True Martial World Chapter 613

Chapter 613: Blackstone Trials
Chapter 613: Blackstone Trials

Reincarnators were synonymous with mystery and power in the Heavenly Dao Union.

Once a person was born, he would possess large amounts of martial experience, insights into laws, the only thing left to do was to break through cultivation realms.

And to break through cultivation realms, all one needed was to possess a solid foundation, then, everything else would flow naturally.

All of the Reincarnators cultivated at an extremely fast speed.

Some of the Reincarnators in the Heavenly Dao Union had not only reincarnated once, some would have reincarnated three, four or even five times!

The accumulation of multiple reincarnations, with some spacing it out tens of thousands of years to hundreds of thousands of years, have all decided to appear in this era!

Their understanding of the laws and the Heavenly Dao were constantly increased and strengthened.

Warrior at the early stages of the Dao Seed realm had nomological insights that reached the standard of peak-Yuan Opening realm warriors, and ever closing in on Empyreal Kings!

Amongst warriors of the same realm, they were synonymous with the word invincible.

To be invincible amongst the same realm, only they could live up to that title!

The Martial Alliance did not hide the existences of the Reincarnators. Before this, the senior members of the Martial Alliance had all witnessed sparring between the Reincarnators. The terrifying scene was still fresh in their minds, even today.

It was also that sparring that made many of the senior members of the Heavenly Dao Union give up their final obstinance as they signed a soul contract and entered the Heavenly Blood Union.

Just that alone made the Heavenly Blood Union gain a few dozen new members!

Gongsun Hong also joined the Heavenly Blood Union at that moment.

Having witnessed the power of the Reincarnators, Gongsun Hong was full of admiration towards their powers. It had really stirred his heart!

Hence, this was the reason why Gongsun Hong mentioned the Reincarnators after losing to Yi Yun. Other than trying to win back some face, it was also because he adored Reincarnators too much.

He treated the Martial Alliance’s Reincarnators as his goal. He dreamed of contributing to the Martial Alliance, allowing him the opportunity to cultivate the “Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique”. Once he managed to cultivate this supreme technique, he would at least be canonized an Empyreal King, or become a Patriarch, or even… exceed that realm!

In the Tian Yuan world of the past, the achievement of reaching Patriarch of a faction was nearly the peak.

As for exceeding a faction’s Patriarch, that was wishful thinking. However, many geniuses now had a different starting point. With ancient heritage, this was no longer impossible!

The elites who joined the Heavenly Dao Union all had their ambition. With such opportunities before them, and having witnessed so many miracles, it was very difficult for them to not waver from their original persistence.

Humans are easily infected by their environment. Once they are affected by the choices of people around them, it became more natural to join the Heavenly Blood Union.

Sacrificing freedom for overwhelming power was not an unacceptable matter.

Hence, in the month after Yi Yun joined the Martial Alliance, there were already more than ten geniuses, who had joined the Heavenly Dao Union together with Yi Yun, who chose to enter the Heavenly Blood Union.

There were more and more people joining the Heavenly Blood Union. Although Yi Yun defeated senior member, Gongsun Hong once he entered the Martial Alliance, smacking his face right on the spot, that only slightly impeded the elites’ decision. It did not have any fundamental impact.

Yi Yun did not mind so many people joining the Heavenly Blood Union, nor did he have much thoughts on it. Under the circumstances which involved an entire worlds catastrophe, the death of a few geniuses was in fact trivial.

Everyone had to pay the price of their choices.

Early in winter, a bout of snow fell on Greatsword Mountain. The mountain was cold and windy, and the northern winds blew around like flying sabers and swords.


On Greatsword Mountain, a bell suddenly rang. The resounding sound of the bell pierced through the chilly wind and the storm, into every Heavenly Dao Union members’ ears.

“Jiang Yidao, the Blackstone Trial has begun!”

When Yi Yun was meditating within a room, he suddenly heard a shout come from outside.

A youth who lived beside Yi Yun was calling out to him.

This youth was named Wei Chiwei. He was younger than Yi Yun, and did not have a prominent background. He came from a second-grade faction in the Tian Yuan world, but for him to be able to join the Heavenly Dao Union meant he was nothing trivial.

Wei Chiwei was similar as Yi Yun. He too refused to join the Heavenly Blood Union. However, Yi Yun did not know for how long this would continue.

Yi Yun walked out his stone house.

In the Martial Alliance, only the Heavenly Blood Union members were entitled to a stone pagoda, which had a huge array that ensured rich and pure Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, making it a perfect cultivation environment.

As for those ordinary members who did not join the Heavenly Blood Union, they could only live in such stone houses. The facilities were simple and the concentration of Yuan Qi was average.

