True Martial World Chapter 61

Chapter 61: I want to be a sage
Chapter 61: I want to be a sage

After making sure that Jiang Xiaorou had fell asleep, Yi Yun quietly pulled away his hand. Even when Jiang Xiaorou was sleeping, Yi Yun did not rest . He used the Purple Crystal Origins in his body to absorb the energy from the Chi Lin beast’s head.
Chi Lin beast was a desolate beast, and when Yi Yun had just broken into the Meridians realm, he had absorbed the Frost Python’s Power of Desolates, and due to a lack of experience, he had sucked up too much power causing him harm. He had nearly burst his meridians.

This time, Yi Yun had learned. He carefully controlled the energy intake into his body, and from the speed, he knew that the Chi Lin beast head could last him a month.

In one month, he would pass the warrior selection and obtain new resources.

As the night got deeper, Yi Yun who had absorbed enough energy quietly left the tree house.

He was like an agile monkey crossing through the woods, and had quickly reached a clearing.

Under the clear sky and moon, was a youth in linen clothes. He sat under a tree and rested his back on the tree trunk. With the moonlight, he began flipping through the pages of that green ancient book with perfect focus.

A yellowed leaf escaped from one of the old tree’s branches and slowly fell upon one of the opened pages, but the youth brushed it away gently and returned to his dedicated reading.

Although it was dim at night, but after reaching the Meridians realm, Yi Yun could clearly see in the night as if it were the day.

“So Dragon Dancing the Nine Heavens is not only that one move. There are three others, making the entire set have four moves…”

Looking at Lin Xintong’s ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, the many questions Yi Yun previously had were gradually cleared.

Back then when Yao Yuan was teaching the warrior preparation camp members, under the consideration that the members had poor learning abilities, he had simplified all the moves. Only the simplest of moves out of the entire set of moves were taught.

Now with the entire set of ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, he had filled in all the gaps.

“Oh? Miss Lin wrote here that although ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ is ingenuous, it is after all a basic fist technique, and one should not be limited by the routines of ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’. If one were to be focused only on the routines of the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, then in one’s entire life, one would only reach the completed realm of ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, but not improve any further.

Lin Xintong’s words startled Yi Yun. He immediately focused on what Lin Xintong had noted.

Lin Xintong’s handwriting was elegant and each tiny word was soft and beautiful, but the content was majestic. Yi Yun could only feel the shocks from it!

In Lin Xintong’s notes, the highest realm one could reach with ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ was the peak of Purple Blood realm.

This was the so-called “completed” realm, but was there anything left to practice any further?

Sorry, there’s none!

At this point, unless one obtained an even higher grade cultivation technique could they reach an even higher realm, for example the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”. If one had the ability to obtain it, then one should definitely use it.

But a problem will arise. The ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ previously learned was totally different from the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”. Between the two, there was not much that could be inherited.

The “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” was created by the founding emperor of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, while the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ was unexpectedly obtained by one of the descendant emperors. They did not have the same heritage.

If two different systems were used together, there would parts that could not be blended together into perfection.

On Earth, this would be like a high school student choosing to do mathematics for the college entrance exams, and upon entering college, quit mathematics to study history.

This doesn’t mean that he would not be able to learn anything. A talented person could easily still become a famous historian. But no matter what, the mathematics learned prior was a waste for when researching historical articles, was there differentiation one could use?

When changing techniques, there would be a problem, after learning the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”, then the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ would be useless. Its use was only to breakthrough Mortal Blood, and push him to the peak of Purple Blood!

Just like a high school student learns mathematics only to obtain a college acceptance letter.

This meant it was a waste of resources. A warrior’s time was extremely precious. Practicing martial arts was a fight against the heavens. To break through to a higher realm, one needed to keep striving and not waste time!

Lin Xintong was a person who went against the heavens; she wanted to accomplish an impossible miracle, so how could she afford such waste?

Lin Xintong’s method was to go beyond the routines and completely understand the routines and cater it for use only for herself!

