True Martial World Chapter 610

Chapter 610: Pig Slaughtering Saber
Chapter 610: Pig Slaughtering Saber

“Junior Brother Gongsun, you are putting me on a pedestal. The talent endowed to me is nothing much, and I come from humble origins. How can I have the ability? The Heavenly Blood Union’s ancient heritage must be supreme techniques. I really want to learn it, and I wish for Junior Brother Gongsun to give me some advice. I want to see the extraordinary power of the ancient heritage! I am willing to pay the hundred Blood Jade to broaden my horizons. It will also let the elites present to witness the excellence of the ancient heritage, so as to join the Heavenly Blood Union together!”

The meaning behind Yi Yun’s words was that he was willing to pay the price of a hundred Blood Jade so as to witness the power of the ancient heritage. If the ancient heritage was powerful, he would naturally join the Heavenly Blood Union, but if that wasn’t the case, he would not necessarily join.

Gongsun Hong’s mouth formed an arc. He was confident that he could “broaden” Yi Yun’s horizons, fully convincing him of his prowess.

As a leader of this new batch of Heavenly Dao Union members, it was one of his duties to demonstrate the power of the supreme inheritance of the Heavenly Blood Union and attract them into joining.

Having a battle with the Heavenly Dao Union members was the best way of demonstrating that.

Gongsun Hong was initially afraid that these Heavenly Dao Union members had their misgivings about the hundred Blood Jade, and they would be afraid to challenge him. If that was the case, it wouldn’t look good on him.

With someone leading the pack, that was the best.

“Haha! I won’t call it advice. However, the ancient heritage I cultivated is indeed quite powerful. I can only demonstrate a tenth of its power, but it’s already no trifling matter. Since this brother wants to try, I won’t be holding back.” As Gongsun Hong spoke, he pulled out a long sword.

As for Yi Yun, he slowly pulled out his saber.

“Junior Brother Gongsun must be joking. Any simple move from the ancient heritage Junior Brother Gongsun cultivated would probably be extraordinarily powerful against me. However, I will do my best.” As Yi Yun said that, he held the saber in an exaggerated and uncouth manner.

Just this manner of handling made Gongsun Hong chuckle in his heart. This person’s saber technique did not look up to mark. It did not resemble anything like a saber technique from a Tian Yuan world top faction. He looked like the way he had described himself, that he had come from humble origins.

“I will use a move from my Heretic God’s 36 Swords. Watch it well!” As Gongsun Hong spoke, he attacked.

He was determined to show off. This move was actually the most gorgeous attack that Gongsun Hong had cultivated.

When he slashed his sword, 36 sword shadows appeared with a flash of light. Every sword shadow was a flying sword that was controlled by Gongsun Hong’s aura. From the way the sword beams’ interleaved to form Dao and Truth, they had formed a profound formation!

The Heretic God’s 36 Swords was in essence a sword formation!

“Oh, such a move?”

The elites present were all people capable of discernment. From the way the 36 swords moved, they had an general understanding of the profoundness behind this attack.

By using a sword to establish a sword formation, it would be able to demonstrate the power of a sword formation. It was quite fascinating!

As expected of an ancient heritage!

“Sword formation?”

Yi Yun had spent seven years in the God Advent Tower and he had read through many of the heritage left behind by the Azure Yang Lord.

Although Yi Yun did not have time to master all of the heritage, after reading through them, he had a general level of understanding. This resulted in Yi Yun’s extraordinary level of discernment. He could tell at a glance the approximate level of Gongsun Hong’s move.

Maybe in the ancient Tian Yuan world, this Heretic God’s 36 Swords was not a bad technique, however compared to the 12 Empyrean Heavens, this sword technique was nothing remarkable!

With a thought, Yi Yun used the Purple Crystal Origins to see through all the energy flows of the sword formation!

By being able to see energy and knowing its fundamental form, Yi Yun could immediately tell that Gongsun Hong could only demonstrate a tiny portion of the sword formation’s power. Due to the various limitations in Gongsun Hong’s strength, cultivation level and insights, the sword formation he demonstrated was not perfect. There were many flaws!

