True Martial World Chapter 605

Chapter 605: Entry
Chapter 605: Entry

“Lord Inspector, this is the latest of batch of geniuses from various family clans and sects who are joining the Heavenly Dao Union.” A sallow-skinned man with eyes that lacked luster said in a deep voice.

The masked man nodded. As the man spoke, he was already observing the crowd of geniuses.

Ever since the Heavenly Dao Union was established, with the Longevity Extending Pills, the numerous resources, and with the condition that there was no need to abandon their own sects and family clans, it attracted numerous geniuses. Some future household heads or sect leaders, who were secretly nurtured by their respective factions, even joined the Heavenly Dao Union.

“Almost all of the Tian Yuan world’s geniuses are basically here.” The deep-voiced man carried on.

The power of the Martial Alliance could now be said to be unprecedented.

At this moment, the golden-masked man took out a token.

With a bright flash from the token, the array immediately became ineffective. When the light dimmed, the palatial black-stoned grand hall suddenly appeared in front of the crowd.

Upon seeing this scene, the geniuses, who were waiting, were taken by surprise.

Especially when they saw the golden-masked man and the few peoples behind them, they were even more appalled. They were on the platform, but they had not discovered that their surroundings were shrouded by an array. They also did not know that these people were standing not far from them, observing them.

The auras emitted by these people made the geniuses present tense up. The masked man had a full face mask on. It even obscured the eyes. The features of the dark, gold mask were only a few simple lines, but it exuded a cold and eerie feeling.

By looking at those narrow holes that replaced the mask’s eyes, it felt like their breaths were being drawn out.

“It’s the Martial Alliance.”

“They must be important figures from the Heavenly Dao Union that are responsible for receiving us.”

Just as these geniuses were about to stand up and pay their respects, the people behind the masked man suddenly attacked!

Multiple sharp saber beams came falling from the sky and instantly covered the entire area!

“How could this be!?”

“Why are they suddenly attacking!?”

The elites immediately shrunk their pupils as they dodged or tried to withstand the beams.

Some tried resisting hurriedly after a moment of panic, but they failed to completely withstand them, and immediately cried out.

One of the people that Yi Yun encountered on the way up Skyward Path had been struck by the Yuan Qi and was sent flying backwards, while mangled flesh and blood spilled out of his chest’s cavity.

And when this Yuan Qi flew at Yi Yun, who was meditating, remained motionless before sending a punch straight at it.


The Nine Neonate’s strong body and strength collided with the golden Yuan Qi. As the golden flash vanished, the Yuan Qi shockwave was immediately dissipated

“What… What the hell is this!?”

“My hand is broken. They are too ruthless in their attacks.”

Many of the injured geniuses whined.

There was no forewarning before the sudden attack, and the attacker’s cultivation levels were much stronger than theirs, so how was it possible for them to withstand it?

These elites thought that some important figure had arrived and they were trying to greet them. They hoped that they could leave a good impression on them, getting better treatment in the future or even a bit more resources.

However, what awaited them was just a Yuan Qi blast.

After the Yuan Qi dissipated, these people saw the situation in the square. A majority of the geniuses had been swept away by the Yuan Qi blast, and some of them were even covered in blood.

However, there were a few of them who managed to resist the attack. From the looks of it, they did so with ease.

There were about seven or eight of such people. They were all elites, but the difference in strength was too great!

Amongst these seven or eight people, there was only one young man who was sitting on the ground in a corner, meditating. He looked ordinary and he carried a saber on his back.

The other elites were all standing, but he was still sitting!

Before the Yuan Qi blast, he was sitting on the ground meditating, and he had just finished his meditation! His clothes were dustless as if the blast from before was a breeze gently caressing him. He barely felt it.

“It’s that rascal we met on the way up the mountain!”

The people from the Totem Mystic Race recognized Yi Yun. On the way up Greatsword Mountain, they had taken the initiative to befriend Yi Yun, but he ignored them. Due to Yi Yun’s belittlement of them, they were very displeased.

They believed that Yi Yun was only good at his movement technique, allowing him to leave them in the dust on the way up Greatsword Mountain. But from the way things were looking now, Yi Yun was a lot stronger than them.

In the attack from before, one of them was seriously injured, while the others were also in miserable states. They were not on the same level as Yi Yun.

This made them look at Yi Yun with extremely complicated expressions.

Yi Yun’s present strength allowed him to resist a Yuan Opening realm warrior without him revealing any hidden cards that could expose his identity. Yi Yun himself could not estimate how strong he was if he really played all his cards.

In fact, Yi Yun looked forward to having a battle that he could fight to his heart’s content.

“That person is a saber user…”

A few elites beside Yi Yun noticed the saber on Yi Yun’s back. Despite him being a saber user, him having such a vicious fist attack attracted their attention.

Even those elites, who had withstood the attack with ease, glanced at Yi Yun and secretly made a mental note of him.

At this moment, the golden-masked man at the door of Demon God Hall coldly said, “Anyone who is wounded can leave.”

“What!?” These elites were stunned. Someone asked subconsciously, “Leave? To where?”

The situation had already made them faintly sense what was about to happen, but they could not accept it.

“Isn’t that nonsense? Of course, go back to wherever you came from. You have been eliminated!” The tall youth, who had previously derided Yi Yun while hiding in the array, chuckled.


Many of the elites were stunned when they heard this word!

They had employed painstaking means to obtain the qualifications to enter the Heavenly Dao Union and they were feeling high-spirited. But now, they were being sent back just after arriving at the Martial Alliance?

They never expected that the sudden attack from before was a test.

They had never heard of an entry test when entering the Heavenly Dao Union!

The faces of those who failed to avoid the attack immediately turned ashen.

They could not accept it!

“Tsk! This round of recruitment by the Martial Alliance is several times bigger than the previous one. Do you really think that all of you can enter the Heavenly Dao Union? Such naivety!”The tall youth said with a gloating sneer.

These new geniuses had suffered a disastrous outcome just as they were about to enter the Heavenly Dao Union. From hope to despair, and their ambitions being shattered, this gave the tall youth the pleasurable feeling of Schadenfreude as well as augmenting his superior status.

However, he noticed Yi Yun as well. He was quite displeased that Yi Yun had easily passed the test.

Against a person who was ostentatious and was also better than him, the youth was filled with jealousy. He wished that he could see Yi Yun suffer a crushing defeat.