True Martial World Chapter 643

Chapter 643: Merging
Chapter 643: Merging

Every attack of Yi Yun’s was stronger than the previous ones. The bombardment was like surging waves, dispersing all the dark clouds as a result. There were golden beams filled with killing intent flaring everywhere in the sky.

As he kept up his barrage of rapid attacks, Yi Yun’s pupils constricted into vertical slits, resembling needles. He aimed at a certain spot of redness in the air, which was the floating drop of blood!

With pure Yang energy exploding, Yi Yun aimed at the red drop of blood and slashed at it!


A crisp crack echoed as if space itself had been shattered. However, Yi Yun was surprised to realize that he did not manage to split the drop of blood apart!


Yi Yun saw the drop of blood change shape slightly before returning to normal. He could sense a formidable force field surrounding that drop of blood. He had only struck the force field that was protecting the drop of blood.

When energy was compressed to a certain limit, it would generate a force field, and it was this force field that Yi Yun failed to split apart.

“The Blood of Gods is within my grasps, yet you think using such a method can prevent me from merging with the drop of blood? Such naivety…”

With a flick of his fingers, the drop of red blood flew towards the middle of Zhulong’s eyebrows.

“Chi Chi Chi!”

The crackle of a raging inferno reverberated. The flesh on Zhulong’s forehead quickly corroded after it came into contact with the drop of blood.

Zhulong’s facial muscles twitched violently as the drop of blood completely merged into his forehead.


A violent energy blast was unleashed in all directions from the middle of Zhulong’s eyebrows. The sealed enchantment also began to tremble violently as Yi Yun was sent retreating.

Yi Yun could see traces of red blood spread out from the middle of Zhulong’s eyebrows like a web. When his flesh merged with the emanating strands of blood, it slowly began to turn red and glow, as if it was burning in flames.

The dark red flames quickly covered Zhulong’s body as he suddenly roared like a primordial behemoth. The sound waves propagated outwards in a spherical waveform, visible to the naked eye. Layers of earth was lifted up by the shock wave, forming rolling waves of dirt that surged in an undulating manner. Wave after wave billowed into the sky, destroying everything in their path as they shook the mountains.

When the shock wave gushed past the surrounding humans and Desolate race warriors, they felt their organs twist in turmoil. Those, who had lower cultivation levels, immediately felt faint as they collapsed to the ground, blood flowing from their ears.

However, those warriors, who had collapsed to the ground from their injuries caused by the soundwave, were not feeling unhappy, in fact, they were overjoyed.

“Young master Zhulong! Young master Zhulong has finally revealed his true strength!”

Zhulong, who had always held back, was well known to be powerful, so it was a sight to witness and understand his true strength.

“That Blood of Gods is rumored to be the blood bled by the Eye of Destruction within the eternal whirlpool. That Eye of Destruction occupies the entire God Burial Abyss. It’s unimaginable what sort of entity that is!”

Young master Zhulong’s strength was unfathomable to begin with, and now having merged with the Blood of Gods, he probably would obtain a portion of energy from the Eye of Destruction. Even if it was just a tiny bit of energy, it coming from an existence like the Eye of Destruction already far exceeded their imaginations.

“It’s been awhile since I experienced this strength…”

Zhulong looked at his hands. The strands of blood on his body kept emanating towards his wrist, and infusing into his black gloves. And on the ten fingertips of the gloves, long claws popped out, it was cold-cast.

“Such nostalgia…” Zhulong clenched his fists. After he merged with the Blood of Gods, his voice turned deep and heavy. Every word he said resonated with echoes.

“Firstly…” When Zhulong said this, there was a burst of killing intent as he abruptly chopped with his palm!


A crescent-shaped energy blade shot out from Zhulong’s palm. The energy blade seemed to split the sky asunder but its target was not Yi Yun, nor was it Lin Xintong, but…the third Inspector, which was also the masked man Yi Yun was controlling!


