True Martial World Chapter 630

Chapter 630: Entering the Soul Tomb
Chapter 630: Entering the Soul Tomb

In the land of the far north, Yin wind blew in all directions.

In the middle of a deep mountain range, a dark purple beam of light suddenly flashed. With that, an intense Yuan Qi fluctuation spewed out in various directions.

After the beam of light dispersed, a group of youths appeared in the cold and desolate valley.

These youths were the members of the Heavenly Dao Union. They had entered a teleportation array from Greatsword Mountain, beginning their Blackstone Trials.

In the desolate valley, there was an eerie glow, with Yin Qi suspended in the air everywhere.

“What thick, evil aura. This is a land of death… ”

“Where are we?”

The moment the Heavenly Blood Union members came out, they looked around, trying to guess where they were.

Yi Yun looked down at his feet. This teleportation array was made it convenient for Blood Moon members to travel to the Soul Tomb. This mountainous region looked very hidden. Even if someone came here, they might not be able to find the traces of the teleportation array amongst the black rocks.

“This is the land of the far north.” Young master Fengming’s voice sounded.

With that, everyone was stunned. Before setting off, they did not know what their destination was.

The Martial Alliance had kept this trial absolutely confidential.

“To think that is the land of the far north. We were teleported that far?”

Many youths subconsciously looked at the teleportation array they had just walked out of in disbelief.

The land of the far north was already out of the Tian Yuan world, it was the northern most part of this Great World.

They instantly traversed a distance of tens of millions of miles.

This teleportation array was too powerful. It could teleport so many people at the same time, and it could cover such a large distance. These elites were all people with considerable knowledge. They knew that from the factions they came from, even the most powerful teleportation array those factions had was not even a tenth as powerful as this one.

These people who had joined the Martial Alliance began to feel the deep heritage that the Martial Alliance had the longer they stayed in it.

This also filled them with anticipation for this Blackstone Trials. It gave them absolute confidence in their future martial path.

As long as they clung onto the Martial Alliance, they would definitely be able to go far.

“The land of the far north has been labeled as this world’s bone burial grounds. It’s too cold and desolate.”

The land of the far north was sparse in Yuan Qi. It was a land that very few people dared to tread. Even the number of desolate beasts were extremely few. On the contrary, large numbers of Yin spirits were nourished here. These Yin spirits loved to devour the raw flesh of humans, making it extremely dangerous.

However, at this moment, the elites present did not care for that danger, they felt excited instead.

They were all proud people, and they were bountiful in energy and vigor.

“The location of this training trial is a vestige we discovered.” Young master Fengming said.

A vestige in the land of the far north definitely was filled with large amounts of ghostly spirits. It was extremely dangerous, but riches came from taking risks. So if it was not such a place, how could they be given great rewards?

Young master Fengming unlocked the array that sealed the entrance to the Soul Tomb.

Yi Yun scanned the Reincarnators. There were six of them present, but only Young master Fengming of he four great young masters was present. As for Young master Zhulong, Fairy Sheji and Young master Qiongqi, they were nowhere to be seen.

“Oh? Where did those people go?”

Yi Yun began thinking. For such an important mission, those people would definitely not be absent.

At this moment, the array had been fully opened. The entrance to the Soul Tomb finally appeared. The eerie and mysterious entrance seemed to lead into another world, causing the group of youths to be filled with anticipation.

The people entered the Soul Tomb orderly, with Yi Yun mixed with them.

At the back of the group, Yi Yun controlled the masked man to follow behind him.

As the Heavenly Dao Union’s Inspector, the masked man definitely needed to participate in the Blackstone Trials.

And since the masked man was a Yin specter himself, he was not restricted by the bone age array’s limitation. Furthermore, his body was Shen Tu Nantian’s, so it was still within the limitations, and he was unaffected.

As the seven people were placed right at the end of the group, the masked man was walking behind Chu Qing’er and Chu Ke’er. The two sisters were trembling with fear, as they felt like a demon was walking behind them. They did not even dare turn their heads.

At this moment, Yi Yun had finally crossed through the Soul Tomb’s entrance. There was membrane of light that was blood red in color. It was extremely sticky, as if it was a layer of blood.

Yi Yun had gathered a lot of information regarding the Soul Tomb from the masked man’s memories, as the masked man had been deep in slumber in here for millions of years.

