True Martial World Chapter 619

Chapter 619: Two Yin Specters
Chapter 619: Two Yin Specters

When they saw the two men suddenly appear, Wei Chiwei and company felt their hearts sink!


They did not expect the entrants to be the Heavenly Dao Union’s Inspectors.

The masked man was one of the people with full authority in the Heavenly Dao Union. Other than the Reincarnators, who enjoyed a high status, all the other elites who joined the Heavenly Dao Union were subject to the masked man’s jurisdiction.

And the White Guards, who were in charge of maintaining order in the Heavenly Dao Union and guarding the treasury, were under the masked man’s jurisdiction as well!

“To actually get the Inspectors to handle us personally. This… This… ” The bald youth’s voice trembled.

He could not comprehend it. They were just a bunch of juniors. Even in the Heavenly Dao Union, they were considered the weaker ones since they did not receive heritage from the Heavenly Blood Union. Especially the Chu sisters. As they were only sixteen years old, they had yet to break through to the Dao Seed realm. They were considered the youngest of the Heavenly Dao Union members.

A bunch of people like them were stopped by the Inspectors personally because of their wish to withdraw from the Heavenly Dao Union?

That made no sense!

Unless… The masked man was here for Senior Brother Jiang?

They then looked at Yi Yun. It was no wonder that Yi Yun had previously said that they might be targeted if they followed him. However, if they did not follow him, they might have been dealt with by the Martial Alliance. However, it wouldn’t have be done by the masked man personally.

“What is the reason? What does the Martial Alliance want to do?”

The six people were nervous and distraught. Under such circumstances, they could not play a single role and they could only resign themselves to fate.

Yi Yun stood upright midair with his hand holding the Ancient Dust Saber.

The masked man looked at Yi Yun coldly without saying a word. As for the thin and wrinkled-looking man beside him, he suddenly gave an ear-piercing eerie laughter.

“Do you think you can resist us? What a joke!”

The thin man shook his head. He leisurely pulled out a pair of sharp claws from his interspatial ring.”From the day you entered the Heavenly Dao Union, you have been my prey. It’s been nearly seven years. It sure was a long wait… ”

“Seven years?” Yi Yun’s heart skipped a beat!

Seven years ago, he had entered the Great Empress mystic realm. And this man said that it had been nearly seven years. What did it mean?

Could it be that his identity had been exposed?

Upon thinking about this possibility, Yi Yun tensed up. However, he did not reveal anything unusual on the surface.

“I actually wanted you to continue growing for a bit longer. Unfortunately, you didn’t think things through and you wanted to leave the Heavenly Dao Union. You have disappointed me greatly.”

“You are only at the Dao Seed realm, yet you can battle a person at the Yuan Opening realm. Ze Ze Ze! Your body sure is perfect. It makes me feel a little unwilling to eat you up now.”

As the thin man spoke, he put the claws on the back of his palms and a greedy look glinted in his eyes. He knew about Yi Yun’s history against the Li Fire Sect. Dao Seed against Yuan Opening was crossing a vast chasm. No typical Tian Yuan world elite could do that.

However, if it was a Reincarnator, that would be nothing.

As Yi Yun faced the thin man who looked at him with the eyes of a snake looking at a prey, Yi Yun thought of something.


Could it be… ?

Yi Yun opened his energy vision and looked at the thin man. Yi Yun sensed that this thin man’s body was void of vitality.

The body was dead, but the soul was strong. He was most likely a Yin specter.

Yin specters were not considered living beings, they were spiritual bodies refined out of a soul.

The masked man was also a Yin specter.

The two of them came here as a pair and one of them had mentioned something about events seven years ago. When he thought of this, an idea flashed in Yi Yun’s mind.

He figured it out. If he had not guessed wrongly, the thin man and the masked man were two of the three Yin specters that had entered the Great Empress mystic realm seven and a half years ago!

The swarthy youth had been killed by him.

As for the other two Yin specters, they were sealed by a God Advent Tower array controlled by the God Advent Tower’s Item Spirit. It resulted in their bodies being destroyed, nearly causing their deaths.