After Yi Yun cultivated the sword technique from the Pure Yang Sword Palace, his understanding of Sword Dao had far exceeded Gongsun Hong’s.

At that instant, Yi Yun was unable to immediately figure out the most accurate manner to crack the sword formation. However, locking on to a few weak spots in the sword formation was extremely easy for Yi Yun!

Seeing the sword about to hit him, Yi Yun held his saber with his two hands and sliced upwards.

Compared to Gongsun Hong’s gorgeous sword moves, Yi Yun’s saber technique looked too simple. It was like a butcher chopping and splitting bones.


People stared with their eyes wide. Previously, many people had seen how Yi Yun had displayed his strength in the entry test. Yi Yun was definitely not weak, but such a corresponding move looked too perfunctory. How could he win?

Gongsun Hong smiled. He felt that the battle was already over. Although his opponent wasn’t strong, he could still defeat him in one strike, which was enough to stun the crowd.

Just as he was about to hit Yi Yun with his sword attack, his expression suddenly changed.


Yi Yun’s saber attack was indeed very normal, but… Yi Yun was too strong. Just this simple saber attack was injected with the power to flip mountains!

At the instant the saber beam met the sword beam…


With a clear snap, the sword beams that was flying in the air, interweaving Dao and Truth all shattered!


With a series of explosions, the saber beam proceeded forward in an all-conquering fashion. And a series of chain reactions happened to the sword beams as they all began to shatter!

Yi Yun’s saber attack had attacked a weak spot of the sword formation, allowing it to proceed forward in an indomitable fashion, all the way to Gongsun Hong!


Gongsun Hong was greatly alarmed. He never expected that his sword formation would be broken in such a devastating manner.

He forcefully gathered Yuan Qi and slashed his sword out to block, but as the saber beam was too fast, it was already too late for Gongsun Hong.


Gongsun Hong’s protective energy was directly shattered as he screamed. His body was slashed by the saber beam from his shoulder to his ribs. His clothes burst open and the blood flew out!

He was sent flying like a kite with a broken thread, slamming heavily into one of the walls of the stone pagoda before bouncing off it.

Gongsun Hong had been overthrown. Blood was coming out of the corners of his mouth as he was completely stunned.

He had subconsciously believed that Yi Yun was not strong, and he had demonstrated his most gorgeous attack so as to dazzle everyone. His cultivation in the Heretic God’s 36 Swords was actually not deep enough.

However, who have thought that a country bumpkin like person like Yi Yun had managed to slash the Heretic God’s 36 Swords formation open with one saber attack?

How could this be possible!?

Gongsun Hong was filled with disbelief. Not only Gongsun Hong, even the new recruits of the Heavenly Dao Union were dumbfounded. Their mouths were agape as their throats twitched. It was as if they had been petrified.

This included Yi Yun as he fitting entered a ‘shocked’ state. It was as if he never expected his saber attack to be this strong.

He looked at his saber in a daze and then, he looked at Gongsun Hong, muttering, “Isn’t the ancient heritage very powerful……? How can it be broken by this “Pig Slaughtering Saber” attack of mine?”

Yi Yun had a look of innocence.

However, when the other Heavenly Dao Union members heard what Yi Yun said, they immediately felt their stomachs churn, especially Gongsun Hong, who had nearly vomited another mouthful of blood.

Pig Slaughtering Saber?

What was the name of his attack again?

There were some powerful moves that were named like things of the mortals. They sounded second rate, but it was not surprising. After all, there were some experts who created such moves that liked to keep a low profile.

For example, there were movement techniques like “Flying Over the Grass” and “Reed Traversing Rivers”. There were also body cultivation techniques called “Muscle Tendon Forged Bone Punches”. Some profound cultivation techniques might have lowly names, but they were just reserved, and they could still be used.

But… Pig Slaughtering Saber…

Just from hearing this name made many speechless. What sort of mighty figure would name his saber move as Pig Slaughtering Saber?

Could that mighty figure’s ancestor be a butcher?

Furthermore, the name of the attack could belittle itself, but it even cursed the opponent. Wasn’t anyone who ever got slashed by the saber attack become a pig?

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