True Martial World Chapter 633

Chapter 633: Bitter Encounter
Chapter 633: Bitter Encounter

Although they never expected Jiang Xiaorou to have such strength and ability, when the “Skyfox” members saw Jiang Xiaorou suppress Sheji completely, they felt extremely excited.

This was the first time that they witnessed their Desolate Queen enter combat with Blood Moon, and the outcome filled them with pride. Immediately, they felt even more loyalty and reverence towards Jiang Xiaorou.

Seeing the reactions of the “Skyfox” members, Sheji suddenly laughed loudly while Jiang Xiaorou slowly approached her.

She laughed like flowers exploding into dispersing petals, with her back bent over. The only thing was that while she was laughing, her pair of eyes were still looking sinisterly at Jiang Xiaorou.

“You witch girl, what are you laughing at!?”

Chen Fei felt frustrated hearing her laugh. He was considering if he should suddenly activate the battle formation, and destroy the witch girl with lightning speed.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaorou suddenly looked towards the side where Sheji was standing, which was also where she had previously glanced. She said, “Since you are here, why are you hiding? Come on out! You will come out sooner or later.”

Jiang Xiaorou’s voice sounded full of confidence. She had already decided that she could beat Sheji alone, and the person hiding in the dark would definitely not stay idle.

When Sheji heard Jiang Xiaorou’s words, she was alarmed. She never expected Jiang Xiaorou to have already made the discovery.

The void remained silent. And only after some time did a derisive voice sound out. “What high spirits, but… You really have the rights to be so domineering. This strength of yours completely depends on your bloodline. There’s really no second person with it. That’s alluring.”

As the person spoke, the void suddenly fluctuated, as a spatial dimension door appeared out of thin air.

From within out came a blacked-dress man. There was not only one, but two…

One of them was thin and he did not look good. His eyes were deeply recessed and he had an insidious aura, giving one an extremely unpleasant feeling.

As for the other man, he was standing behind the first person. He was stout and he had a calm aura. Although he stood in the void, it gave people the feeling that he did not exist at all.

Jiang Xiaorou was alarmed to discover that her perception could penetrate that person completely, yet she could not discover his existence. That was to say, if Jiang Xiaorou was to close her eyes, she would not have sensed this person before her.

This made Jiang Xiaorou’s heart palpitate. The sensation she had felt all along was the thin man. As for the stout man, she had never sensed him from the beginning…

At this moment, the thin, insidious-looking man spoke. He looked at Sheji and said in a queer manner, “Sheji, you took the initiative to request for the assignment, saying you wanted to behead the beautiful new Desolate Queen. I thought you could do it alone, but why did you end up in such a miserable state?”

The insidious-looking man gave a mocking look as he made his biting remark.

Sheji only sneered at the derisive remark. She said indignantly, “You have been hiding in a corner from the beginning, and yet, you think so highly of yourself? Do you think that you are a lot stronger than me?”

“Hehe, we haven’t seen each other in quite a number of reincarnations. You probably really do not know how power I, Qiongqi am.” As the insidious man chuckled craftily, he spoke with confidence.

Jiang Xiaorou quietly looked at the two of them, without minding them too much. She really cared about the stout man that had not spoken a word.

This person gave a very terrifying impression.

He was quietly watching Jiang Xiaorou too as a smirk formed. “Stop quarreling. It’s best to end the battle quickly to prevent prolonged trouble. I feel that someone else has also entered the Soul Tomb.”

The stout man was the leader of the four young masters, Young master Zhulong. What he said was with absolute authority.

“Oh? There are others?” Fairy Sheji and Young master Qiongqi was slightly alarmed. There were alerting arrays in the Sheji. Although I was not difficult to enter the Soul Tomb, they would still be the first to be informed if someone entered it.

They did not know that Yi Yun was familiar with the layout of the alerting arrays in the Soul Tomb. He had informed Lin Xintong on how to avoid triggering them early on. And after entering the Soul Tomb, she did not veer away. This also eliminated the possibility for these people to discover Lin Xintong.

“It’s just a premonition. However… my premonition is seldom incorrect.” As Zhulong spoke, his eyes never left Jiang Xiaorou. He said to Jiang Xiaorou, “Meeting you is an opportunity for me. I want your blood line.”

Zhulong’s words were calm and nonchalant. It was as if he was narrating something that was taken for granted.

When the Desolate race elites heard this, they were all infuriated.

Who did this person think he was to speak so boastfully!?

Towards the Desolate race elites, Jiang Xiaorou was a goddess in their hearts, a sacred being that was not to be insulted.

Yet this ignoramus, who did not know the meaning of life and death, wanted to encroach on the Desolate Queen’s blood line!

And to want a Desolate Queen’s blood line only had a few methods. Either he devoured her or transplanted the blood essence, did dual cultivation or used her blood to refine into pills.

And with the Blood Moon and the Human race, the most common technique towards a Desolate race member, who had awoken the ancient blood line, was to use the latter method, which was refining their blood into Desolate pills!

How could they tolerate someone from using their Desolate Queen as an ingredient for refining pills?

“Brothers, set up the formation!”

Chen Fei’s voice was filled with killing intent. All the “Skyfox” members immediately gathered together. Each individual “Skyfox” member might be weak, but when they formed the large formation, their strength was completely on a different level. And no matter how strong Zhulong was, he was only one person. As for the remaining Qiongqi and Sheji, Jiang Xiaorou could handle them herself. It was unlikely she would be defeated so quickly in a one versus two situation.

Chen Fei refused to believe that with so many people in their “Skyfox” in a large formation would fail to defeat one person.

Towards the blasphemy dealt to Jiang Xiaorou, the Desolate race elites were all furious. Immediately, formation flags were taken out by them, forming a line!

The large formation they set up required 49 formation flags.

There are 50 numbers in Da Yan, but the use is only 49, leaving the Grand One unused.

The so-called Da Yan was to predict the changes of the world. As for the Grand One, it was Taiji. As it was forever unchanging, it was not used.

The Da Yan formation of the Desolate race’s highlight was its infinite transformations, preventing it from being seen through!

Chen Fei had absolute confidence in the Da Yan formation.

Furthermore, the Da Yan formation was sufficient with 49 people, but to prevent members in the formation dying midway, there were in fact 64 “Skyfox” members. The other 15 were backups.

Such a formation could not be said to be weak.

However, just as the Da Yan formation was about to be set up, Zhulong remained standing with his hands behind his back in midair. He watched nonchalantly at all this, as if he was not bothered by the Da Yan array.

This made Chen Fei’s heart sink. How could this Zhulong be so confident?

However, he still believed that it was impossible for Zhulong alone to match their sixty strong team.


Just as Chen Fei was about to activate the formation with a formation flag in hand, there was another strong fluctuation in space. Behind Zhulong, a 100 feet wide spatial dimension door slowly opened.

A group of youths, who despite clearly having experienced numerous battles before this, walked out of the spatial dimension door with excited expressions. However, when they saw the scene before them, they were immediately stunned.

Clearly, they did not expect to see so many people on the other end of the spatial dimension door.

“Heavenly Dao Union!” Chen Fei’s eyes narrowed as his heart sank suddenly.

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