True Martial World Chapter 608

Chapter 608: Heavenly Blood Union
Chapter 608: Heavenly Blood Union

Many elites looked each other in the eye, and felt… disbelief.

The ancient golden era of martial arts had been severed for unknown reasons, but the Martial Alliance had managed to survive all that time?

Since they had so much heritage in store, why did they keep the heritage all these years, never making it public?

The eyes of the geniuses lit up as their breathing sped up.

Their intuition told them that something the masked man said was problematic, but… with the heritage in front of them, they checked it and its authenticity was real.

Even if it was not like how the masked man described, there was no doubt that they had a store of heritage from the ancient era. The heritage owned by the Martial Alliance definitely exceeded what any large faction in the Tian Yuan world had.

Such heritage was enough to tempt them!

As for them, they had already become members of the Heavenly Dao Union. Which is to say, they too had a chance to obtain such heritage. Upon realizing this, they became excited.

“Why was the ancient martial knowledge severed? Why did you sit on this heritage for millions of years without releasing anything, causing our human martial knowledge to deteriorate so much?” Someone could not help but ask.

The masked man sneered and said, “The ancient martial knowledge was ended due to the calamity I mentioned. As for why this heritage was never released, I have no need to explain!” The coldness in the masked man’s voice caused the questioner to shrink back, he no longer dared to ask anything else.

Yi Yun sneered.

The deterioration of the Tian Yuan world was probably what the Blood Moon wanted. If a peerless Great Emperor like the ancient Great Empress appeared again, the Blood Moon would encounter all sorts of difficulties. Their entire organization might even be destroyed!

Only with the deterioration of the Tian Yuan world could the Blood Moon use their so-called “foundational heritage” to do as they pleased in the Tian Yuan world.

After all, without the Eye of Destruction supporting them, the Blood of Destruction were just mere pawns.

“How can we obtain these heritage?” A genius could not help but ask.

Everything was sealed in an array. They could only see a portion of the contents, and it was probably something that would not be easily given to them.

The masked man said, “Desolate beasts need to hunt in order to get food. It is the same for you. With the best delicacies in front of you, it will all depend on your own ability to obtain them!”

“This.” With a flip of golden masked man’s hand, a blood red piece of jade appeared on his palm. “This is a Blood Jade. It is something only our Martial Alliance possesses. In the Martial Alliance, Blood Jade can be used to exchange for these cultivation techniques, weapons and treasures.”

Blood Jade!

The eyes of many geniuses turned into a blade-like narrow slit. They were all focused on that tiny piece of jade.

“Can it also be exchanged for something from the ancient heritage?” Many people asked with bated breaths.

The golden masked man chuckled. “The ancient heritage is the Martial Alliance’s core secret. Allowing you to join the Heavenly Dao Union is the Martial Alliance’s contribution towards the upcoming chaos. If you want the ancient heritage, don’t you think that’s being too greedy?”

Oh? No access to them?

The hearts of the elites present sank slightly.

“However.” The golden masked man suddenly said, “It’s not impossible to obtain the ancient heritage.”

“In this world, there is no benefit that comes without rhyme or reason. To obtain the core secret of the Martial Alliance, you will have to pay a price!”

“In the Martial Alliance, it is split into the Heavenly Dao Union and the Heavenly Blood Union. The Heavenly Blood Union is where the true core lies! To become a Heavenly Blood Union member, you will have to bind yourselves to a soul contract to pledge allegiance to the Martial Alliance, only then would you become directly related to the Martial Alliance.”

Yi Yun narrowed his eyes. Heavenly Blood Union… Isn’t that Blood Moon? And to bind oneself with a soul contract… ?

It was most likely that one could never escape from the Martial Alliance’s soul contract once it was bound. Using the ancient heritage as bait, they lured these geniuses in.

And these people did not know that the reason for the ending of the ancient martial civilization and how those ancient heritage entered the hands of the Martial Alliance was all orchestrated by the Blood Moon.

Seeing the geniuses looking hesitant, the masked man added on, “Don’t worry. You do not need to abandon your existing sects or family clans when you become a Heavenly Blood Union member.”

“You can still work in service of your existing faction, but you have still to pledge lifelong loyalty to the Martial Alliance. You are not to betray it and you have to perform missions for the Martial Alliance. However, you can be rest assured that the Martial Alliance would never send you to do fatal missions. These will also be written in the soul contract.” Upon hearing the masked man’s words, the elites present turned restless.

