True Martial World Chapter 650

Chapter 650: Land of Slumber
Chapter 650: Land of Slumber

Zhulong was definitely a thorny opponent.

Zhulong’s attainment in spatial dimension laws had actually surpassed what he could display. He could not display everything he understood from the laws due to his present cultivation level.

“This is a spatial dimensional maze.”

Yi Yun was on high alert as he made sure to pay attention to everything around him.

“Where’s my sister?” Yi Yun asked Lin Xintong. After all, at the moment they entered this alternate dimension, Lin Xintong was closer to Jiang Xiaorou.

“My perception has been following her all this time!” Lin Xintong said.

Since Yi Yun had handed Jiang Xiaorou to her, she naturally would not allow any mishaps to happen to Jiang Xiaorou.

In fact, when the alternate dimension began to devour everything surrounding it, Lin Xintong had immediately flew towards Jiang Xiaorou.

Now, she was actually very close to Jiang Xiaorou.

“Xintong, protect my sister well.” Yi Yun quickly transmitted his voice through his spiritual energy.

Although he was worried about Jiang Xiaorou and worried if this alternate dimension was a drastic, final technique that Zhulong was using to perish together with him, Yi Yun remained extremely calm. With Jiang Xiaorou’s safety in Lin Xintong’s hands, he did not stress over it, nor could he. He needed to consider where the alternate dimension’s weakness was.

The alternate dimension was just endless darkness and emptiness. As Yi Yun spread out his perception, he discovered a lot more people.

These people were either the members from the Desolate race or Heavenly Blood Union members.

The warriors of the Desolate race were alarmed when the alternate dimension suddenly appeared. Some of them were worried about Yi Yun and Zhulong’s battle. Some were even looking for and calling out to their Queen, hoping to try their very best to ensure Jiang Xiaorou’s safety.

On the other side, the Heavenly Blood Union members became excited after a moment of panic. The scene in front of them was clearly Zhulong’s strongest move. This move was extremely powerful, causing an alternate dimension to devour the space that they were in.

If Yi Yun was thrown into the deepest recesses of this alternate dimension, causing him to be lost in it until his death, that loneliness that accompanied his death was definitely more miserable than directly killing him.

However, these people were also in the alternate dimension. They were somewhat panicking because they worried that they had been implicated by this final attack, resulting in them accompanying Yi Yun in death.

These people looked around, searching for their companions, especially the Reincarnators such as Young master Fengming, Fairy Sheji and company. They were the core members of the Martial Alliance, so it was unlikely that they would be abandoned even if Zhulong used a mystic technique.

As long as they found the Reincarnators and followed them, they would be able to leave.

As these people were thinking, a few of them suddenly felt a spatial suction enshroud them. Before they managed to react, they found themselves sucked through a spatial dimensional tunnel.

During the spatial transference, they felt giddy and their ears rang. A few seconds later, they slammed to the ground.

The group of people slammed to the ground in quite a wretched state. The discomfort brought about by the violent spatial transference gave them a headache.

When they opened their eyes, they noticed that they had arrived in a vast land riddled with black rock. High in the sky hung the blood moon. This familiar scene… Wasn’t this the Soul Tomb?

“This is the Soul Tomb? We are back!”

The Heavenly Blood Union members who returned to the Soul Tomb were overjoyed.

Although they spent an extremely short amount of time in the alternate dimension, the endless darkness and loneliness surrounding them in that strange spatial dimension, as well as the fear of not being able to return, was still fresh on their minds.

More and more people were teleported out to the Soul Tomb, including the Reincarnators like Young master Fengming and company.

With a more careful look, this place was no longer where Yi Yun battled Zhulong. The location had changed.

After entering and exiting the alternate dimension, they had been collectively teleported elsewhere.

“Where’s Yi Yun? Has that traitor died?”

“Is he sealed in that alternate dimension?”

Upon seeing the Reincarnators, the Heavenly Blood Union members began to bombard them with a flurry of questions. If Yi Yun had died, they too could heave a sigh of relief.

Fengming, Sheji and Qiongqi did not respond because they too did not know. They had been sucked into the alternate dimension along with the rest of the Heavenly Blood Union members momentarily before being teleported out. There was no difference between them and the other Heavenly Blood Union members.

“Of course Yi Yun has been sealed in the alternate dimension. Even if he’s not dead, he’s not far from it. At least, it won’t be easy for him to come out. If not, what was the point of Lord Zhulong burning his blood essence to activate his final attack? Was it just to specially teleport us?” A Heavenly Blood Union member said with confidence.

When the others heard this, they too found it highly plausible.

The price of Lord Zhulong’s final attack was obviously nothing trivial. After battling Yi Yun for so long, Zhulong probably had an estimation of Yi Yun’s strength. If this alternate dimension was useless against Yi Yun, then what was the point of using that attack?

At this moment, there were more and more people teleported to this area of the Soul Tomb. They were all Heavenly Blood Union members, while the Desolate race had all been filtered.

This caused the Heavenly Blood Union members to feel greatly at ease. It appeared that Zhulong had used a killer move to trap all the enemies, and they had been saved.

At this moment, in the alternate dimension, Yi Yun spread his perception in all directions. He realized that the Heavenly Blood Union members that his perception had caught traces off had instantly disappeared after being sucked into a spatial dimensional tunnel.

This is…

Yi Yun’s heart sank. He clearly knew that the Heavenly Blood Union members were bodies nurtured carefully by the Blood Moon. They were “riches” that were to be possessed by the Yin specters, and the main goal of the Blackstone Trials was to send these bodies to the Yin specters, so Zhulong naturally could not abandon those Heavenly Blood Union members.

Now, with the Heavenly Blood Union members slowly disappearing, they were most likely being sent out of the alternate dimension, returning to the Soul Tomb.

How could Yi Yun watch idly as they escaped? With a thought, he interfaced his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal. In the corner of the alternate dimension, a gray energy was toiling around. It seemed like a sliding black snake that was spitting out its tongue in the darkness.

This was the evil energy that Yi Yun controlled. After the masked man was killed by Zhulong, Shen Tu Nantian’s body was devastated, and this evil energy had secretly emanated outwards, to no one’s notice.

But now, under Yi Yun’s control, the evil energy traversed through the alternate dimension.


The evil energy entered a Heavenly Blood Union member’s body.

This Heavenly Blood Union member was a moustached youth in his twenties. He felt his tummy turn cold the moment the evil energy entered his body. But before he could react to it, he felt the heaven and earth undergo an upheaval the next moment. He was sucked into the spatial dimension tunnel, and he was thrown into another area in the Soul Tomb.

After rubbing his giddy head, the moustached youth looked around and he saw many Heavenly Blood Union members, including Reincarnators, gathered here.

This was an extremely special valley.

In the valley, there were stone pillars that rose up. Each of the stone pillars had a thick base and thin top. There were prolate spheroids indented outwards on each stone pillar, like large gray cocoons. Some of the cocoons were even moving slightly. It was unknown what was inside the large cocoons.

“Where am I?” The moustached youth gave a look of puzzlement.

At this moment, in the alternate dimension, Yi Yun, who saw this scene through the evil energy, felt his heart sink!

“So it has finally begun… ”

Yi Yun took a deep breath as his eyes flashed coldly. The Blood Moon had finally revealed their fangs…

He knew that this special area that contained numerous large cocoons was the land where the Yin specters slumbered!