However, when he entered the Soul Tomb in person, he still felt quite overwhelmed.

The Soul Tomb was pitch black. There was a fire torch right in front of them, but the light from the torch was concealed by a layer of gray mist.

This gray mist was a result of the extreme accumulation of Yin Qi and evil aura, condensing to form a liquefied mist.

Although the mist was thick, when they spread out their perception, all the warriors present could see everything clearly. In the Soul Tomb, the most obvious landmark was a moon hanging high in the sky.

And this moon was not yellow in color, it was a deep blood-red color. The moon was big and round, and it seemed to be bigger than the moon from the Tian Yuan world.

The blood moon hung high in the sky. Yi Yun knew that Blood Moon had gained its name from the Soul Tomb’s blood moon. This was their symbol.

In this independent space, everyone was curious as to how there was a blood moon. And at this moment—


A ear-piercing shrill echoed. In front of the group, two Yin souls charged forward suddenly. They targeted and attacked the few Heavenly Blood Union members walking at the front.

Those Heavenly Blood Union members were cream of the crop amongst their peers. After a instant of flustering, they immediately reacted.

Instantly, saber beams flashed as sword Qi cut through the air. Four elites joined forces to kill the two Yin souls!

With a Yuan Qi explosion, a great amount of the gray mist dissipated. The two Yin souls dissipated into nothingness, leaving behind flying ashes.

“Powerful.” A few people behind these Heavenly Blood Union members praised.

“Haha, it was nothing.” The few people said modestly.

At this moment, Young master Fengming nodded his head as he said in a very pleased manner. “For this trial, the number of Yin souls and zombie spirits killed will account for the results of this trial. It will decide your rewards, so work hard.”

When Young master Fengming said this, it immediately roused the passions of the people.

They came to this mystic realm naturally for the opportunities.

Immediately, many elites surged forward, hoping to kill more Yin souls.

“The few of you, line the back.” Someone said to Yi Yun.

“You.. ” Wei Chiwei stared. Since the number of Yin souls killed was part of the scoring criteria, if they hid behind the large group of people, they would be left with nothing.

“Haha, for the group of you, lining the back is the best choice. It’s safe there!” Someone said in a eccentric manner, mocking Yi Yun and company for their desertion.

As these people spoke, they charged deep into the Soul Tomb, leaving behind Wei Chiwei, the bald youth and company. They were all feeling humiliated. The trials had not begun, but they had already been labeled as failures. They had been ostracized from the core.

“Senior Brother Jiang, what should we do?”

Wei Chiwei looked helplessly at Yi Yun. In the warrior’s world, what mattered was one’s strength. Since they were too weak, they had no way of resisting.

Yi Yun was the strongest amongst them, yet, he had been subdued by the masked man, resulting in him signing a soul contract. Furthermore, with the elites before them, there were Reincarnators leading all of them. Since they were not as strong as them, they could only suffer in silence.

“All of you can just follow them. Don’t worry too much. I’ll be right back.” As Yi Yun said this, he turned around and headed in another direction.

In the Soul Tomb, the paths were complex like a maze. To prevent them getting lost, they stayed close to the large group. As for Yi Yun, he chose to head in another direction.

This made Wei Chiwei and company stunned. “Senior Brother Jiang, what are you… “

The few of them did not have the opportunity to react before Yi Yun’s figure flashed and disappeared into the darkness.

They wanted to stop him, but they were not fast enough. Furthermore, the masked man was standing behind them. He did not do a thing, as if he did not mind Yi Yun leaving the group.

Looking at the masked man’s cold and expressionless mask, Wei Chiwei and company held their heads down, not daring to speak a word.

“Let’s go too, but let’s hope that Senior Brother Jiang will be able to catch up with us.”

The six of them were helpless, so they could only proceed along with the main group.

In the darkness, Yi Yun used his movement technique, and traveled at an extreme fast speed. In the Soul Tomb, there were branches and dangerous spots. There were places that were sprawling with zombies, and the smell of rot. There were places that naturally formed a confusion array. The moment one entered them, they would be confused, with no way of exiting.

With the masked man’s memories, Yi Yun traversed through the Soul Tomb in an adept manner.

He crossed several places that were littered with bones, and finally, he felt a familiar and long-awaited aura…