True Martial World Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Desolate Bones Refinement Completed
Chapter 64: Desolate Bones Refinement Completed

“Yao Yuan had previously said that when ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ was trained to a certain state, one could lift a thousand pounds, and pull a nine shi bow. I haven’t even mastered half of the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ yet, and already have this strength. When I finish the eighteen stances of the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, I will be able to easily exceed ten thousand pounds. At that time, even a hundred shi divine bow would be as easy as shooting marbles, sending the arrow flying thousands of feet, piercing steel plates! If I had this strength in Earth’s ancient times, I could win a war by myself.” In ancient times, when two armies clashed, if an arrow could be shot to tear the opponent’s General apart, the battle would have been won.
Thinking of this, Yi Yun felt his stomach. He was hungry.

“I’m sure a glutton.” Yi Yun was speechless, after all there was nothing he could do about it. A warrior were bound to have large appetites. Even the energy needed to stomp the black ironstone to pieces was the amount that could last a normal person for days.

A warrior upon reaching the Qi Gatherer realm would have strength above one cauldron. If the warrior wanted to improve, he would have to work hard at cultivating.

Using one cauldron of strength to cultivate had naturally high energy consumption. And to replenish the energy was to eat more!

Yi Yun endured his hunger and practiced a Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist. He really had the strength to easily shatter rock. It was now comparable to the destructive power of Lin Xintong in her suppressed state.

“The Qi Gatherer is indeed not the same! But, I must not be too obsessed with ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’. As Miss Lin said, although this fist technique is exceptional, but it still just a basic cultivation technique!”

“But, I can’t look down on it because it’s a basic cultivation technique, on the contrary, I should work even harder, refining it to perfection, until I can step beyond the routines, integrating ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ fully, digesting it till it becomes my own method!” Yi Yun was thinking of this and activated his technique and flew through the woods. Like a cat, he jumped back to the tree house.

In the treehouse, Jiang Xiaorou was still sleeping. But she had not been sleeping soundly. She was lying by her side and a slender thigh peeked out from the blanket, and had tightly clasped the blanket. At the same time, her small hand was grabbing to a corner of the blanket, and her face was pale, with eyebrows frowning. From her wrinkle-free forehead, a line of perspiration appeared.

Yi Yun knew that Jiang Xiaorou was having a nightmare. A fifteen year old girl having suffered a catastrophe and have experienced emotional swings would still feel insecure, even though everything was now over.

Yi Yun walked lightly to the wooden bed, and lay down beside Jiang Xiaorou. He hugged her from the back and softly whispered into her ear, “everything will be alright, I’ll always be by your side.”

Yi Yun’s words were like magic. Jiang Xiaorou’s frowned eyebrows relaxed and she no longer grabbed her blanket rightly. The corners of the mouth started curling, and a calm smile appeared.

Yi Yun gently pulled a corner of the blanket and covered himself, sleeping with his clothes on. He had been practicing martial arts for two months and had almost not have any sleep every night. Tonight, in this tree house, it was a space that belonged to Yi Yun and Jiang Xiaorou. He decided that he would take the night off, accompanying his sister.

In the darkness, Yi Yun could see the faint light dots that emitted from the Chi Lin heat. They were like little flies, flying towards him slowly.

Yi Yun had broken through to the Qi Gatherer realm, so his body was extremely hungry. With an energy source, the Purple Crystal would stream all the energy to strengthen his body.

After eating the energy, although it could do the same as making him full, it could not compare to the eating of delicacies…

As Yi Yun thought about it, he became more determined. He wanted to leave the Cloud Wilderness and walk towards the unknown world, and become a peerless expert. By reaching the peak of the martial world, he could be able to see the magnificent scenery!

Slowly, Yi Yun fell deep into sleep.

Even in his sleep, the Purple Crystal in his heart carried on pulsating with his heart, replenishing Yi Yun’s energy.

In the Lian tribal clan, faint cries could be heard deep into the night.

This was due to the able-bodied men who had fallen ill from refining the Frost Python desolate bones.

Supposedly, these people would not have been able to last five days before dying.

However, it had already been seven days, and they were still hanging on their last breath.

They had been eating porridge daily, yet they did not die.

They didn’t have any strength, and were bed-ridden. They had dark eye circles, and no trace of blood could be seen on their faces.

This was actually the after-effects of eating the Blood Thinning Pill. The Blood Thinning Pill overdrafted a person’s life force, causing the blood to thin, and making the person bedridden. But besides the after-effects of the Blood Thinning Pill, there were not much of an after-effect from the Frost Python toxin.

Supposedly, the Frost Python toxin’s after-effects were even worse, and was enough to take all their lives.

But, no one paid attention to this.

Because in the Lian tribal clan, they were preparing a huge celebration. This celebration was to celebrate the completion of successful refining the desolate bones.

This was an event that would determine the tribe’s future, so with people being superstitious in the vast wilderness, how could they not hold a celebration?

Happiness always comes suddenly. As the preparations were beginning, Lian Chengyu received great news that the Frost Python desolate bones had already been refined into desolate bones essence!

Upon receiving the news, Lian Chengyu was pleasantly surprised, “why is it so fast? It’s earlier than the forecast by ten days!”

According to the technique’s manual, another ten days to completely refine the desolate bones essence would be its best prediction.

“Hahaha! It’s so fast! Chengyu, Grandpa congratulates you!” As the laughter traveled over, the Lian tribal clan’s Patriarch slowly walked in. His face was full of joy. He was indeed happy. With the desolate bones refined, Lian Chengyu could break into the Purple Blood realm and after being selected by the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, his achievements would allow even his pets to ascend heaven.

As Lian Chengyu’s grandfather, he had played a huge role in it. He could follow Lian Chengyu into the city to live a comfortable life. Although he was the Patriarch, he was sick of the poor life and was already planning to destroy the Lian tribal clan.

It would be great in the city. The people there were rich and he could get a few concubines and peacefully enjoyed the comforts of his remaining life.

“Good! It’s too good!” Lian Chengyu was excited. The displeasure of Jiang Xiaorou being missing had long been forgotten.

Compared to the Desolate bones relic, what was women?

In the future when he made his meteoric rise, would he have any lack of women?

“How are the preparations for the celebration?” asked Lian Chengyu.

“It happened too suddenly, and the celebrations aren’t prepared. I will get people to prepare it overnight. Tomorrow, we will kill our livestock to honor the heavens. Chengyu, the tribe’s hope now rests on you.” said the Patriarch as he patted Lian Chengyu on the shoulder. He had placed all hope on Lian Chengyu.

“Tomorrow, good. Tomorrow will be the day!” Although Lian Chengyu could not bear the wait to eat the desolate bones essence, he knew that to achieve greatness, he had to sharpen his mind!

Patience was extremely important.

Lian Chengyu had been waiting for years, so he was willing to wait another day.

He knew that he had struggled with great difficulty to obtain the desolate bones relic. In order to adjust his mental state, he had to calm himself down before eating it. Only then will it achieve maximum effect, allowing him to break into the Purple Blood realm!

That day many of the tribal elders prayed in the Lian tribal clan’s Patriarch compound.

As for Lian Chengyu, he was served by four maidens, taking care of his every need.

These four maidens were about sixteen years old. They were all slim, but their skin was rough and had looks inferior to Jiang Xiaorou’s. However in a small tribal clan like the Lian tribal clan, they were one of the prettiest.

If it was a normal day, Lian Chengyu would have s*x with these maidens, but today his mind was as still as water, as he conditioned his mental state.