So forgetting routines is also known as “assuming formlessness”, an important step for walking your own martial path!

Based on one’s martial arts foundations, one could find a path to reach a high level of martial arts. The techniques learned along the way, no matter if it was basic, intermediate or advanced, would be completely understood and merged into one’s own understanding of martial arts.

As such, it will not be a waste.

When Yi Yun saw such a note, he had a sobering feeling.

Yes, routines have limits, but martial arts is without limit!

In ancient China, Mengzi had said, “If you believe everything you read, you better not read.” A real sage would read the basic “Three Character Classic”, “Hundred Family Surnames’ or advanced four great books, and even the hundred schools of thought.

All these countless classics would be integrated into their knowledge before they write out their beautiful articles!

I want to be a sage, I want to be a martial art sage!

Yi Yun vowed, and began studying even harder at the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ that Lin Xintong had annotated.

Without saying, this was the advantage of birth. Lin Xintong was born in a large family clan, and had much interactions and perspectives, so it was extraordinary.

Yi Yun had only practiced martial arts for two months, but even if his perceptivity was high, he would not even be able to reach Lin Xintong’s dust trails.

Experience was only gained by a non-stop accumulation of learning. Even a sage had to begin from babbling as a child.

Yi Yun used two hours to finish reading ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ from cover to cover. He pondered over it and received a huge enlightenment!

“I too cannot rely on Miss Lin’s understanding. Everyone has different understanding of things. Many things can only be understood but cannot be described. I need to have form my own opinion.”

It was a must to understand the opinions of others, but he could not just rely on them.

Yi Yun carefully kept the manual and jumped onto a large rock.

His body was filled with the fire elemental energy of the Chi Lin beast. Ever since he broke into the Meridians realm, the biggest advantage was to be able to flexibly control his body’s energy.

The Chi Lin beast energy he had absorbed in the tree house had been sealed within his Dantian. Now, Yi Yun began to open up his Ren Du Er Mai, and he felt a surge of heat within his body.

The heat flowed along Yi Yun’s Ren Du Er Mai, and cycled again and again. Slowly, Yi Yun’s body was burning hot, as if he had been drinking a large pot of wine in a hot spring!

Using this strength, Yi Yun began displaying ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’!

With the Chi Lin energy rushing to his head, Yi Yun could feel his spirit fully relax. His body began to move freely without thought, as if it moved on instinct.

Such a dissociated state was the best state for learning martial arts.

It had to be said that although Yi Yun’s constitution was not good, his perceptivity and intelligence was far greater than children his age. Even the elites of the large tribes would pale in comparison to this Yi Yun who had led two lives.

From the fourth Mortal Blood realm to the fifth Mortal Blood realm, besides eating treasures, another critical step was to gather the Yuan Qi into his body!

And this was in fact the most difficult step!

The warriors in the vast wilderness could fly, lift tens and hundreds of cauldrons, level off mountains.

This energy, where did it come from?

Would eating gruel, vegetables and tea provide that energy? It’s obviously impossible!

Using the knowledge from Earth, energy was conserved.

To make a horse run, one had feed the horse grass. It was the same for warriors; for a warrior to move a mountain, you had to provide him with the energy to move the mountain!

So when warriors train their body, be it some treasure, beast meat or desolate bones, it had to be continuously consumed, as the warriors’ energy consumption was dependent on the food.

But upon reaching the Qi Gatherer realm, warriors would not just rely on the consumed food to provide energy, they could also absorb the energy from the surroundings to complement their bodies.

When warriors attain an even higher cultivation, they could topple the mountains and overturn the seas. At this time, the main source of energy was not from food by the energy from Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

After two rounds of ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, Yi Yun felt his body heating up. His body was drenched in sweat. To completely go through the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ properly was an extremely laborious one.

The energy Yi Yun absorbed were depleted in two rounds. This energy would then settle within Yi Yun’s body, nourishing his body…