True Martial World Chapter 645

Chapter 645: Torch Dragon versus Golden Crow
Chapter 645: Torch Dragon versus Golden Crow

“You broke open my spatial prison?” Zhulong looked down at Yi Yun while hovering high in the sky. He was not bothered that Yi Yun had managed to dodge his second punch.

“You are very fast, unfortunately, in my area of influence, speed is meaningless. If you want to defeat me, you need to be able to withstand the pressure from my area of influence, and face me head on. If not, defeating me is an impossibility.”

As Zhulong spoke, countless black bolts of lightning circulated in the surrounding space. Zhulong and Yi Yun were previously enclosed within a large sealed enchantment for their fight, but now, the enchantment was beginning to shrink.

With the enchantment shrinking, its intensity also grew stronger. Slowly, Yi Yun could sense the surrounding space around him turn viscous.

The space seemed to begin possessing mass. The heavy space permeated the surroundings, resulting in beams of light to be distorted when they crossed this space.

“Oh? This is…”

Yi Yun was surprised. He spread his perception out, but there was nothing around him.

“Are you surprised?” Zhulong opened up his arms as he indulged himself in the viscous space. He seemed to be lord of this space, where he was in control of everything.

“An absolute void is not necessary devoid of matter. Space itself is a formation of energy. It can dominate and create life, and it could also dominate and annihilate. When it is condensed to an extremity, it would distort. It would restrain everything within it like gravity, preventing anything from escaping. This is just a very small aspect of spatial dimension laws…”

Spatial dimension laws were extremely mysterious to Tian Yuan world warriors.

Canonized material that described space and time were hard to come by, but from hearing what Zhulong had to say today, the Heavenly Blood Union members present felt their hearts palpitate.

Such a mysterious power made their blood boil.

Zhulong’s power was already terrifying enough. He had the physical strength to twist and break a treasured weapon of the Tian Yuan world, and was well-versed in spatial dimension laws. He was the epitome of invincibility.

Even Yi Yun found this spatial area of influence extremely mysterious, much less the Tian Yuan world warriors.

He still had a long path ahead, so fighting against experts who were similar in strength as he was greatly aided his growth.

“With space already sealed, how are you to dodge this time?” Zhulong’s energy began to combust. The energy on his body surface presented itself as gray flames. As the flames gathered behind Zhulong, it slowly formed a black coiled dragon.

The black dragon revealed its teeth and brandished its claws, while emitting a deep growl.

This black dragon’s scales, claws and beard were extremely lifelike, as if it was a real black dragon.

This was a Torch Dragon, which was also Zhulong’s Aspect Totem.

Zhulong, who had conjured his Aspect Totem, increased his strength several fold!

“Heaven Incinerating Dragon’s Inferno!”

Zhulong punched out, while the Torch Dragon phantom image behind him imbued itself into his fist. The grayish-black inferno consumed the surroundings like plumes of dark clouds gathered together, torching the Heaven and Earth!

Yi Yun was fully focused to take on this punch. As the space around him became more viscous and twisted, it made it impossible for Yi Yun to evade Zhulong’s attack.

Yi Yun roared as the Nine Neonate Aspect Totem behind him augmented itself into his body, allowing his strength to instantly increase!

The saber truth, One With the Saber!


The saber blade forcefully broke open the distorted space, while also sending a saber beam that was like a hundred-feet-wide golden waterfall that slashed downwards at Zhulong’s fist.


An intense collision erupted as two terrifying shockwaves merged together to form a violent stormy blast. This blast was compressed within the twisted space, and grew in strength as it was being compressed.

Just like the air that was being forcefully compressed in a balloon, it finally exploded when it reached its limits!


The distorted space was largely dissipated as a spherical shock wave shot out. Yi Yun felt a tremendous force hit him like he was being hit in the chest by a mountain. He felt a sharp pain in his organs as he was sent flying backwards.


With a crisp sound, a series of blue frost-like patterns began appearing in the middle of the saber in Yi Yun’s hands, before it shattered!

As he experienced the powerful impact, Yi Yun was no longer able to use his saber intent to preserve the Ancient Dust Saber. As such, his saber reached the end of its life.

