True Martial World Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Qi Gatherer Realm
Chapter 63: Qi Gatherer Realm

In the back mountains of the Lian tribal clan, Yi Yun could see the rising black smoke from afar. He could not see the position of the fire, but he could guess what had happened.
He only sneered and said nothing.
He was planning to bring Jiang Xiaorou out of the vast wilderness, so it was alright burning the house!

Yi Yun closed his eyes and began expirating the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Once his meridians were opened, he could expirate.

Expirating was the absorption of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. After completing one circulation, the energy would be discharged from the pores and subtly transform the body and was a cumulative process.

And having opened up the meridians, they would be the channel for the flow of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Lin Xintong’s meridians were dried up, so the biggest problem was not being able to expirate the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, unable to freely use the energy in her body.

But even under such restrictions, Lin Xintong could still obtain her present day martial arts achievements. It was an amazing feat.

Yi Yun did not know this and he was sitting in a trance like state, and began expirating the Yuan Qi.

Expirating may seem simple, but it was not. It was a process that tests talent.

A person without talent would never be able to enter a trance like state. They would feel like time passes extremely slowly. After twenty hours, or even a day or two of cross-legged sitting and expirating, it would be too boring. Most people would lose their patience after doing this boring thing for long periods of time.

Especially the hyperactive children would not be able to endure this.

But, if one could reach the trance like state, then the concept of time will be lost. In a blink of an eye, several days would have passed. And the person expirating would feel like he had just taken a nap.

As for Yi Yun, he was currently in such a state.

Yi Yun’s constitution was that of a normal person. But his soul was different from others. He had extraordinary perceptivity and Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal hiding within him.

The Purple Crystal was a divine artifact that was related to energy. A person’s body has “Spirit”, “Qi” and “Soul”. In the flesh was “Spirit”, while the soul was about the “Soul”, as for the energy, it was “Qi”.

By using the Purple Crystal to gather Qi, Yi Yun could do it easily!

The speed at which he absorbed the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi or the circulation speed within his meridians were far faster than a normal person.

As such, Yi Yun had completely forgotten the concept of time.

From sunset to late at night, from late night to dawn…

The mountain was chilly, and Yi Yun’s clothes were wet from the chilly air. A layer of white frost had already crystallized on his hair.

Yi Yun had previously warned Jiang Xiaorou not to look for him, and to wait without worry in the tree house.

There was plenty of food in the treehouse which Jiang Xiaorou could prepare when she was hungry.

After sunrise, the sun rose in the vast wilderness. It was a beautiful picture as the golden sun climbed up with difficulty. The horizon appeared to be coated gold by the sunlight. The entire mountain had seemed to been revived as they welcomed the baptism of the golden sunshine.

Yi Yun remained motionless. His young face greeted the rising sun as if many light dots were jumping on his skin.

After sunrise, it was midday, followed by evening and into the night!

Yi Yun had sat there meditating for a day and a night without taking in a single grain.

He was like a piece of rock that never moved. But if you had Yi Yun’s vision, you would see numerous light dots flying towards Yi Yun, covering his entire body.

His body’s meridians had became crystal clear from the flowing golden light. Under the light, it was as if he had turned transparent.

Yi Yun could even see the insides of his body, where the shining meridians formed a perfect meridian graph.

This was a mesmerizing scene.

Slowly the lights Yi Yun could see grow thicker. His meridians were becoming brighter and brighter and his body was getting hotter!

In Yi Yun’s mind, various images appeared. They were the moves of the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ playing out like a movie in his mind.

It was as if Yi Yun was cultivating himself in a spiritual world, and he kept doing each stance of ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ without tire.

Behind Yi Yun were the shadows of a dragon and tiger, each taking a side.

Yi Yun’s condition became more and more mysterious. He could feel that his body was being pressed and his cells were continuously compressed, and solidified. His bones became heavy and his blood had became similar to mercury.

After Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist, Yi Yun began practicing the Elephant Swallowing Technique!

The Elephant Swallowing Technique was not a fist technique, but a set of moves and this set of moves was extremely mysterious, even more so than ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’!

Elephant Swallowing Technique was extremely high in energy consumption. Under the situation of a body’s energy being drained, the body would reach a state of absorbing energy from the external world where it welcomed all.

Yi Yun was now like a sponge, and he was in the energy ocean freely absorbing its power.

After the Yuan Qi accumulated to its maximum and Yi Yun having performed Elephant Swallowing Technique and Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist for the umpteenth time–


Suddenly, Yi Yun heard something explode in his body. A raw and sweet breath surged up Yi Yun’s throat, and with a open of his mouth, “Wah”, he had vomited a large mouthful of black blood!

This mouthful of black blood was extremely thick and sticky. After vomiting it out, Yi Yun felt full of energy, like nectar raining down his head, drenching his whole body.

He opened his mouth and the nectar would enter his mouth!

This was not an illusion. It was his tongue feeling it, because even Yi Yun’s saliva tasted sweet like nectar. Swallowing a mouthful made him extremely relaxed and comfortable!

Yi Yun knew that he had reached the fifth level of Mortal Blood, Qi Gatherer!

Qi Gatherer realm was the transitionary border between the Mortal Blood realm and the Purple Blood realm, the process where a person’s body could shrug off their mortality!

“Wonderful! It really feels wonderful!” Yi Yun suddenly opened both his eyes. His eyes flashed like lightning and his gaze would shoot out like lightning, piercing through darkness.

He jumped up and looked like a tiger living on the rocks!

Having reached the Qi Gatherer realm, Yi Yun felt his body full of energy. He casually lifted his right leg and stomped down!


The black ironstone by his feet was stomped open by Yi Yun’s foot.

Seeing the cracked piece of rock, Yi Yun was very satisfied.

“My strength is many times stronger than when I was in the Meridians realm! Not even a thousand pound cauldron, lifting even a five to six thousand pound cauldon would be no problem.

With his strength reaching six cauldrons, or six thousand pounds, it was no wonder the rock was shattered as a six thousand pound object would cause the same damage when dropped from a height..

If that six thousand pound object had reduced its size to that of a fist, it would be terrifying.

And with Yi Yun’s ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, the fist would be way stronger than his body’s strength by several times.