True Martial World Chapter 612

Chapter 612: Reincarnated People
Chapter 612: Reincarnated People

All of the masked man’s expressions were hidden beneath his mask. His mask, with its hollow holes, looks extremely cold and ruthless on the surface.

To the geniuses present, the pressure the masked man gave off was immense. Even his praise made them feel as if their hearts were in their mouths.

“Two thousands Blood Jades as your reward! I appreciate youths with talent.”

As the masked man said, a follower beside him carried a jade box over.

When it was opened, one could see 29 strings of Blood Jade neatly lined within. As for the other 900 Blood Jades, they were the reward from defeating Gongsun Hong.

To start off with 2900 Blood Jade right away, Yi Yun’s wealth was more than all of the other newcomers added up.

Many geniuses turned envious on seeing this. These Blood Jades could be used to exchange for large amounts of ancient heritage and treasures.

“From today and onwards, each and every one of you will receive a corresponding Blood Jade salary. Initially, you will receive ten Blood Jades monthly. If you join the Heavenly Blood Union, you will receive fifty Blood Jade monthly instead.”

“In the Heavenly Dao Union, there are a variety of trials. By passing them, you will obtain a corresponding number of Blood Jade as reward, your salary will also increase. And for the same trial, a Heavenly Blood Union member is rewarded five times that of a Heavenly Dao Union member!”

“Your salary will constantly accumulate. If you become a core member of the Heavenly Blood Union core, it would not be surprising for you to receive a thousand Blood Jades monthly. However… if you lose to a newcomer in battle, just like Gongsun Hong just did, then… the reward given to that newcomer will be deducted from your salary, and you will receive double the penalty!”

The masked man said coldly. Then, he looked deeply at Yi Yun and gave a insidious chuckle before turning around and walking away.

The penalty will be two times that of the reward value?

Many of them were secretly horrified. Yi Yun defeating Gongsun Hong won him a thousand Blood Jades, ignoring the challenge cost.

In that case, Gongsun Hong was going to have 2000 Blood Jades deducted from his salary?

It could be guessed that Gongsun Hong’s salary was not that high. This was quite a disastrous loss for him.

Yi Yun played with the Blood Jades in his hand. He was not interested in cultivation techniques, but… the treasures of the Martial Alliance were not bad. It would be stupid to not use them.

However, Yi Yun also knew that it was not going to be that easy to take advantage of the Martial Alliance.

It was not too much to describe this place as a dragon’s watery lair and a tiger’s den.

After the masked man left, Gongsun Hong had still not left.

He was completely overwhelmed with humiliation and feeling the pinch he was in!

That was 2000 Blood Jades!

Just thinking of it made Gongsun Hong’s heart ache and bleed. He finally understood that he had been treated as a retard by Yi Yun earlier.

He was no match for Yi Yun, and even if he had gone all out from the beginning, it was unlikely that he would win.

“Kid, what’s your name!?”

Gongsun Hong gritted his teeth as he asked Yi Yun.

Yi Yun glanced at Gongsun Hong and said, “I do not use my name, but I do have a title, Jiang Yidao.”

Jiang Yidao?

Gongsun Hong’s eyebrows pricked up. He had engaged in reclusive training in the Heavenly Dao Union for the past few years, so he did not know of such a person.

Although Gongsun Hong did not know of them, the newly recruited geniuses into the Heavenly Dao Union were very familiar with the name Jiang Yidao.

This was a very famous name in recent months.

Regarding Jiang Yidao’s strength, the rumors were quite forbidding. However, the children of heaven present had only heard the rumors and were yet to be convinced.

Now, after witnessing Yi Yun’s strength with their own eyes, they were somewhat convinced.

“He is Jiang Yidao?”

“He really only attacked with one strike…”

People looked at each other and were secretly aghast.

Although Gongsun Hong did not know of Jiang Yidao, from the crowd’s discussion, he knew that Jiang Yidao was not some nobody.

“Jiang Yidao, your name is very overbearing. Do you think you are strong just because you defeated me? The Heavenly Blood Union has existences that far exceed your imagination. I am nothing in the Heavenly Blood Union. Compared to them, you are nothing. Soon, you will be taught a lesson.”

Gongsun Hong said with a derisive tone.

However, the elites present did not agree with Gongsun Hong’s mockery.

Were there existences in the Heavenly Blood Union that could casually defeat Jiang Yidao?

One had to know that before Gongsun Hong entered the Heavenly Dao Union, he was already famous in the Tian Yuan world.

He was not the top genius, but he was one of the best.

There were even more monstrous people above Gongsun Hong, but it would not have been a highly disparate.

In the eyes of many, Jiang Yidao’s talent was already at the peak. No one believed there could be people more monstrous than Jiang Yidao.

Furthermore, a typically genius became famous in their youth, such as Gongsun Hong. Everyone had heard at least a little of him.

Occasionally, there would be geniuses who suddenly appeared that no one knew of, and that was normal.

However, for large number of geniuses to suddenly appear out of nowhere made no sense.

From what Gongsun Hong implied, the Heavenly Blood Union was filled with experts, and there were large numbers of geniuses that far exceeded Gongsun Hong. How was that possible?

They could not have appeared out of nowhere. Then, where did they come from?

Could it be that the Martial Alliance had secretly established a mystic realm, and nurtured them within it?