“First I’ll destroy your saber, then I’ll take your life!”

In the stormy blast, Zhulong roared with laughter. The Torch Dragon phantom image behind him roared and charged at Yi Yun!

A Torch Dragon was a legendary divine beast that could create seasonal winds just by breathing. As for the Torch Dragon Aspect Totem condensed by Zhulong, it naturally was not a result of condensing a divine beast’s beast mark, but his Aspect Totem still possessed the powerful stance of a divine beast.

As Yi Yun was sent retreating by the shock wave, the Torch Dragon Aspect Totem rushed after him.

Unfortunately, Yi Yun had just attacked, causing his Yuan Qi to greatly weakened. Furthermore, his Ancient Dust Saber had already shattered.

Ka Ka Ka!

The space behind Yi Yun began to coagulate, sealing off any room for Yi Yun’s retreat. This gave him no choice but to face Zhulong’s Aspect Totem directly.


Zhulong’s killing intent was surging, and his strike was not something Yi Yun could dodge at all.

As the Torch Dragon widely opened its mouth to devour Yi Yun, he decided to abandon the shortened Ancient Dust Saber. He levelled his arms as he used his chest to directly meet the strike!

This pose was undoubtedly suicidal.

“Oh? Have you succumbed to your fate?”

Just as this thought arose in the minds of everyone, they suddenly heard a sharp screech emit from Yi Yun’s body.

A reddish-gold firebird flew out from Yi Yun’s chest, charging straight at the Torch Dragon totem.

This firebird’s wingspan was more than a hundred feet wide. It was covered in fiery feathers and had three legs. It was a three-legged Golden Crow!

After cultivating the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, Yi Yun’s pure Yang laws had improved greatly. This also caused his Golden Crow Aspect Totem to completely remould itself. Its power was completely different from the past.

A Torch Dragon and a Golden Crow.

The two powerful Aspect Totems danced in the air, and clashed at each other without any gaudy display.


This impact far exceeded the Yuan Qi storm blast that had previously been compressed to its limits!

Under this jarring impact, the sealed enchantment Zhulong set up trembled violently. There were even terrifying blast waves that tore off a portion of the enchantment, piercing outwards like sharp swords!

They numbered more than ten, and these blast waves contained unimaginable power as a result of being highly compressed!

“Careful!” Someone exclaimed.

However, it was too late, because the blast waves were too fast. In the instant they saw it, it had already streaked towards the horizons.

An unlucky human warrior had his body pierced through by a blast wave.


The person’s body broke up into pieces. It did not even bleed, because all of his blood had been scorched dry in a thousandth of a second.

After the blast wave penetrated the human warrior, it did not lose any momentum. Wherever it passed, mountains would be left with a gaping hole, and a wide chasm opened up beneath it. It had an indomitable momentum!

These blast waves were energy trapped in the enchantment, a product of the combined blast of Yi Yun and Zhulong, so how could a common elite be able to withstand it?

Upon seeing this scene, everyone were appalled as their faces turned white.

The only reason they survived was not because they were strong, but because they were lucky. After all, there were only about a dozen blast waves. They were standing a distance away, and was not along any of the blast waves’ trajectories. They definitely could not dodge them, nor be able to withstand them. They would only be reduced to shreds!

Such terrifying energy was produced from within the sealed enchantment, so without a doubt, at the moment of the explosion, it was a hell where even gods could be slayed inside the enchantment.

If they had been within it, they would definitely be reduced to ashes!

Then what about Zhulong and Jiang Yidao?

“How is the battle?”

“Is Jiang Yidao dead?”

People looked at the sealed enchantment, which were riddled with about a dozen holes, despite not having recovered from their shock. At this moment, the energy within the enchantment was still chaotic, preventing them from seeing things clearly.

Only after some of the energy dissipated did they manage to barely make out Zhulong’s figure.

He was still hovering midair, but his hair was slightly disheveled.

At this moment, he was looking at the embers of the pure Yang flames within the space, as if deep in thought.

Suddenly, he laughed. “Golden Crow Aspect Totem. It seems I have heard about this somewhere…”