True Martial World Chapter 648

Chapter 648: Alternate Dimension Tomb
Chapter 648: Alternate Dimension Tomb

“What sort of sword is this!?”

Despite wearing Heaven’s Punishment, it was still not enough to withstand the sharpness of the sword.

A sword’s sharpness was not only determined by the sword’s physical sharpness, it also depended on the Sword Intent contained within the sword.

Some ancient divine swords could only have their Sword Intents sealed when placed in a scabbard. The moment it was drawn out of the scabbard, just a look at the sword could be enough to inflict injuries on someone, despite not touching its blade.

This nameless ancient sword was as such.

For someone to use his hand to grab the blade of a sword of that would reign sovereign amongst swords, it was an act of blasphemy towards the ancient sword.

Without needing Yi Yun to power it with his Yuan Qi, the ancient sword automatically began to vibrate, and the Sword Intent condensed within it surged out. Despite being separated by Heaven’s Punishment, Zhulong’s palm was slashed by the Sword Intent. Gashes forming as blood turned his palm crimson!


Zhulong’s expression changed. His left hand subconsciously released the sword like a mortal touching a hot surface.

At this moment, Yi Yun’s hand suddenly jerked, pulling the broken sword away!


The sword’s blade slid across Zhulong’s palm as Sword Intent shot out in all directions. With a sudden vibration, the black glow from Heaven’s Punishment lost its luster.

Zhulong’s left hand was trembling, underneath Heaven’s Punishment, his hand’s tendons and bones had all been severed!

And at this moment, Yi Yun raised his sword again. On the ancient broken sword, the specks of rust began to emit a faint glow.

These rust specks was actually the blood of a Bronze Ancient God, which had stained the broken sword. The Bronze Ancient God’s blood had merged with the sword, and with the passage of time, the sword had turned into its present state. The rust itself was not a mark of the metal being destroyed, but was a container of the immense power and laws stored within the blood!

Yi Yun’s present realm was still insufficient for him to use the laws contained within, but it was still enough for him to be able to dominate in the Tian Yuan world.

As he slashed out, the sword whistled towards Zhulong. Sword beams spewed out, tearing open the distorted void.

As Zhulong saw the sword blade approaching him, he no longer dared to use his hand to block it. With a roar, his Yuan Energy Battle Embodiment was pushed to its limits, causing a visible curtain of black light to form on the surface of his body. At the same time, Zhulong retreated rapidly!


The broken sword slashed onto Zhulong’s protective, black light membrane and shattered it immediately. The wanton sword winds created from the slash tore apart the chest armor Zhulong was wearing.

Zhulong was sent flying backwards, like a kite with a broken thread, but Yi Yun did not give Zhulong the chance to make any alterations. With the broken sword in hand, he chased after Zhulong.

As sword beams shot forward, they constantly tore apart the distorted void that curbed Yi Yun’s speed. The broken sword clung tightly onto Zhulong, as every attack stabbed at Zhulong’s throat.

As Zhulong retreated, he endured the pain coming from his hand and punched out.

“Torch Dragon’s Nine Death Punches!”

Zhulong punched out nine times, the force from his fist exploding midair. However, he no longer dared to make contact with the strange broken sword.

Zhulong, who did not dare to fight head on and had injuries on his hands, was forced into retreat by Yi Yun!


While retreating, Zhulong smashed into a mountain behind him, causing the thousand feet mountain to turn into smithereens!

As rubble scattered around like a wanton storm, Zhulong charged out from within the rubble, his hair disheveled.

Yi Yun chased straight after him and loudly said, “Did you not say that, in your spatial area of influence, if I do not fight you head on, I would definitely lose? Now, despite me fighting you head on, you constantly escape. It’s so boring.”

Yi Yun showed no mercy as he ridiculing Zhulong by using his own words from before, smacking his face directly.

Yi Yun was using this method to force Zhulong to face him head on.

Despite being able to break open the distorted space with the broken sword, Yi Yun would still be slowed down in the spatial area of influence. It prevented him from perfectly using “Golden Crow Sun Shift”, making it very difficult for him to kill Zhulong!

Yi Yun’s derision made a vein pop up on Zhulong’s forehead, but he did not lose his mind because of Yi Yun. He was very clear-minded. The broken sword was too odd. If he used a long range weapon, he could still put up a fight, but with the Heaven’s Punishment…

This sort of weapon for empty fists was restraining him too much. Since he could not directly parry the attacks, how was he to defeat Yi Yun?

Zhulong suppressed his embarrassment and carried on dodging Yi Yun’s sword, but in the eyes of the Heavenly Blood Union members, it was a completely different matter.

All they saw was Zhulong being chased by Yi Yun as he was being beaten up. He looked pathetic.

This made all the Heavenly Blood Union members stare on with eyes widened and mouths open. In their hearts, Zhulong was synonymous with undefeatable. He represented the mysteriousness and invincibility of the Martial Alliance.

However, now… the redoubtable figure they worshipped was being suppressed so badly by a junior like Yi Yun.

They were jealous and furious at Yi Yun, wishing for him to be maimed of his cultivation, then tortured to death, with his corpse strung up for all to see.

However… the anticipated scene of Zhulong crippling Yi Yun did not happen. Instead, the Human race’s traitor was close to crippling Zhulong.

Some of the meticulous human warriors had already discovered that the way Zhulong clenched his fist looked unnatural. This implied that Zhulong’s hand was probably injured, and his injuries were likely quite severe!

If Zhulong was defeated by Yi Yun, what would happen to them?

To keep things under wraps, Yi Yun would probably silence all of them!

Just thinking of this made many of them panick.

Some people were considering escaping, but the Soul Tomb, it was a completely sealed space. Escaping? It was easier said than done! Furthermore, there was also Lin Xintong guarding by the side. This white-dressed woman’s strength would definitely exceed their imaginations.


When Zhulong could no longer retreat, he broke through the sealed enchantment’s boundary!

The black membrane shattered. Once out of the spatial force field, the distorted space would no longer be an obstacle to Yi Yun’s speed. Then Yi Yun’s ability to chase would definitely increase several fold.

With the “Golden Crow Sun Shift” movement technique, Zhulong, who was not adept at speed, was definitely no match for Yi Yun.

“Meet your end!”

Yi Yun knew deeply that it was because Zhulong had underestimated him was the reason why he ended up receiving those injuries to his hand. And to a fist user, having his hands injured meant losing a large portion of his combat ability. Taking advantage of a situation was Yi Yun’s battle principle.

Sword beams appeared once again as the two-foot long, broken sword stabbed straight at Zhulong’s heart!

And at this moment… Yi Yun, who was flying forward from the sword’s momentum, felt his body suddenly sink. The space surrounding him coagulated again as a strong suction force began to tug at his body, causing him to slow down.

Oh? What?

Yi Yun’s heart sink. At this moment, he saw the red blood traces that emanated all over Zhulong’s body seem to burn once again. His eyes were now bloodshot, as if he had used a mystic technique!

The spatial restrictive force was too powerful, preventing Yi Yun from easily escaping it.

“You have really infuriated me. Even if I have to hurt my cultivation level, I will annihilate you. I shall let you witness the ultimate profoundness of the spatial dimension laws I cultivate!”

“Alternate Dimension Tomb!”

Zhulong flew upwards in anger as a dark spatial door appeared out of nowhere behind Yi Yun. It slowly opened, and within the spatial door was a void of emptiness. No one knew where it led to. The immense suction force came from the spatial door, restricting Yi Yun.