True Martial World Chapter 628

Chapter 628: Skyfox
Chapter 628: Skyfox

In the boundless Divine Wilderness, there were vast chains of mountains and endless valleys. Deep within the Divine Wilderness stood a large altar. The altar was constructed from a numerous amount of bones. These bones protruded out, emitting an ancient and primal aura.

This altar had already existed for a countless number of years. Not far from this altar, in a palace, there was a red-dressed lady who had spent her days there.

The young lady had delicate body contours, and in between her eyebrows, there were three cinnabar dots. Her facial features looked they had been carved from jade, and her skin was as white as snow. Her beauty was unparalleled.

She was sitting in front of a window of a dark hall in the palace, hugging a small furry, red fox. The fox was revealing a look of enjoyment and comfort.

At this moment, footsteps could be heard inside the dark hall. A azure-clothed man approached the lady and knelt down with one knee.

The young lady glanced at the azure-clothed man and said softly, “Is it time to embark?”

“Yes.” The azure-clothed man said reverently.

He was the Shepherd Boy, who had led the billions of desolate beasts, and nearly wasted the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

As for the red-dressed young lady, she was Yi Yun’s elder sister, Jiang Xiaorou.

Seven years ago, on the divine bone altar, she had awoken her ancient bloodline, becoming the Desolate Queen. However, the Shepherd Boy was still accustomed to addressing Jiang Xiaorou as Successor.

When Jiang Xiaorou returned to the Desolate race, she knew that she had to shoulder a life mission. She resisted it initially, but she had to save Yi Yun because he had been imprisoned by Shen Tu Nantian.

The condition for the Shepherd Boy to rescue Yi Yun was for her to cut off all relations with the Human race, and become the Desolate race’s Successor.

Jiang Xiaorou had a unique blood line and she had been acknowledged by the Desolate race’s Sacred Spirit. In the recent tens of millions of years of history, the Desolate race’s ancient bloodline had thinned. It was extremely difficult for an era’s Desolate King to obtain the acknowledgment of a Sacred Spirit.

In the seven years, Jiang Xiaorou’s temperament had turned more melancholic and quiet.

However, when Jiang Xiaorou stood up with the little fox in her arms, picking up the bone staff beside her, a sacred and divine aura seemed to linger around her body.

Even the Shepherd Boy could not help but feel reverent towards this aura, like a subordinate to a king. He no longer showed the care a senior gave to a junior.

“If that is the case, let us proceed.” Jiang Xiaorou said softly as her tall body moved forward.

She walked out of the hall with a scarlet cape lining her back.

Outside the hall, there was a behemoth mount that had been waiting. A beautiful woman in plain clothes stood near the behemoth and looked at Jiang Xiaorou.

She looked somewhat similar to Jiang Xiaorou, she was the previous Desolate Queen.

“Mother.” Jiang Xiaorou gave her a slight bow.

The plainly dressed woman looked lovingly at Jiang Xiaorou and sighed gently. “Rou’er, in the three days, it will be when the Yin atmosphere in the Soul Tomb is at its weakest in ten thousand years. We, the Desolate race, have chosen this period of time to enter the Soul Tomb, so as to awaken all the Yin specters hibernating in it.”

“Our race has been nurturing geniuses for more than a decade, and now, it is time to put them to use.”

As the plain-clothed woman spoke, large flying behemoths rose in the sky behind her. On these behemoths, there were many Desolate race elites riding on them in full battle gear.

The Desolate race long knew that the Blood Moon had established the Heavenly Dao Union, and they were very aware of the goals of the Heavenly Dao Union. As such, the Desolate race nurtured a batch of “Skyfox”, mainly to counter the Blood Moon’s Heavenly Dao Union.

The trip to the Soul Tomb was tens of millions of miles long.

The Desolate race knew where the Soul Tomb was a long time ago, and they knew that the Soul Tomb was the Blood Moon’s main breeding ground. However, with the Soul Tomb’s protective arrays, as well as the Yin energy gathered in it, the Desolate race could not do anything to the Soul Tomb.

And now, only Jiang Xiaorou in the entire Desolate race could lead the “Skyfox” to battle the Blood Moon!

However, the Reincarnators that the Blood Moon had were too powerful. This trip to the Soul Tomb placed Jiang Xiaorou in a land of extreme danger!

Just a single mishap could result in Jiang Xiaorou dying in the Soul Tomb.

The plain-clothed woman could not bear doing this, but she was left with no choice.

Jiang Xiaorou made a slight leap and stood on the behemoths head. As she gently waved her bone staff, the behemoth flew up into the sky. Instantly, numerous behemoths flew up into the sky behind her. Their fully extended wings could cover the sky!

Jiang Xiaorou’s behemoth led the group at the front. Strong winds blew against Jiang Xiaorou’s long hair, but she remained calm, her eyes were resolute. She kept flying towards the arctic barrens far towards the north.

Watching Jiang Xiaorou’s back disappear over the horizon, the plain-clothed woman stood there for a long moment in silence.