Although Yi Yun was famous in the Heavenly Dao Union, he could only live in such a simple stone house. Furthermore, his residence was one of the poorer locations amongst the ordinary Heavenly Dao Union members.

Other than that, ordinary members received all sorts of limitation in the various cultivation resources and trial arrangements. As for Yi Yun, as the unspoken leader of the ordinary members, he had been given special “care”.

Yi Yun received a variety of unfair treatment.

This was all deliberately done by the senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union.

The arrangements of many trials were moderated by the senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union. These people naturally disliked Yi Yun.

In fact, four months ago, when Yi Yun first joined the Heavenly Dao Union, defeating Gongsun Hong in one saber strike, the senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union were already hostile to him.

This kid with savage origins had smacked the faces of the senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union the moment he stepped foot on Greatsword Mountain. This involved the matter of face.

It was extremely shameful that senior members were inferior to new members!

The senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union wished to “educate” such a arrogant newcomer, to let him know that there were heavens beyond heavens, people beyond people.

However… Yi Yun was too strong.

Everyone knew Gongsun Hong’s strength, but Yi Yun had defeated Gongsun Hong in one saber strike.

Even though Gongsun Hong had insisted that he was careless and lost to Yi Yun because he wanted to dazzle, and said that if he fought Yi Yun with all he had, the outcome was at best a 40-60.

Those that believed in Gongsun Hong’s words were in the minority. People did not even know if “60” in the so-called “40-60” mentioned by Gongsun Hong belonged to Gongsun Hong or Yi Yun.

Gongsun Hong may have boasted, but since he never challenged Yi Yun again, the truth was already very evident.

Yi Yun was very strong and a newcomer. So if the senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union wanted to teach Yi Yun a lesson, they had to battle him, but there were no benefits to that.

If they could easily beat Yi Yun, they would have done so, but the chances of losing to Yi Yun was high. And once they lost, a large amount of their salary would be deducted and they would shame themselves. So who would do such a thing?

The matter of Yi Yun making a fool out of Gongsun Hong made him famous in the Martial Alliance. He was obviously acting the pig to eat a tiger, but he had completely fooled Gongsun Hong. It was best not to provoke such a person who was full of nefarious tricks. Being defeated by him might even result in their downfall!

Hence, for several months, Yi Yun cultivated in peace. No one messed with him, instead, those Heavenly Dao Union members who joined at the same time as Yi Yun were bullied by the senior members.

Many battles often had Blood Jade rewards on the line. These newcomers, especially those newcomers who insisted on not signing a soul contract were bullied horribly.

Human nature was as such. After the senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union chose to sign a soul contract, they had a certain kind of psychological wish to make everyone sign the soul contract like them.

This way, they could achieve psychological balance.

Usually, they would not target the newcomers who joined the Heavenly Blood Union, only the lives of those who delayed their joining of the Heavenly Blood Union were made difficult.

These days, Yi Yun kept a low profile. He did not go around smacking faces and challenging others. Since he did not know what the next step the Martial Alliance was planning on, he chose to keep a low profile.

His strength was constantly increasing, and his cultivation level was now nearing the peak of the Dao Seed realm.

To cultivate to this realm, even Yi Yun did not know how much hidden power he had. This was because ever since he finished his reclusive training in the Great Empress mystic realm, the only time he had gone all out was to spar with Lin Xintong. And Lin Xintong was not someone you could measure using common sense. Compared to the Tian Yuan world, Yi Yun did not know how far he could go.

“I am coming.”

The meditating Yi Yun took a deep breath and picked up the saber beside him.

This saber was five feet long. It was a katana, and the blade was long and narrow, matchless in its sharpness.

The saber’s name was Ancient Dust. Yi Yun had exchanged for it from the Martial Alliance’s armory with Blood Jades.

The saber was worth 1500 Blood Jades.

To the Tian Yuan world, this saber was considered top-notch.

Up to now, Yi Yun had the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow and a mysterious broken sword. But in terms of sabers, Yi Yun did not have a very good one.

Previously, Yi Yun had always been using the Blood Red Lotus Saber he had robbed from the Thousand Hand Granny. It was not bad, but after changing his identity, he naturally could not use the Blood Red Lotus Saber.

Now, the Ancient Dust Saber in Yi Yun’s hand exceeded the quality of the Blood Red Lotus in many ways.

Yi Yun was already very proficient with the Ancient Dust Saber after using it for four months.

With the Ancient Dust Saber in hand, Yi Yun strode out the stone house.

After he walked out and saw Wei Chiwei, Yi Yun frowned.

Wei Chiwei was a youth with delicate skin, but now, on his neck, there was a slanted hideous wound that spread all the way down, past his neckline.

And Wei Chiwei’s face had already turned purplish-black. Clearly, he had just been beaten up by others just a while ago.