True Martial World Chapter 644

Chapter 644: Yi Yun Battles Zhulong
Chapter 644: Yi Yun Battles Zhulong

“Senior Brother Jiang…had managed to take control of the third Inspector when he was pursuing us. We thought Senior Brother Jiang had succumbed to the third Inspector, but it was the third Inspector who became Senior Brother Jiang’s puppet!”

Wei Chiwei recollected the sequences of the masked man’s pursuit of them. The surging killing intent emitted by the masked man when he chased after them was not something that could be faked. There was no need for Yi Yun to have done that.

Later on, they were sealed in the large array, with their perception cut off. It prevented them from knowing anything that happened outside. When they came out, they received news that Yi Yun had signed a soul contract; furthermore, Yi Yun got them to sign the soul contract too.

From the looks of it, Yi Yun had managed to gain control of the masked man outside the seal.

How did Jiang Yidao have the means to control a top expert?

“Senior Brother Jiang had long controlled the masked man, so he must have tampered with the soul contract. No wonder he can ignore the soul contract now. From the looks of it, the soul contract we signed is also fake.”

Wei Chiwei and company realized this and heaved a sigh of relief. They could not escape from the soul contract once it was signed.

“Could the person who saved us be the Inspector controlled by Senior Brother Jiang…?”

The Chu sisters looked at the devastated body of the masked man which was covered in black blood. Recalling that sinister aura, it was indeed no different from the masked man…

The third Inspector was killed in one move, depicting the great increase in strength Zhulong received after absorbing the Blood of Destruction.

At this moment, Zhulong was hovering in the sky as his aura constantly increased. His muscles swelled up as his joints cracked with explosive sounds. Unperceptively, Zhulong’s body had grown in height, making him taller than Yi Yun by a head. A dark red blood trace spread out from the middle of his eyebrows, like channels that circled all around his body.

He looked like a lofty mountain that could not looked straight at. He was high and mighty, as his aura suppressed everyone.

“That chess piece of yours has been settled by me. Next, it shall be you.”

After he finished speaking, Zhulong suddenly moved. His aura recessed, as the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in a hundred mile radius rumbled!


Zhulong traversed a distance of a thousand feet in an instant, and punched at Yi Yun. This was his first meaningful attack!

All the eyes of the Heavenly Blood Union members lit up. As long as Zhulong beat Jiang Yidao, then they could easily overcome and wipe out the Desolate race members!

The echo from the explosive sound caused their skin to turn numb. And before they were cognizant of their physiological response, Zhulong had already appeared in front of Yi Yun!

It was too fast!

At that instant, the space around Yi Yun was receding, forming a spatial cage that trapped Yi Yun within.

Zhulong possessed power that far exceeded anyone Yi Yun had previously met.

This was the power brought forth from the Blood of Gods?


Yi Yun brandished his saber, as all of his Yuan Qi exploded. Behind Yi Yun, a black Nine Neonate phantom image appeared. The nine heads roared at the heavens!

With his Aspect Totem conjured, and through the augmentation of the pure Yang powers with the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” as a foundation, the Nine Neonate totem imbued itself in the Ancient Dust Saber, and was shot out by Yi Yun’s slash.


The Nine Neonate roared and collided with Zhulong’s fist. In the overwhelming explosion, the Ancient Dust Saber vibrated violently. The pressure dealt to the Ancient Dust Saber was not something it could withstand!

The saber was obtained by Yi Yun from the Heavenly Blood Union’s treasury. Although it was not some peerless divine weapon, it was still a top weapon in the Tian Yuan World. However, there were signs that the saber was failing to withstand Zhulong’s immense strength.


The Ancient Dust Saber was grabbed by Zhulong. While wearing the black glove, his five sharp claws lodged onto the Ancient Dust Saber’s blade tip.

Without a doubt, the black glove was a supreme-grade treasure whose quality far exceeded Yi Yun’s Ancient Dust Saber.

“Zhi Zhi Zhi!”

The Ancient Dust Saber issued a series of twisting metal sounds, as if the saber was about to be forcefully ripped apart by Zhulong!

This amount of strength was terrifying!

“This is your strength?”

Zhulong laughed wantonly. As his face was covered in strands of blood lines, it made his smile look extremely ferocious.


Zhulong tightened his grip, but at this moment, Yi Yun infused all his Yuan Qi into the Ancient Dust Saber, causing the saber to become as hard as divine metal.

The saber truth, pressing forward with indomitable will!


The Ancient Dust Saber was pulled out. As it rubbed across Zhulong’s black gloves, it emitted an ear-piercing screech.

A saber’s solidness not only depended on the saber’s material, it also depended on the saber-bearer’s strength and his insight into the saber Dao.

Yi Yun had forcefully used his own strength to preserve the Ancient Dust Saber. He managed to retreat with his saber intact.

Upon seeing this scene, Zhulong was first slightly stunned before he sneered.

Although he failed to break the Ancient Dust Saber, the blade tip had been damaged. The saber was supported by Yi Yun’s saber intent. Once Yi Yun’s saber intent weakened, the saber would also shatter.

However, how could Yi Yun ensure his saber intent would constantly be strong against Zhulong’s powerful attacks?


Zhulong shouted as he charged towards Yi Yun. His traversing was accompanied by a whistling thunder.

Zhulong made a second punch which was much more powerful and terrifying than the first.

Yi Yun’s surroundings once again sealed him a spatial prison, preventing Yi Yun from evading. As Yi Yun saw the punch reach him, he focused and became one with the saber!



The spatial prison was forcefully slashed open by Yi Yun. He flew out with his saber, while Zhulong’s punch followed, punching into thin air!


Like a meteorite crashing to the ground, a mountain a hundred meters away experienced the brunt of the shock wave from Zhulong’s punch.

The ten-thousand-feet-tall mountain rumbled. Its middle cratered from the immense shockwave, leaving behind a gigantic punch mark.

Next, the mountain began to collapse as rocks rolled down, while a plume of dust sprung up, covering the sky.

The gigantic mountain collapsed with a tumultuous boom, causing the ground to quake as a result.

Warriors, who were watching from afar, were stunned seeing this. The Soul Tomb’s environment was special. The rocks here had been nourished by the Yin aura over the tens of millions of years, making the rocks here much harder than those outside.

However, a mountain composed of such rocks had collapsed under Zhulong’s punch. And his punch did not even strike the mountain. There was a distance of a hundred meters separating them!

If it was a person who had bore the brunt of the strike, what would be that person’s outcome? It probably was not enough to describe him as perishing utterly.

“Too powerful!”

“If Jiang Yidao is hit by a punch, the outcome would be obvious!”

The Heavenly Blood Union members felt their blood boil from watching this.

Who could withstand such power? What could Jiang Yidao do? He might have heaven-defying talent, but he was far from a Reincarnator who had lived several incarnations!

If they had strength similar to Zhulong, how liberating would that be?

If they mastered the “Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique”, then their strengths would also increase multifold. Even if they were not as strong as Zhulong, as long as they had 5-10% of his strength, it was enough!