Only when all the behemoths disappeared did the plain-clothed woman mutter to herself. “Rou’er, you must return safely… ”

In the far north, there were sprawling giant mountains where no vegetation grew. They were covered in black boulders.

It was difficult for birds to cross past the peaks and troughs. A black wind whistled through the valley, sounding like a wailing ghost. The black wind smelled pungent, like a toxic smoke that killed anything without leaving a trace.

Over the tens of millions of years, this was a land of extreme danger that no one traveled to.

It was an extremely cold place, filled with massive amounts of Yin Qi. If mortals stayed here, they would be quickly drained of their life force due to the Yin Qi, dying slowly.

Even warriors here would have their energies slowly drained, becoming weaker over time.

Hence, this land towards the far north was uninhabited.

And in the cast northern arctic, the central point where the Yin Qi was the strongest was called the Soul Tomb by the Blood Moon.


A group of flying beasts appeared above the Soul Tomb.

Desolate race elites were riding on these flying beasts. And the flying beast that led the group was about the size of a small hill. And a red-dressed young lady stood on its head.

Jiang Xiaorou held her bone staff in hand and looked down from from the beast’s head. “This is the Soul Tomb?”

The Shepherd Boy’s figure appeared behind Jiang Xiaorou and said, “Yes, Successor. This toxic smoke is also an array. It blocks the entrance to the Soul Tomb as well as its true appearance.”

The Soul Tomb was massive and its entrances stretched across the far north. They were numerous and as complex as an underground tunnel of ants.

As there were so many entrances, the Blood Moon could not let Reincarnators guard these entrances.

The Blood Moon did not have many Reincarnators in the first place, so there was no way to guard all of the entrances.

As for Yin specters and other servants of the dead, they were much weaker than the best Reincarnators, so using them to guard the Soul Tomb’s numerous entrance was meaningless, This was because they could not defend against a Desolate race mighty figure like the Shepherd Boy.

With the passage of time, the Blood Moon did not even deploy people to guard the Soul Tomb. Not only that, due to its age, the toxic smoke array had already weakened greatly. For such a large Soul Tomb to constantly power an array, the amount of energy consumed every year was massive.

“So it is an array. Due to its age, it has already weakened.” As Jiang Xiaorou spoke, she gently patted the flying beast beneath her.

This flying beast looked at the ground and looked grotesque. However, the moment Jiang Xiaorou gave it a glance, it let out a sharp shrill and flapped its wings!

These pair of wings swept up what seemed like a hurricane as dust was lifted and the mountains trembled.

The black smoke that hung over the mountains dissipated, revealing the true appearance of the Soul Tomb.

On a large mountain, there was a deep mountain cave that had its entrance sealed by a blood-red light screen.

“To protect the Soul Tomb, the Blood Moon has set up an ancient large array that limits one’s bone age. Successor, I cannot accompany you in, and I can only let you lead our race’s geniuses inside.” said the Shepherd Boy. He was filled with resentment that he had to let the young Desolate Queen face the Blood Moon’s base alone.

“Alright, I got it.” Jiang Xiaorou looked away. Her voice was faint, like a breeze.

Usually, there was a thick amount of Yin Qi in the Soul Tomb. There were evil spirits and zombie kings lurking within. They were tens of thousands of years old or even a hundred thousand years old. They were not interested in the hibernating Yin specters, but they loved to devour living beings. To youths, these zombie kings were too powerful, so it was extremely dangerous to enter recklessly.

Even the Blood Moon did not wish to encounter these zombie kings when they brought the Heavenly Dao Union members in. If that happened, those bodies might have been drained dry by the zombie kings before they were delivered to their destination.

Hence, they would choose the day when the Yin Qi was the weakest in ten thousand years to enter the Soul Tomb.

On this day, the ten thousand year old zombie kings would be in slumbering hibernation. It was the best time to enter the Soul Tomb.

Jiang Xiaorou looked up at the sky. As the sky above the Soul Tomb was affected by the aura of death, it was dark and repressive.

“It’s time to leave.” Jiang Xiaorou said lightly.

Behind Jiang Xiaorou, the “Skyfox” elites were all extremely loyal to the Desolate race. They loved and adored Jiang Xiaorou.

They also knew that their entry into the Soul Tomb was very likely one of no return, but no one deserted her.

Jiang Xiaorou opened her arms as her wide sleeves fluttered in the wind, like a leaping red flame. As for the white bone staff in her hand, she pointed it at the sky.

A mysterious power immediately gathered above her bone staff.

Winds began to swirl from all directions as the flying beast beneath her growled.

The wind was gathered into a unit by the bone staff and following a smile from Jiang Xiaorou—


A wind column suddenly rushed skywards at the black clouds.

As if the sky was pierced, bright, warm sunshine came shinning through the hole.

Jiang Xiaorou lowered her bone staff and she just walked past the beast’s head. As if she was walking on a pavement of sunshine, she walked towards the large entrance of the Soul Tomb…