People were finding it strange, and a large number of people refused to believe him. They only felt that Gongsun Hong was being a sore loser by saying those words after suffering defeat. He wanted to find a way to regain his reputation.

Gongsun Hong could tell what everyone was thinking.

As such, he sneered. “The eyes of ants are forever restricted to the tiny bit of path ahead. How do you know how vast the world is? In the Heavenly Blood Union, there are a bunch of Reincarnated people. The strongest ones amongst them number nine. They far exceed your imaginations. To them, you are all nothing!”

When Gongsun Hong threw that sentence at them, they were stunned.

Reincarnated people?

Warriors could be reincarnated after practicing martial arts?

By starting everything from scratch, but having the memories of their previous life, that would be too heaven-defying. It felt impossible.

Seeing the stunned faces of the crowd, Gongsun Hong turned proud. “Yes, reincarnation! The Heavenly Blood Union has a supreme technique which can also be considered the first-ranked divine technique ‘Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique’!”

“Unfortunately, with your qualifications, you can only see the introduction. You do not even have the right to exchange for it!”

Gongsun Hong’s tone carried a strong sense of superiority. However, when matched with his tattered clothes, it appeared quite amusing.

“Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique”?

Yi Yun’s eyebrows pricked up. Such a technique was roughly mentioned in the Azure Yang Lord’s collection.

Gongsun Hong’s words had aroused the interest of several people. Such a cultivation technique sounded extremely horrifying in power. If one could be reborn through reincarnation and keep one’s memories, that would truly be defying the heavens!

Even if they did not learn it, just witnessing it would be nice.

Furthermore, they might lack the qualifications now, but who knew if they might have it in the future.

Many of them had their eyes lit up and could not help but search in the treasure for this “Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique”.

Gongsun Hong gave a disdainful laugh before leaving the treasury.

Before leaving, he gave Yi Yun a cold glance.

This hatred did not bother Yi Yun. It did not matter if he offended others while in Jiang Yidao’s identity. The original Yi Yun identity had enemies all over the world.

After Gongsun Hong left, the elites present began browsing through all the treasures. Soon, someone found the “Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique”.

“It is there!”

The person who found the manual could not help but cry out.

Everyone immediately headed in the direction of the sound.

The “Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique” was placed on the third level of the treasury, which was also the highest level.

Its position was very prominent. It was right in the middle of the third level, which was also the reason why someone quickly discovered it.

Yi Yun also walked to the third level out of curiosity. He too wanted to see the true face of this mystic technique.

This mystic technique was sealed in a dark gold metallic box. The box was sealed in an array.

Many of the cultivation techniques in the treasury allowed them to preview the first page, but this cultivation technique did not even allow a preview of a single word.

Other than the box, there were only a few introductory words.

Yi Yun noticed that only core Heavenly Blood Union members were eligible to exchange for this mystic technique. And the cost of exchanging it was an astronomical price.

100,000 Blood Jade was only enough to exchange for the first volume. As for the subsequent volumes, it became more and more expensive.

Furthermore, having enough Blood Jade was not enough, one had to make a contribution to the Heavenly Dao Union.

From the stringent exchange conditions, many people secretly shook their heads.

This was too ridiculous.

Just joining the Heavenly Blood Union required them to sign a soul contract.

But for hundreds of thousands of Blood Jade and to provide a contribution to the Heavenly Dao Union was not something any typical person could achieve.

Basically, this mystic technique was just a beautiful mirage. It was something one can look at only.

“To think that there exists such a supreme technique. I really want to take a look. A page would do.”

A pretty girl could not help but say.

Reincarnation sounded very tempting. This was not only an accumulation of strength once again, it was a rebirth of life.

To women, who loved their beauty, returning to young womanhood after dying from old age, which girl wouldn’t be moved by this?

However, Yi Yun only shook his head secretly.

There was no free lunch in this world. If there was such a heaven-defying cultivation technique, how could the Azure Yang Lord mention it in passing? He would have described it in detail. And in the description, one would be able to tell his admiration of such a cultivation technique.

In fact, according to the Azure Yang Lord, such reincarnation cultivation techniques were often limited in many ways.

For example the mystery of birth.

When being reincarnated, a large amount of memory would be lost. A portion of people would lose a bit of their personality after the reincarnation. Although they did not completely become another person, they were not the entirely their original person.

Other than that, cultivating in such reincarnation cultivation techniques, not only did it not extend one’s life, it would in fact shorten it instead.

Every reincarnation would shorten one’s lifespan. The more one reincarnated, the faster one would die.

In fact, reincarnation cultivation techniques were just overdrawing on one’s life potential.

Before a hundred years of age, warrior’s had tremendous amount of life potential, allowing them to cultivate at the fastest speed. The benefits of a reincarnation technique was to stimulate one’s life potential to the greatest extent. It would allow a warrior who originally could only reach the Dao Seed realm to break through into the Yuan Opening realm. And those limited to the Yuan Opening realm to become Empyreal Kings.

This was also the reason why some people chose reincarnation cultivation techniques and trained to become a Reincarnated person. As they would have a lot of memory in their youth, it would allow for them to be somewhat invincible.

“The Martial Alliance has such a reincarnation cultivation technique. If they are nurturing warriors and all of them choose to reincarnate in a particular era, then that can explain how this group of people were unknown in the past.”

Yi Yun took a deep breath. For Reincarnated people to choose the present era also meant that the scheme the Martial Alliance had been laying down all these years was slowly coming into fruition.