True Martial World Chapter 609

Chapter 609: The Experienced Member of the Heavenly Blood Union
Chapter 609: The Experienced Member of the Heavenly Blood Union

Many of the elites were indecisive about joining the Heavenly Blood Union.

The masked man did not hanker them either. The Heavenly Blood Union never forced anyone. There would always be others willing to join even if they didn’t. The Heavenly Blood Union had no shortage of people.

On the contrary, this high-handed means tempted the elites even more. Even if they were not tempted before, after seeing the strength of those who joined the Heavenly Blood Union increase, they would naturally be unable to withstand the great contrast. They too would then scramble to join.

“Having just joined the Heavenly Dao Union, we will first give you a hundred Blood Jade. However, any future Blood Jade earned will depend on yourself.” The golden masked man said before clapping.

At this moment, a figure walked out from the recesses of the stone pagoda.

This person was carrying a blood-red jade box.

This person looked in his twenties. He was dressed in white, and a fierce aura emitted from his whole body. It was as if he was a sword, emanating sword Qi that threatened others.

Upon seeing this person, Yi Yun was surprised.

Gongsun Hong?

He never expected to meet someone he knew from the Great Empress mystic realm…

Back in the Great Empress mystic realm, Gongsun Hong had intentionally used Yi Yun as a shield, but he ended up being hoodwinked by Yi Yun. That was how their enmity was forged.

It was quite normal for Gongsun Hong to join the Heavenly Dao Union. He had performed well in the Great Empress mystic realm, so it was reasonable for him to pass the Heavenly Dao Union’s tests.

Compared to his previous self in the Great Empress mystic realm, the current Gongsun Hong gave off a completely different feeling.

“It’s the Li Fire Sect’s Gongsun Hong. I know him!”

Other than Yi Yun, quite a number people present recognized Gongsun Hong. Although Gongsun Hong was inferior to Shen Tu Nantian amongst the younger generation of the Tian Yuan world, he was still a famous figure.

“Haha, dear Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters. I feel honored to see everyone here! Also congratulations on joining the Heavenly Dao Union!”

As Gongsun Hong spoke, he opened the blood-red jade box in his hands. He looked very confident and one could feel a faint sense of superiority from his speech.

After the jade box was opened, there were rows of red jade stones that were the size of corn kernels. Every hundred jade stones was stringed together.

These small jade stones were apparently Blood Jade.

Every new disciple would obtain a string of Blood Jade.

At this moment, the tall youth standing beside the masked man, who had previously derided Yi Yun in the array, introduced him with a chuckle. “This is Junior Brother Gongsun Hong. In the next year, he will be responsible for taking you around.”

“Taking us around?”

When the elites heard this, they were stunned. Gongsun Hong was on the same level of standing as them. Some of them believed that their talent was not worse than Gongsun Hong’s, yet they were being taken around by a kid after just entering the Heavenly Dao Union?

They were naturally indignant against Gongsun Hong. However, since it was an arrangement by the Heavenly Dao Union, they did not say anything further.

“If that is the case, we will need to rely on Junior Brother Gongsun to take care of us.”

A few people who had just entered the Heavenly Dao Union said lightly, clearly insincere.

Upon seeing this scene, Gongsun Hong laughed without a word. The tall youth chuckled and said nonchalantly, “I know you are indignant. Firstly, Junior Brother Gongsun Hong will just teach you the rules of the Heavenly Dao Union, and not martial arts. Secondly, even if we let Junior Brother Gongsun Hong to teach you martial arts or cultivation techniques, he probably has the qualifications to do so. Junior Brother Gongsun Hong has joined the Heavenly Blood Union for three years now, and during this time, his performance has been excellent. He has already cultivated several ancient heritage from the Heavenly Blood Union. Now, his strength has increased by leaps and bounds, and he can no longer be compared to his past self!”

Heavenly Blood Union?

When they heard this, they looked at each other. So Gongsun Hong had joined the Heavenly Blood Union and cultivated ancient heritage. It was no wonder his aura was so formidable and the reason for his self-confidence.

“I think, you must be wondering how do you obtain Blood Jade. In the Heavenly Dao Union, there are many ways to obtain Blood Jade. For example, joining the Heavenly Blood Union. You will receive a one time reward of a thousand Blood Jade. Or you can pass some trials of the Heavenly Dao Union to obtain Blood Jade. And there is also… defeating an old member of the Heavenly Blood Union to obtain a corresponding amount of Blood Jade as a reward. Especially defeating the old member that brings you around, the rewarded will be increased, which is to say… defeating me!”

When Gongsun Hong reached the end of his sentence, his voice changed and a formidable force swept through the venue.

The hearts of people sank. At that instant, the formidable sword Qi that erupted from Gongsun Hong had pierced straight at their eyebrows.

Such an overpowering presence made the elites present frown.

This Gongsun Hong was a bit overbearing!

However, for him to say this, he naturally had the necessary abilities to do so! If not, his bombast at such an occasion would be utterly shameful if his face got smacked here!

“With Gongsun Hong joining the Heavenly Blood Union and cultivating the ancient heritage for three years, his insight into the laws has probably exceeded ours greatly.”

When cultivation heritage reflected the difference in effective combat power, it was usually down to the insight into the laws.

When warriors practiced martial arts, they would eventually have to manipulate the powers of Heaven and Earth. If the cultivation technique was weak, the power of their moves would naturally be limited.

Although the elites present were prideful, they knew that against Gongsun Hong, they were unlikely to win!

