True Martial World Chapter 611

Chapter 611: Prey
Chapter 611: Prey

“Junior Brother Gongsun, are you alright!?”

Seeing Gongsun Hong sent flying by a single saber attack, the tall and short duo rushed over to check on Gongsun Hong’s condition.

Gongsun Hong was actually not seriously injured, but he looked terrible. Yi Yun’s saber beam was too sharp, so Gongsun Hong’s white robe was turned to shreds from his collar to his crotch. It was to the point that if he did not hold on to his robe, he would have exposed himself when standing up.

When many of the female disciples saw this scene, they felt embarrassed and subconsciously turned away.

Gongsun Hong’s face flushed like a pig’s liver! If Yi Yun’s saber had focused its attention at the spot between his legs, Gongsun Hong may not have been left impotent, but his lifeblood would have been injured. When that happened, he would become famous in the Martial Alliance.

“You… you… ”

Gongsun Hong gritted his teeth and looked at Yi Yun, but Yi Yun had a ‘none of my business’ look on his face. This made Gongsun Hong speechless as he stared.

In a fair fight, losing just meant that you were inferior. He could not seek revenge on Yi Yun as a result.

Yi Yun hurriedly said, “Junior Brother Gongsun, are you alright? I noticed how powerful your attack was and how gorgeous it was, it was something I could not resist. So I slashed out madly with all I had. I never expected Junior Brother Gongsun to deliberately efface yourself. I never expected you to be hit by the saber beam, resulting in such a situation.” Yi Yun said in a sincere fashion. Gongsun Hong’s intestines twisted together when he heard the phrase ‘deliberately efface’.

He gritted his teeth and said, “It’s not deliberately effacing, but I used a move I was not familiar with just now. I only mastered a tiny portion of that Heretic God’s 36 Swords move. I was too careless. Let us have another go. I will use my most powerful combat strength!” Gongsun Hong said with his face flushed.

Many geniuses, who were watching by the sidelines, began to despise him. In a fight between warriors, defeat meant defeat. How did being careless matter? Are you going to say that you were careless when you died while out exploring mystic realms after encountering dangers? Would you be revived as a result?

However, since this was the Martial Alliance’s territory, Gongsun Hong represented the Martial Alliance’s Heavenly Blood Union, so it was not appropriate for them to say it out loud.

“Heavenly Blood Union members do not seem as strong as expected.”

“Ancient heritage may be good, but it all depends on yourself on how well you can cultivate it.”

“Right… I think we still need to seriously consider it. The ancient heritage are cultivation techniques from tens of millions of years ago after all. It might not be the case that it is compatible with the present martial arts system… ”

Many people began having such thoughts.

Many things in this world were decided based on the results of success or failure. Their decision to join the Heavenly Blood Union would not be affected as a result of Yi Yun defeating Gongsun Hong, but at least, upon seeing Yi Yun’s strength, it had calmed these geniuses down. They would ponder over it more as they weighed the advantages and disadvantages of binding themselves to a soul contract.

Not entering the Heavenly Blood Union did not mean that they would be inferior to those from the Heavenly Blood Union!

“Another time?”

Upon hearing Gongsun Hong’s words, Yi Yun was stunned and he was a bit hesitant. It was as if he did not have any confidence battling Gongsun Hong a second time. He touched his saber and said, “If Junior Brother Gongsun wants another round, I can wait for you. But until then… ”

Yi Yun paused upon saying this as he glanced at Gongsun Hong’s embarrassing state. He said in awkwardly, “Why doesn’t Junior Brother Gongsun change his clothes first?”

The moment Yi Yun said that, a female disciple could not help but laugh.

Gongsun Hong’s face was so red that one would think that he was bleeding. Ever since he came out of the Great Empress mystic realm, this was the most shameful day he had experienced!

He gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t be smug… My second attack will use all my strength!”

Gongsun Hong was indignant. Just as he wanted to battle Yi Yun again, a cold voice suddenly echoed.

“Enough, you have already lost!”

This voice reverberated strongly causing the frolicking atmosphere to cool down immediately.

With everyone shutting up immediately, they all turned to look over. The person who spoke was the masked man.

The masked man looked at Yi Yun, but his cold and unchanging mask did not reveal a single expression.

Yi Yun looked right into the masked man’s eyes calmly. He was not afraid of him.

“You… are really not bad!”

The masked man gave such an evaluation without head or tail. Such an evaluation prevented people from guessing what the masked man’s emotions were. They felt that it was not genuine.

The Martial Alliance clearly intended to let the senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union teach the newcomers a lesson, but with Yi Yun coming forward to cause trouble, he had smacked them in the face right there and then!

A battle that was meant to showcase the power of Heavenly Blood Union’s senior members ended up turning into a joke. Even if Yi Yun did it unintentionally, this situation would definitely displease the masked man extremely.

“This kid is quite daring! He offended the Heavenly Blood Union the moment he entered.”

“I couldn’t understand his saber attack from before, but it can’t be as simple as what it seems. He is an expert, and he might be intentionally playing the pig to eat a tiger.”

The elites present were also guessing, that with Yi Yun’s strength so strong, it was most likely that he had made a fool of Gongsun Hong.

“Lord Inspector, I can still fight… ” Gongsun Hong said indignantly.

However, the masked man shouted out coldly, “Leave!”

Gongsun Hong’s paused. He could only obey the order while swallowing his pride.

He shot an angry glance at Yi Yun. He had lost to Yi Yun because of deliberately trying to dazzle, so he was indignant at his loss.

“You have very good discernment!” The masked man evaluated Yi Yun.

Others might not be able to tell, but he could. In that split moment when Yi Yun attacked, he had locked on to the weak point of Gongsun Hong’s attack. This allowed him to defeat his opponent in one strike!

The Martial Alliance believed that the Heretic God’s 36 Swords was one of their secret techniques, so outsiders definitely did not know anything about it. So it was impossible that this youth had previously seen the manual of the Heretic God’s 36 Swords.

This meant that the youth’s perception and discernment had reached an extremely horrifying standard. He could tell, in a hundredth of a second, where the weakness of Gongsun Hong’s attack was.

How could such a person not be able to tell the difference in strength between Gongsun Hong and himself?

From the beginning to the end, this person had treated Gongsun Hong as a fool.

A newcomer that could make a fool out of a senior member of the Heavenly Blood Union piqued the interest of the masked man.

The way he looked at Yi Yun, hidden beneath the mask, was like him watching a delicious prey.

In the masked man’s opinion, Yi Yun was too cocky, and he did not know himself nor knew how big the world was.

This sort of person, who thought himself as clever, nonchalantly making a fool of others, was easily doomed while regarding himself as infallible!

No matter how high a frog could jump, it could never jump out of the deep well it was in.

“You are destined to become my prey… ”

The mouth of masked man curled upwards underneath the mask. So what if you don’t sign a soul contract? Even if you don’t join the Heavenly Blood Union, you will never escape my grasp!