True Martial World Chapter 637

Chapter 637: Cracking the Da Yan Formation
Chapter 637: Cracking the Da Yan Formation

The black beam shot out the moment Young master Zhulong waved his hand!


The beam of light tore through the void.

No one could see what that black beam was.

It was just too fast! It left no room for anyone to react.

This beam did not shoot at the Skyfox, but instead, it shot towards a vast energy projection on the back of the Skyfox.


With a shrill whistle, the void began fluctuating, forming waves of ripples emanating out. These ripples instantly shattered, and spread open in a web like manner, causing the entire mass of the energy projection to explode!

A deep grunt was heard amongst the chaos, as a person directly fell down from a high altitude.


The figure landed on the ground. He used his hands and knees to support his body, so as to not completely tumble. However, his face was pale and he was covered in sweat.

It seemed like he was experiencing an excruciating pain. His fists were clenched tightly, to the point of his finger joints turning white. He gritted his teeth tightly.

“Chen Fei!”

“Senior Brother Chen Fei!”

Upon seeing the person who had been struck, all the Desolate race members in the large formation felt their hearts sink.

The person who had been struck by the black beam was the leader, Chen Fei!

There were more than sixty “Skyfox” members. The Da Yan formation required 49 people, and the extras were reserves. However, Chen Fei’s position was very difficult to fill.

Chen Fei steered the core of the Da Yan formation, and he was the most important person amongst the 49 people. The others may be able to barely fill his position, but their strength was much weaker than Chen Fei. If it was them, the strength of the Da Yan formation would be at least reduced by half.

If that was the case, it was no longer possible for them to repress the Heavenly Blood Union members.

And the most chilling fact was that… the person who had attacked was Zhulong! From the beginning of the battle, he had his hands behind his back. He had only waved his hand, sending out his only strike.

And just this single strike struck directly at the weakness of the Da Yan formation!

He clearly saw through the flaw of the Da Yan formation, dismantling it in one strike!

Since the beginning, the Desolate race’s Da Yan formation had only launched four primary attacks, which was enough for Zhulong to see through it. This was the strongest formation that the younger generation of the Desolate race could use.

Zhulong’s power and acute perception made it difficult to muster the courage to battle him!

In contrast to the Desolate race, when the human warriors saw this, their morale greatly increased.

“Impressive. As expected of Young master Zhulong!”

“Brothers, it’s time to attack. The Desolate race’s formation has been torn apart. That bunch of trash is nothing to be afraid of. Spare no one!”

Having been repressed by the Desolate race since the beginning of the battle, the human warriors felt their anger stifled, but now, they could vent it all out.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Their eyes turned red from killing intent as all sorts of sword Qi, spear beams and saber flashes poured down from the sky, blanketing everything!

As for the Desolate race’s elites, they were greatly weakened with Chen Fei down.

Although someone had rushed to replace Chen Fei’s position, the Da Yan formation’s strength had drastically decreased. It was barely held together by the Desolate race.


Chen Fei kneeled on the ground, vomiting a mouthful of silver blood.

His eyes were glazed, and his pupils were dilated. He felt that the black beam that had struck him was like a black hole that devoured everything. It was devouring all of his lifeforce, flesh, blood and energy.

If this carried on, he would die!

If he died, the collapse of the Da Yan formation was just a matter of time.

And once all the Skyfox perished, their Queen…

Chen Fei looked up and focused his eyes as hard as he could to make out Jiang Xiaorou.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaorou was emitted an ancient aura. The ancient divine patterns etched on her face already had the color of blood. It was as if every single blood vessel was trembling gently.

The longer she used the energy from her ancient bloodline, the closer she was to her limit.

And surrounding Jiang Xiaorou was a total of five Reincarnators!

This included two of the four young masters, Sheji and Qiongqi.

The Heavenly Blood Union had many Reincarnators, and there were nine strongest ones, including the four young masters. The other five Reincarnators were not to be belittled.

Especially with Sheji and Qiongqi combining forces with the other three, they could take turns attacking and defending. The two circled around, working with great teamwork. Bit by bit, they depleted Jiang Xiaorou’s stamina.

And every attack of theirs would be aimed at Jiang Xiaorou’s weak points. If they failed to garner a hit, they would immediately retreat.

In consecutive rounds of intense battles, Jiang Xiaorou was already covered in wounds. Even activating the energy from her ancient bloodline was insufficient to bridge the gap of her battling five alone.

“This babe sure is a challenge. She’s really formidable at resisting. It will be such a waste to refine her into pills! I might as well put her to good use in bed to supplement myself. Hahaha!”Qiongqi laughed lewdly.

Beside him, a whiskered beard Reincarnator joined him in laughing. They had parried off all of Jiang Xiaorou’s attacks, so it was just a matter of time before their victory.

Jiang Xiaorou paid no attention to Qiongqi’s obscene words. Her expression was cold and calm. Even though Chen Fei had been seriously injured, resulting in the Desolate race elites and herself entering a grave situation of life and death, it did not cause Jiang Xiaorou to exhibit any emotional upheavals.

She brandished her whip, as an azure energy transformed into four large primordial desolate beasts.

A hundred feet long Vermilion Bird flapped its wings, dancing in the valley, blazing a trail of fire.

The Vermilion Bird switched directions mid flight, while a White Tiger roared, an Azure Flood Dragon swirled through the air, as the Black Tortoise pressured the lands!

The primordial desolate beasts conjured from Jiang Xiaorou’s single strike were the embodiments of the Four Symbols’ divine beasts.

The Four Symbols’ divine beasts were the Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermilion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Turtle of the North. Although what Jiang Xiaorou conjured were not true divine beasts, they were still extremely powerful!

The Vermilion Bird spread its wings as the Azure Flood Dragon made a long roar, while the White Tiger pounced! Three of the four desolate beasts charged at Qiongqi and Sheji.

The final Black Tortoise went to the side to repress the remaining three Reincarnators!

“Your attack may be strong, but how hard is it to resist it with the five of us cooperating?” Qiongqi sneered.

He and Sheji used their own techniques, wishing to withstand this strike. At the same time, the other three Reincarnators were putting in all that they had. However, just as they were about to strike the four desolate beasts that approached them, the Four Symbols’ ancient desolate beasts combined together from their respective directions!


The expressions of the five Reincarnators changed.

It had happened in an instant, so they could not react at all. The combined Four Symbols desolate beasts transformed into a gigantic inferno sphere as it rolled down!

Its target was Qiongqi!

By attacking different people, splitting the energy apart was inferior to combining as one to attack a single person.

At the same moment, Jiang Xiaorou’s wrist flicked as she gathered her Yuan Qi to crack her whip forward. The whip’s shadow formed a wall, trapping Qiongqi within, causing him to be isolated from the rest!

“Courting death!” Qiongqi shouted weirdly as he threw out the chain in his hand which shot out like a meteor towards the Four Symbols desolate beasts!

He hurriedly retreated simultaneously!


A terrifying turbulence swept the surroundings. The surrounding cliffs were reduced to dust, as boulders rolled down!

Qiongqi cried out as he was thrown back by the energy shockwave, splattering blood all over!

And beside him, Sheji, who did not manage to rush over in time, was in a somewhat miserable state as well.

Jiang Xiaorou had managed to forcefully severely injure Qiongqi in a one versus five situation!

Upon seeing this scene, Zhulong frowned. “Utter trash!”

Such a battle outcome was displeasing.