True Martial World Chapter 634

Chapter 634: Da Yan Formation
Chapter 634: Da Yan Formation

“Where is this? Who are these people…?”

The Heavenly Blood Union members that suddenly appeared were all stunned by the scene before them.

They noticed that the people here were clearly from two opposing camps.

They had seen Young master Zhulong, Sheji and company before, so they knew them as the leaders of the Heavenly Dao Union. And across Young master Zhulong were people dressed in attires that gave off a savage feeling.

On the gigantic white bone snake, there was a beautiful woman dressed in red, who immediately attracted their attention.

Many of them quickly found this beautiful woman familiar…

Young master Fengming’s voice boomed. “All Heavenly Blood Union members, the Desolate race’s Desolate Queen, witch girl Jiang Xiaorou is here! To those who kill her, you would be rewarded ten Longevity Extending Pills, 10,000 supreme-grade relics and bestowed with the title Blood Union Ambassador, as well as the complete ‘Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique’!”

The Heavenly Blood Union members could not process his sudden words in time, and only felt his voice resounding in their heads.

Longevity Extending Pills, supreme-grade relics, “Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique”! These rewards stimulated their senses.

And the words Jiang Xiaorou immediately lit up in the Heavenly Blood Union members’ minds.

It’s that Desolate race witch girl!

They recalled the contents of the wanted notice, and they had all seen Jiang Xiaorou’s portrait before.

“Everyone, we have received news early on that the Desolate race’s young elites would enter this mystic realm. The most critical part of this trial is to defeat the Desolate race elites and kill Jiang Xiaorou. This will be a chance for you to make a name for yourself.”

Young master Fengming’s voice sounded calm. Although he did not sound fervent or excited, it was filled with enticement that bewitched the Human race elites.

Just the rewards in the wanted notices for killing Jiang Xiaorou was extremely alluring, much less the rewards for the Blackstone trials.

The Desolate race had been opposed to the Human race for many years. The Desolate race’s Desolate monarch was always the Human race’s sworn enemy. If they could kill a young Desolate monarch, then they would definitely make a name for themselves in the Tian Yuan world!

Who didn’t want such a thing?

“Hehe! Don’t destroy Jiang Xiaorou’s corpse. If you are lucky enough, you might also get a portion after her corpse is used to refine into desolate pills. That sure is good stuff.” Young master Qiongi added on while chuckled sinisterly. His eyes were filled with a ravaging greed when he looked at Jiang Xiaorou. “Ze Ze, it’s really such a pity to do that to such a beauty.”

In the eyes of the humans, this peerless beauty, Jiang Xiaorou represented the allure of desire, fame and strength.

When Chen Fei and the other “Skyfox” members saw this, their eyes turned cold. Killing intent rose from their hearts as they wanted to kill all the people before them!

In the eyes of the Humans, the members of the Desolate race were no different from desolate beasts. They would not treat them as equals, or even consider them as intelligent lifeforms.

In fact, in the eyes of the Desolate race, the Human race were also arch enemies.

The division between “us” and “them” was irreconcilable!

Upon seeing this scene, Jiang Xiaorou sighed slightly. She was the only person present who had lived amongst the two races. However, she was powerless to alter the animosity between the two species.

In this world, intelligent species were always greedy and cruel.

In fact, human nature was arguably evil. Some people were inclined to kill people of their own species. After gaining pleasure from doing so, they would then plunder the riches of others for themselves. Some people killed thousands to make ghost summoning banners, seizing young ladies as cultivating slaves, and even doing despicable acts towards young girls…

Many a time, when these people released their deviant inhibitions, they would resort to anything while acting fanatically.

However…due to the prohibitions of morality, and the laws and rules established by large factions in this world, many people could only strongly suppress the evil in their hearts.

But this suppression would be lifted without any worries when it was another species in question.

As they were not of the same species, they could vent the evil in their hearts. They would not be considered cruel and bloodthirsty while engaging in those atrocities. On the contrary, they could be proud of it. For example, they would not be criticized if they infiltrated the Desolate race’s grounds, plundering large numbers of Desolate race young ladies as cultivation slaves.

From a certain point of view, the conflict between the Human and Desolate race was not completely engineered by the Blood Moon. It was a result of the natural instincts between two intelligent lifeforms, wishing to vent the corrupt nature in their hearts.

Warriors possessed powerful strength, and the process to obtain that was fraught with danger and difficulty. Hence, when these people possessed immense strength, they would not think of doing heroic deeds, but instead, wished to enjoy in debauchery. They wanted to use their strength to create their own kingdom, allowing them to bully and suppress others freely. They wanted to control the fate of others.

Hence, although these people had been deceived by Blood Moon, they were not completely innocent!

Jiang Xiaorou felt a sense of despair thinking of this. She didn’t even bother telling the human elites of the Blood Moon’s nefarious plot as it was meaningless.

“If you want to come, go ahead.”

Jiang Xiaorou was expressionless. Her peerless beauty seemed unstained like a sacred and pure fairy.

“Kill her! After that we will kill human traitor Yi Yun! We will let the siblings unite in hell!”

“There’s no need to go easy on the vile Desolate race. There’s no need to talk about fairness and morality.”

The Heavenly Blood Union began attacking as various vibrant colors of powerful sword shadows and saber flashes enveloped the sky while they attacked Jiang Xiaorou.