The ancient heritage not only needed Blood Jade to exchange for it, they also needed to join the Heavenly Blood Union!

Although they had not seen the soul contract’s details, even if one used one’s knees to think, they would realize that the restrictions of the Heavenly Blood Union were definitely much harsher than those of the Heavenly Dao Union!

Joining the Heavenly Blood Union meant losing a lot of freedom.

To warriors, soul contracts were things that weren’t easily signed. They had to think very carefully before doing anything that had to do with soul contracts!

At this moment, everyone understood everything.

The matter about joining the Heavenly Dao Union without needing to sign any soul contract or fulfill any obligations was actually a lie.

This was because the thing the Martial Alliance placed weight on was the Heavenly Blood Union!

The Heavenly Dao Union was just a preparatory reserve, so the Heavenly Blood Union was the goal!

To put it bluntly, the establishment of the Heavenly Dao Union was in fact just a trap.

However, the Martial Alliance did not force anyone. They had only put out bait, but joining the Heavenly Blood Union was voluntary.

Everyone had the right to choose. Either one wanted absolute freedom or endless resources.

Especially those… ancient heritage!

With the ancient heritage before their eyes, many of the geniuses were tempted.

They did not want to bind themselves to a soul contract, but they also wanted the heritage… If they could learn a few parts of the ancient heritage, they could become Empyreal Kings or Patriarchs.

As a result, their lifespans would be greatly extended several times. They would become influential figures of the Tian Yuan world!

On the contrary, although they were proud, they knew themselves. With their talent, most of them would cease to progress after the peak of the Yuan Opening realm.

A warrior’s cultivation was fastest before their hundredth birthday.

But after a hundred years, their life’s potential would slowly deplete. With various bottlenecks, they could be left stuck in a certain realm, with no way to improve.

Many people could not cross the vast chasm that separated the peak Yuan Opening realm and an Empyreal King!

Many people were in a dilemma.

How should they choose?

Freedom was valuable, but at times, strength was even more alluring!

At this moment, a few people suggested to look at the contents of the soul contract. This proved that they were already tempted.

Regardless of anything, it was best to read the contents of the soul contract first. They could give up if they could not agree to it.

The masked man waved his hand, causing blood-red contract to appear out of thin air, in front of one of the elites who asked.

The people around him immediately gathered to read it.

Their hearts were in a fierce struggle.

There was no such thing as a free lunch. To reap the harvest, one had to pay the price.

Yi Yun only looked on in disinterest as the scene unfolded in front of him.

Soul contract…

The Blood Moon did not want the Human race to become strong, so they kept the heritage of ancient times away. And now, even though the Blood Moon was implementing its plans by finally taking the heritage out, the heritage was given to only those who signed a soul contract.

Besides, Yi Yun suspected that the soul contract had been tampered with!

An ancient faction, and one that was strongly hostile to the Tian Yuan world, would not trust anyone. How was it possible to expect that their contracts were fair?

Furthermore, with the Blood Moon’s abilities, it was probably not difficult for them to prevent these elites from realizing that the contracts had been tampered with!

When Yi Yun thought of this, he secretly shook his head.

He had already saw this coming. The Blood Moon’s goals in forming the Heavenly Dao Union were not that pure and simple. And what had been revealed was probably the tip of the iceberg.

Yi Yun nonchalantly flipped through the treasury’s cultivation technique manuals.

A few manuals indicated the number of Blood Jade required for them to be exchanged for.

Many of the ancient manuals were limited to Heavenly Blood Union members to exchange for.

And there were some manuals that did not have a limitation, but Heavenly Blood Union members could exchange it for a much cheaper price. The difference in prices were several times lower, and sometimes, lower by ten times!

Under such circumstances, those geniuses, who did not join the Heavenly Blood Union, would probably find it hard to survive.

The treasury’s heritage indeed exceeded the existing heritage of the Tian Yuan world.

Some of them were ancient heritage, and some of them even came from the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

However, they couldn’t be compared to the collection of the Azure Yang Lord.

The Azure Yang Lord was once an illustrious figure of the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, so he was nothing that these evil demon pawns could compare to.

Hence, Yi Yun was not tempted by any of these heritage.

Furthermore, Yi Yun cultivated the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”. It was derived from Supreme Great Dao that originated from the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

Although Yi Yun was not tempted, these elites could not help but be tempted. Especially when they realized that the soul contract did not seem as bad as they had imagined…

There were already some who could not repress their temptations in the crowd. However, they could not make up their minds to stand forward.

Many people were waiting, waiting to see how others chose.