. By standing within the array, no one could detect them.

At this moment, a short youth pointed towards Yi Yun.

The reason why Yi Yun had sensed the furtive observation from before was due to being pointed at by this short youth. If not for that, Yi Yun would not have immediately seen through the array set up on the Martial Alliance’s Greatsword Mountain array, no matter how sensitive he was.

“He is that guy, right?”

The short youth pointed at Yi Yun and said in a derisive tone.

“Right, that is him. He looks ordinary and countrified.” A tall youth, who was standing beside the short youth, said while laughing.

“Eh, why is he looking over here?”

Just as they were discussing Yi Yun, Yi Yun had looked at them.

However, the tall youth was in no way bothered even while looking straight into Yi Yun’s eyes. He said in a very assured manner, “What can he see!? It is merely a coincidence. This illusion array was set up by an Empyreal King array master. Do you think that he can see through it!?”

The few of them took the array’s concealment for granted and began criticizing Yi Yun, and did not mince their words in any way.

Being able to criticize, peep and mock the paragons that entered the Heavenly Dao Union without them knowing, gave them an indescribable feeling of superiority.

Yi Yun silently circulated the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”. He was unable to hear their conversation because his perception could not penetrate through an illusion array set up by an Empyreal King.

However, with the energy vision, he could see their mouths clearly. As such, even though their voices were isolated by the array, Yi Yun could lip read every single word they said.

Despite hearing these malicious conversation, Yi Yun remained unmoved as he carried on meditating.

“This Jiang Yidao does not look special in any way. To think Lord Ambassador gave him such a high evaluation.”

“Do not look down on him. He managed to defeat Junior brother Wuhen with one saber attack.”

“Wuhen is too young and too arrogant. It is not surprising for him to suffer under Jiang Yidao’s hands. If it were me, he would definitely be the one suffering!”

“Hehe, you might not be able to beat him. However, his days won’t be smooth sailing. Although Lord Ambassador had given him an exception to enter the Heavenly Dao Union, his character is too overbearing. The upper echelons of the Heavenly Dao Union will not allow such a person to exist. No matter who it is, they have to be obedient upon entering the Heavenly Dao Union. If not, wouldn’t it be a smack to the Elders’ faces? Wait and see, for there will be times when he will suffer. We can just enjoy the show when that happens!”

“Just watching a show is too boring. As a Southern Sea savage, he is not familiar with other family clans or sects. When he gets repressed to the point of being left high and dry, we can take the opportunity to ‘help’ him. He might even be overwhelmed by our kindness till he shed tears of gratitude. We might even get some benefits as a result.”

As they spoke, they began to guffaw.

Following that, they stopped talking about Yi Yun as they changed topics to talk about the women who were about to enter the Heavenly Dao Union. They even began to evaluate each girl’s looks and figures. It was full of debasement and sexually degrading remarks.

With the isolation from the array, it was another form of thrill to these youths as they frivolously talked about the proud ladies.

Yi Yun was in no way interested in this.

He only silently made the decision to remembered them, especially the tall and short youths.

Just as Yi Yun was planning on closing his energy vision, his heart suddenly sank.

He saw a few figures stride out from the black stoned great hall.

And those youths, who had been gesticulating at the elites present, under the “Demon God Hall” signboard, immediately wiped their frivolous expressions and turned respectful the moment they saw these figures.

“Lord Inspectors!”

The youths began to bow.

The figures they bowed to all had very powerful auras. The moment they walked out the God Demon Hall, a powerful surge of demonic energy rushed out in a manner that caused apprehensions.

Among those few, the leading person wore a dark, golden face mark. His aura was gloomy and terrifying. In front of him, the youths, who previously had sharp tongues, were so afraid that they did not dare to breathe.

The golden masked man coldly looked at the young elites gathered on the square.

These young elites were still grouped up in threes and fours. They were either privately speaking through voice transmissions or meditating. They were oblivious to all of this.

Except one person… Yi Yun!

Yi Yun took a deep breath as he narrowed his eyes.

He did not look straight at the golden masked man, but locked onto this person using the Purple Crystal’s energy vision.

He finally knew where that familiar chilly feeling came from.

That feeling came from this person!

Coldness, evil, cruel. This aura…

It was that evil energy!

Yi Yun was enlightened. Back when he uncovered the treacherous plot the Shen Tu family clan scheming against the Lin family, he had extracted evil energy, that could rapidly cause a life to age, from the relic.

This evil energy was extremely strange. Back then, all the Lin family Elders failed to detect its existence, but it was controlled by the Purple Crystal.

Back then, Yi Yun sinisterly implanted this evil energy into Shen Tu Nantian’s body which no one discovered. Following that, when Yi Yun killed Shen Tu Nantian, he left the evil energy inside Shen Tu Nantian’s corpse.

And now… On this masked man’s body, Yi Yun actually felt the existence of that evil energy!

It was just that, compared to the past, this evil energy had undergone a bizarre transformation. This transformation was what made Yi Yun unable to link the cold and evil feeling to the evil energy in the beginning.