“For the Martial Alliance to let Gongsun Hong lead us, it must mean that Gongsun Hong’s strength is stronger than we thought.”

“To obtain Blood Jade, one of the ways is to defeat senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union. The Martial Alliance is clearly trying to make it the strength of the senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union clear to us!”

Many geniuses discussed privately through Yuan Qi voice transmissions.

If they wanted to obtain the Blood Jade, they had to battle the senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union, and once they were defeated, these elites would realize the gap between the Heavenly Dao Union and the Heavenly Blood Union. That would then strengthen their resolve to join the Heavenly Blood Union.

This was the goal of the Martial Alliance.

Many people figured this point out. For the Martial Alliance to let a Heavenly Blood Union member like Gongsun Hong to hand out the Blood Jade, it was clearly to let the new members to see the edge that the Heavenly Blood Union had.

They were not afraid that one would not feel tempted when one saw the gap in strength.

Knowing that Gongsun Hong’s strength was certainly exceptional, and with the Blood Jade as reward, many people could not repress their feelings. Someone asked, “Junior Brother Gongsun, you previously mentioned that the third method of obtaining Blood Jade. If we defeat you, how many pieces of Blood Jade would we receive?”

Someone wanted to make a move.

“The number of Blood Jade received is different depending on the which senior member of the Heavenly Blood Union you defeat. Defeating me gives you a thousand Blood Jade!” Gongsun Hong said, “However… Every challenge of a Heavenly Blood Union member requires a hundred Blood Jade! Regardless of the outcome, this hundred Blood Jade is not refunded.”

“Oh? We still have to purchase the right to challenge?”

When they heard this, they were all put into a dilemma. They had just entered the Heavenly Dao Union and they only had a hundred Blood Jade. Once they lost, they would be left penniless.

And winning only gained them 900. However, it was probably not easy to win!

The masked man watched this from the sidelines without uttering a word. He allowed Gongsun Hong to control the situation.

Letting the senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union battle the newly recruited Heavenly Dao Union geniuses was considered a hazing process. Only by doing so would they be able to quickly break their spirits, showing them of the benefits to joining the Heavenly Blood Union.

“Haha!” Upon seeing everyone’s dilemma, Gongsun Hong laughed. “Having just entered the Heavenly Dao Union, it’s best to cultivate earnestly. As for defeating me… the easiest method is to join the Heavenly Blood Union. After exchanging a few manuals from the ancient heritage, and with me being young, through the combination of other aspects, all you Senior Brothers and Sisters still have the advantage.”


Upon hearing Gongsun Hong’s words, the elites present did not feel good.

Advantages obtained from the combination of other aspects?

Wasn’t that just the advantage due to age? To put it bluntly, he was saying that they were old, so who would enjoy hearing that?

“This Gongsun Hong is taunting us just because he is young. Such arrogance!”

Many people could not stand seeing this. Amongst them, Gongsun Hong was really considered young. So if an older person really fought a younger person and still lost, it would be indeed shameful!

“This Junior Brother Gongsun, I wonder how old are you?”

At this moment, a voice suddenly resounded from the crowd. Everyone turned back to take a look. The person who spoke was Yi Yun!

Yi Yun’s words attracted the attention of many people. Even the masked man glanced at Yi Yun.

“Unfortunately, I am only 24 this year.” Gongsun Hong said proudly. This age was extremely young amongst the people here!

“24? That sure is young. Compared to Junior Brother Gongsun, I feel ashamed. I’m older by Junior Brother Gongsun by three years. What a waste of my years.” Yi Yun shook his head and sighed.

In fact, Yi Yun’s real age was 23, one year younger than Gongsun Hong.

However, he had used the “Star Transference Heaven Changing Book” to change his age. If not, a coincidental age of 23, which was the same as Yi Yun, could arouse the suspicion of the Martial Alliance.

Furthermore, if Yi Yun had such strength at the age of 23, it would be too monstrous. Yi Yun was afraid that his act would be too preposterous, making the Martial Alliance find it “unacceptable”.

“Haha, this brother is too modest. Being older than me by three years isn’t much. If you were to join the Heavenly Blood Union now and work hard at chasing up, these three years can be completely wiped. Maybe this brother’s talent is astounding and you can progress rapidly when cultivating the ancient heritage. Maybe in a year, this brother will be able to catch up.” Gongsun Hong said without haste, as if he was giving Yi Yun some pointers.

However, Gongsun Hong said those words taking it all for granted. He was in no way feeling arrogant. That was how he really thought. It was the confidence that was a result of the Heavenly Blood Union’s inheritance.

“Junior Brother Gongsun makes a great point! I indeed am interested in joining the Heavenly Blood Union. I think I still have a chance to make up the three years. However… if you say to catch up with Junior Brother Gongsun in one year, that’s thinking too highly of me. Junior Brother Gongsun has already cultivated in the ancient heritage for three years, and I believe that your strength has reached an unfathomable stage. Your insight into the laws must be at the acme of perfection. I definitely cannot compare myself to you.” Yi Yun said it with a ‘modest and learning’ attitude.

His words pleased Gongsun Hong, but Gongsun Hong said, “Here, here. This brother is being overly modest. I wonder which faction this brother comes from? It looks like this brother has a solid foundation and is promising. You might even enjoy double the results with half the effort by cultivating the ancient heritage.”

Translator’s Note: To see how Gongsun Hong tried to use Yi Yun as a shield, refer to Chapter 452.