Yi Yun’s split off consciousness was within the masked man’s soul sea. When he saw the crescent-shaped energy blade coming towards him, he quickly turned serious, as he controlled his avatar to quickly retreat!

However, Zhulong’s attack was too fast. The energy blade contained terrifying killing intent that was completely locked onto the masked man. There was no chance for him to dodge, so he could only forcefully withstand that attack!

The masked man flipped his hand and took out a white-boned sickle from his interspatial ring. Before he could strike out with his sickle, it had already clashed with Zhulong’s energy blade.


The powerful aftershock caused the masked man to be sent flying backwards!

A fiery rupture uproared from where the energy blade’s tip met the ground, ploughing open a huge chasm.


The masked man crashed into the side of a mountain together with the crescent-shaped energy blade. The impact from the explosion sent chunks of boulders and avalanche down the mountain side.

The masked man’s arms fractured, while the white-boned sickle in his hand broke into two. The wanton energy sent a sickening jolt through his body. Several of his rib bones were broken. His mask had also fallen off, revealing a mangled, bloody face.

Shen Tu Nantian’s body was not considered an excellent one. After Shen Tu Nantian was killed, it was first possessed by a Yin specter, then it was taken hold by the evil energy. With the various injuries from all his past battles, this body was already in ruins. Now with the fatal blow from Zhulong, the body was internally in a mess. It was completely maimed.


In the masked man’s soul sea, the split off consciousness Yi Yun had left in it did not depart. He could sense the evil energy hidden within the masked man’s soul sea growl and roar angrily. Although the evil energy lacked intelligence, it possessed instincts. With its “habitat” destroyed, it was naturally incensed.

However, Yi Yun suppressed the evil energy, preventing it from charging outward.

This evil energy was still in an inchoate state, so Yi Yun did not want it to be revealed in front of Zhulong. Zhulong was indeed powerful, and with him absorbing the strange Blood of Gods, it was difficult to estimate how strong he had become.

The evil energy was still under the control of the Purple Crystal, so with an order from Yi Yun’s consciousness, it fell dormant.

As for Shen Tu Nantian’s body, it was completely in shambles. The body spat out large amounts of blood and organ bits. In the eyes of the human warriors, this body of Shen Tu Nantian was not going to live on further.

Zhulong’s single fatal blow at the third Inspector made the crowd feel apprehensive.

The masked man was a cruel and merciless person in the hearts of the Heavenly Blood Union members. He was the capricious administrator of the Heavenly Blood Union, yet now, he had been instantly disposed off by Zhulong.

Had Zhulong already determined that the masked man was a traitor? Was he not afraid of making a mistake?

“This trash is being controlled by you?”

Zhulong said slowly as he looked at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was slightly stunned when he heard this. He never expected Zhulong to figure out the masked man’s betrayal, much less his control of the masked man.

Zhulong sneered and said, “You have concealed so much. With your strength, how can the third Inspector have the ability to forcefully make you sign a soul contract? That itself is a problem. Furthermore, there is a faint spiritual connection between you and the third Inspector…”

Zhulong was extremely perceptive. He may not have discovered the evil energy, but when Yi Yun used the Purple Crystal to control the evil energy, he had to use a bit of spiritual energy, and it was this tiny amount that Zhulong managed to detect.

“I don’t like people playing with puppets in front of me, and abhor a snake hidden amidst my men. The true third Inspector has already been killed by you, right!?”

The third Inspector was being controlled by Yi Yun?

The Heavenly Blood Union members were rendered speechless from Zhulong’s words.

They found it difficult to believe that the feared third Inspector, who always had an aura of austere gloominess, had been killed by Jiang Yidao and controlled as a puppet.

Could it be that the actions of the third Inspector towards the punishments, rewards and orders to the Heavenly Blood Union members were all Jiang Yidao’s intentions?

Who was this Jiang Yidao? How did he have such inconceivable abilities?