And after they left the Great Empress mystic realm, the masked man had possessed Shen Tu Nantian’s corpse, returning to life.

As possessing Shen Tu Nantian’s body was not something glamorous, the masked man wore a mask so as to prevent it affecting the Martial Alliance’s open and esteemed image.

As for the thin man, he was the third Yin specter.

He targeted him and he wanted to possess his body!

The “nearly seven years” that the thin man said had also coincided with the end of the Great Empress mystic realm’s trials.

After figuring this out, he was relieved. It was fine as long as his true identity was not exposed. If not, he would not only attract two Yin specters, he would also attract the true master of the Blood Moon!

“Your body, hand it over!” The thin man suddenly yelled out and charged at Yi Yun!

The masked man stood behind the thin man with his hands behind his back. Although he did not make any moves, he was secretly controlling the array to seal off the surrounding space.

An area with a five kilometer radius had long been isolated from the outside world. Even if the battle was earth-shattering, no one from the outside world would know.

And this was just what Yi Yun wished.

He knew that he needed to reveal a bit of his hidden cards in this battle. And this revealing of his hidden cards and the terrifying strength he had that exceeded warriors at the same level as him was sufficient enough to let others suspect his true identity.

He naturally could not allow such a risk to exist.

With a saber flash’s flicker, a cold beam flashed as a Yuan Qi shield emanated, completely surrounding Wei Chiwei and company suddenly!

“Senior Brother Jiang?”

Wei Chiwei and company were stunned. In the Yuan Qi light curtain, they could not see anything that was happening outside. Their perceptions could not penetrate it either.

“Senior Brother Jiang is protecting us?” Chu Qing’er was stunned.

The bald youth shook his head. “How is that possible… He can’t even fend for himself, how can he protect us!?”

They did not even have the time to use Yuan Qi to communicate. After the light curtain enshrouded them, it flew far away from the battlefield.

Yi Yun naturally wasn’t self-sacrificing himself, he wanted to prevent them from seeing his true strength.

Anyone who witnessed this fight had to die!

“With death at your doorstep, you still have time to care about others?” The thin man laughed loudly. With a wanton cold flash, his claws came down on Yi Yun’s head.

As this claw came swiping down, the surrounding space completely twisted and stretched, forming a spatial prison, locking Yi Yun in it!

It was spatial dimension laws!

The thin man had used the laws that the Tian Yuan world warriors considered mysterious and profound.

Yi Yun stood in the middle of the spatial prison and with a deep thought, all his energy burst out.

Nine Neonate!


A high-pitched scream that sounded like a dragon’s roar could be heard. The clothes on Yi Yun’s upper body burst open. An enormous nine-headed hydra tattoo could be seen on his perfectly toned muscles.

With the Nine Neonate’s roar, the nine-headed hydra tattoo transformed into a large Nine Neonate phantom image. With the terrifying power augmenting around him, the Ancient Dust Saber in Yi Yun’s hand began to tremble violently.

It was as if there was too much power imbued within it. The Ancient Dust Saber could no longer bear it and it wanted to vent out this power.


Yi Yun slashed out with his saber without any fanciful attacks.


Yi Yun had cleaved the spatial prison open, ripping it apart!

The blade beam carried on forward and flew at the thin man’s claws!


The thin man was greatly surprised. He never expected Yi Yun to break through the spatial prison. He thought that he could easily defeat Yi Yun in one strike.

As the energy surged like a landslide or tsunami, there was no time to consider. Yi Yun’s saber had already clashed with the thin man’s claws.


Yuan Qi exploded and a shockwave bloomed out. The thin man felt an enormous force surge at him. The claw shadows and the saber flash shattered at the same time as his body was sent backwards by this force.

At the same time, Yi Yun also flew in the opposite direction.

The two of them flew a few hundred feet backwards before stabilizing themselves midair.

“You… ” The thin man looked at Yi Yun with eyes filled with shock. “Who are you!?”

It was impossible for a Dao Seed realm warrior from the Southern Sea, who was not part of any sect, to possess such power!