Jiang Xiaorou did not even blink. Her expression was still as water, but at this moment, Chen Fei, who had been waiting ever ready, lifted his formation flag. The Desolate race’s elites had already gathered enough energy, activating the Da Yan formation!


The Desolate race’s elites disappeared from sight. Faintly, the mountains trembled as a gigantic Skyfox appeared behind Jiang Xiaorou.

This Skyfox was immense in size, like a tiny mountain. Its eyes were sharp and penetrative. It was filled with anger!

This was the Skyfox conjured by the Da Yan formation. Chen Fei stood in the core of the formation, but his position was constantly changing. As long as more than half the Desolate race’s elites remained alive and well, the Skyfox would be indestructible.

Against the sword shadows and saber flashes from the humans, the Skyfox gave a furious bellow. It stretched out its sharp claws and attacked!

Although the claw was just a phantom image, it looked extremely lifelike, even its fur texture could be seen clearly.


A Heavenly Blood Union genius exclaimed. They could sense the immense power within the attack. The strong suppressive feeling made their hair stand.

The group of people that had been locked on by the Skyfox’s claws immediately retreated, but how could they be in time?

The Da Yan formation was the strongest formation the juniors of the Desolate race’s younger generation could use. Furthermore, the humans were hastily attacking, while the Desolate race members were poised to strike!

The Skyfox’s claw whistled through the air.

It was too fast! It exceeded the elites’ reactions.

The Skyfox’s strike contained all the anger from the Desolate race’s elites. Its power far exceeded the Heavenly Blood Union members’ expectations.


Power of Desolates exploded as energy wantonly surged out. The Yuan Qi blast sent out by the humans were torn through as the Skyfox’s claw swiped across the group of humans. Its spear-like sharp claws directly grabbed five people!

These five people’s protective Yuan Qi turned like paper pulp before the power of the sharp claws. There was no way for them to resist. Terrible screams were immediately heard as some of their necks were broken, or had their chests ripped open. Blood spurted everywhere!

“Junior Brother Sun!”

“Third Brother!”

The severely injured humans had relatives or friends in the Heavenly Dao Union. Seeing them being dealt with a fatal blow, the eyes of their closed ones immediately turned red.

Ever since they entered the Soul Tomb, they had been engaged in battle, killing numerous Yin souls, but none of them were injured or killed. But here, they suffered massive injuries and deaths right from the beginning in the fight against the Desolate race.

These people were elites of the various large factions of the Tian Yuan world, so every death was an extremely great loss.

“Don’t panic.”

At this moment, Zhulong’s voice rang in everyone’s ears. His voice was calm and steady, and had been immediately transmitted.

“The Desolate race’s Da Yan formation maybe be powerful, but if you were to gather energy and set up a formation, you would be able to easily resist it. As for the people who have been sacrificed. Don’t worry. They are not dead yet.”

As Zhulong spoke, he waved his hand and the five severely injured Heavenly Blood Union members were pulled over to him.

Their devastated bodies were locked on by an amorphous energy, while their expressions looked like they were in extreme pain.

“Souls, come over!”

Zhulong shouted clearly. The bodies of the five suddenly convulsed as their souls were extracted by a baffling energy from their heads, forming soul marks.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

“I don’t want to die!”

The few souls struggled. Although their souls had left their bodies, they still possessed thoughts.

Upon seeing this scene, people were stunned.

One of them was even beheaded, yet Zhulong was able to keep their spiritual souls?

“With the ‘Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique’, this might not be the end of you. I will keep your spiritual souls. If there are meritorious contributions, you can cultivate the ‘Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique’, keeping your spiritual souls for reincarnation. From then, you would be Reincarnators!”

As Zhulong spoke, he waved again, keeping their bodies.

“Reincarnate the spiritual souls?”

The miserable souls that remained intact under the energy felt extremely excited hearing this. They still had a chance to become Reincarnators?

Although it was a pity abandoning their original bodies, it might be a blessing in disguise if they became Reincarnators.

However…they did not know that people who had lost their bodies could never cultivate the “Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique”.

Zhulong prevented their souls from dissipating not by using the Spiritual Soul laws, but Spiritual Death laws.

To save a person on the brink of death was too difficult, but it was a lot easier by using Spiritual Death laws. However, the only fate awaiting these people was not reincarnation, but to become Yin specters.

As for their bodies, they would be stored to become Yin specter vessels. The effects would just be slightly worse than possessing a live person.

“Seek revenge for our companions. Destroy the Desolate race, kill Jiang Xiaorou!”

“Brothers, set up the formation!”

The human elites quickly recovered from their daze. After the Desolate race’s Da Yan formation made its first strike, it was still reconditioning itself, preparing for its second strike.

Young master Qiongqi suddenly leaped up.

“The nerve you get with some trivial witchcraft.”

He held a chain hook in hand, and was planning on attacking while the Da Yan formation was reconditioning itself, killing several Desolate race geniuses.

And at the moment he charged at the Skyfox, a long whip blocked his path.

Young master Qiongqi turned to see Jiang Xiaorou looking coldly at him. “Your opponent is me.”

“You want to block a few Reincarnators yourself?” Sheji sneered.

The Da Yan formation’s power was sufficient to handle the Heavenly Blood Union members, but it was impossible for Jiang Xiaorou to battle the few Reincarnators alone.

“Why do you want to die so soon?” Sheji laughed.

Jiang Xiaorou sighed lightly and said extremely calmly. “Life is short, so what’s there to be afraid of death? For you to live such lives is a tragedy in itself.”

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