True Martial World Chapter 623

Chapter 623: Blood Moon’s Secret
Chapter 623: Blood Moon’s Secret

The Yin specter’s memories allowed Yi Yun to gain an understanding of Blood Moon.

Yi Yun originally imagined Blood Moon to be a massive hidden organization, but it was difficult for him to imagine how such a massive organization could hide itself so well, without anyone knowing anything about it.

Now, Yi Yun understood it all.

First, the Blood Moon was not as massive as Yi Yun thought.

The upper echelons of the Blood Moon only had ten people. These ten people had extraordinary powers. They were the decision makers of Blood Moon and they had terrifying combat power.

Amongst the ten, six of them usually presided over the Martial Alliance. They included the Martial Alliance’s present Alliance Leader and three Grand Elders.

In the tens of millions of years, the Martial Alliance were at times powerful and at times weak. There were a few changes in name during this period. There was even a gap of 15 million years in which the Martial Alliance had intermittently disappeared from the world.

The Martial Alliance had not lasted for tens of millions of years as they publicized.

In fact, it was not easy to pass down heritage for tens of millions of years. Many heritage and family clans would usually exist for hundreds of thousands of years before encountering an accident that would immediately cause their severance or destruction. This was especially common in the competitive Tian Yuan world. Those that had more than a million years of heritage were all impressive ancient family clans.

Yet, the Blood Moon was able to smoothly pass down the heritage all because of Yin specters and the Reincarnation Grand Technique!

By abandoning a body, a Yin specter would possess a lifespan that far exceeded that of a typical warrior. Especially with a Yin specter entering hibernation deep underground, the passing of life would almost stop. A Yin specter with a profound cultivation level could even hibernate for a hundred million years without dying.

There were very few Blood Moon members that actually walked the earth.

There was even a period of 15 million years where there was not a single member of Blood Moon that walked the earth.

More than 90% of the Blood Moon members were Yin specters. They hibernated in an extreme Yin and cold location. They remained hidden underground for tens of millions of and they used the evil spiritual energy within to nourish their souls, giving them nearly eternal life.

As long as there were Yin specters hidden, they could wake a portion of Yin specters over certain time intervals, allowing them to maintain the passing down of the Blood Moon’s heritage.

Although the Yin specters had extremely long life spans, they had a huge weakness.

Their weakness was that their true bodies were only souls that required possession to walk the world.

A Yin specter in soul form could not use any cultivation techniques, nor could they use the laws. Only by possessing a body would they have combat strength.

And the strength of the Yin specter after possession depended on the Yin specter itself and the talent that the possessed body had.

The greater the talent the possessed body had, the higher affinity his body had with Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. This allowed the Yin specter to be able to use greater energy, so the power of the laws they demonstrated would be even stronger.

As for the strength of the possessed body and their understanding of the laws, the Yin specters could not use it no matter how high a cultivation level they were.

As the Yin specters were extreme Yin and cold, filled with the air of death, after they possessed a body, they would quickly overdraft the body’s vitality. Hence, Yin specters would only target young people for possession. As such, their bodies could be used for a longer period of time.

Yin specters, who completed possession, could not cultivate. Their strength was fixed after they completed the possession, and there was no way to improve on it.

Only by hibernating would these Yin specters be able to absorb the evil Yin energy of the Heaven and Earth to slowly improve their strength.

This was the greatest weakness of Yin specters. They were not strong enough.

Yin specters with this amount of strength were not enough to command such a powerful organization.

Hence… Blood Moon had another sort of people — Reincarnators.

Reincarnators were different to Yin specters. Through many rounds of reincarnations, their insight into the laws and accumulation in understanding of cultivation techniques allowed them to be invincible amongst people of their level. They did not encounter bottlenecks in their cultivations. From Sage to Empyreal King to the level of Patriarchs of various large factions, there were even quite a number that could exceed the Patriarchs.

The Reincarnators were extremely powerful. Whenever they appeared, they would have executive control of Blood Moon.

However, Reincarnators faced another problem. They had short lifespans.

The “Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique” that the Reincarnators cultivated was not a top mystic technique in the 12 Empyrean Heavens. There were too many side effects in cultivating it. Every reincarnation burned a portion of their life force. As such, the combined lifespan of a Reincarnator was just a tiny fraction of an ordinary warrior at the same realm.

However, as many amongst them had cultivation levels that exceeded the level of a faction’s Patriarch, their cumulative lifespan would be a hundred thousand and a few could reach hundreds of thousands.

Thus, the time that these Reincarnators remained alive became very valuable.

After every reincarnation, they would typically spend a long period of time as an unconscious spiritual soul. They would return to the Heaven and Earth, waiting for their next reincarnation.

The entire Blood Moon was mostly formed by Reincarnators or Yin specters. By working together, they ensured that Blood Moon could be passed down for tens of millions of years. Furthermore, no one realized the nature of the organization.

Over the many years, what people saw of the Blood Moon was just the power they displayed on the surface.

Now, the Blood Moon was about to proceed with its plans, so the Reincarnators had all appeared at the same time.

The ten upper echelon members of the Martial Alliance were Reincarnators who had completed their reincarnation a few thousand years or even ten thousand years ago. Each of them had strength that exceeded a faction’s Patriarch.

Other than these ten people, Blood Moon had about 30 Reincarnators who had recently completed their reincarnation. As their cultivation period was short, their cultivation realms were limited and they could not act independently.

There were about ten amongst them who were below the age of 25. These young Reincarnators were all gathered in the Heavenly Blood Union. For example, Young master Feng Ming was one of them.

As these Reincarnators possessed extraordinary strength, they become the objects of idolization amongst the Heavenly Blood Union members. It was because of Young master Feng Ming and company that so many elites joined the Heavenly Blood Union.

Other than these Reincarnators, there were dozens of Yin specters who had completed their possessions. They were also active in the Heavenly Dao Union, Greatsword Mountain and other places to carry out their duties.

Amongst them, “Shen Tu Nantian” and the thin man, as well as the swarthy youth, who previously appeared in the God Advent Tower, were some of the stronger Yin specters.

They were nearly the core strength of the present Blood Moon.

Which is to say, the true Blood Moon members only numbered about a hundred.

As for the rest, they were just Martial Alliance members. Although they worked for the Blood Moon, they did not know that the Martial Alliance had always been controlled by the Blood Moon, nor did they know the Blood Moon’s goals.

However, the Blood Moon’s true strength was far more than that.

The Blood Moon still had plenty of Yin specters who were hibernating in a extreme Yin and cold location. These Yin specters had even been in hibernation since the ancient calamity tens of millions years ago, having never awakened.

These Yin specters that were so ancient had hibernated for so long, allowing them to be nourished by the location they slumbered in. They were already very powerful, and much more powerful than the Yin specter that possessed Shen Tu Nantian.

And where this extreme Yin and cold place was where the Heavenly Dao Union’s “Blackstone Trials” were being held at!