True Martial World Chapter 652

Chapter 652: Reunion
Chapter 652: Reunion

This divine tower was majestic, like a mountain peak that could not be scaled. It came suppressing downwards while spinning.

With it suppressing downwards, numerous cracks appeared throughout the void!

Divine light flashed, illuminating the surroundings. The sounds of Sanskrit chants emitted out from the divine tower, while mysterious runic seals condensed around it, continuously increasing greatly in number.

In just an instant, the black void was filled with condensed, golden runic seals. Even the members of the Desolate race beside Lin Xintong saw this miraculous scene.

Outside their energy shields, there were golden runic seals blanketing the area, as if there were golden dragonflies fluttering in the air.

This is…

The elites of the Desolate race were all extremely shocked. This was the first time they saw light ever since they entered this alternate dimension. Inside this spatial maze, space was distorted, preventing two people, who were separated by two to three meters, to pinpoint each other’s existence.

“There is a golden tower in the distance!”

A Desolate race youth suddenly shouted out.

The crowd looked out and indeed, they saw a shining golden divine tower in the horizon, far off in the distance.

The divine tower seemed to be infinitely far away, yet they could still see it despite the distance. For some reason, it gave them a jolt in their hearts.

The spatial forces distorted the spatial maze, even light was obstructed by it. However, under absolute strength, the divine tower’s light was able to disperse the darkness.

Suddenly, the “golden dragonflies”, dancing in the air, flew towards the divine tower.

The “dragonflies” moved very quickly, forming strands of golden lines, illuminating the entirety of the dark void!

Many members of the Desolate race stared dumbfoundedly at the pretty scene happening before their eyes. It was as if this dark and lonely alternate dimension had been given life.


Uncountable numbers of golden runic seals entered the tower, causing the divine tower to emit a blinding light that resembled the radiance of the Sun.

At that instant, pure Yang energy dispersed the darkness and the distorted spatial energy. The spatial maze began to tremble, and with a “Ka Ka Ka”, cracks began to appear in the space itself. They grew in number as they spread out everywhere like a web.

With a explosive ring, the spatial barriers collapsed in large swaths. At the instant the spatial barriers exploded, the spatial energy lost its nomological bindings and began to separate out, forming an energy storm that blasted out in all directions!

Outside the spatial barriers, there were mountains and valleys that were torn to shreds by the spatial storms. Large boulders were reduced to fragments and then further split, until they turn into dust!

As the terrifying storm surged, it heavily collided with the protective energy shields jointly raised by the Desolate race members.

The energy shields violently trembled, the expressions of the Desolate race members turning pale as they saw boulders the size of hills around them turn to dust.

This was a complete annihilation and it was happening before their eyes. It was a powerful assault on their visual senses.

The people present felt fear from seeing this. Moments ago, they had been suspecting the efficacy of raising a protective energy shield, but now, when they imagined themselves being alone in the energy storm, they could see that they would have been destined to be reduced to dust.

They were also thankful that Lin Xintong was present. With Lin Xintong’s energy infused into their energy shields, it made it much easier for them to resist the storm.

“This Zhulong’s strength… is indeed terrifying.”

As Lin Xintong looked at the energy storm, she was well aware that most of the energy from the energy storm did not come from Yi Yun, but from the spatial barriers, which was part of Zhulong’s strength.

A Reincarnator’s strength could not be underestimated. Yi Yun had previously defeated Zhulong because of his weapon’s advantage. The divine broken sword was highly effective against Zhulong’s Heaven’s Punishment.

At this moment, the golden tower, hovering above the horizon, was slowly beginning to disappear. The energy storm also lessened in strength, allowing Lin Xintong to remove the energy shields.

Seeing the last flicker of light disappear from the golden tower, Lin Xintong let out a sigh of relief. She naturally knew that the golden tower was the God Advent Tower.

Yi Yun had obtained the God Advent Tower in the Great Empress mystic realm, and now, Yi Yun finally had the ability to use it.

Even though Yi Yun could only use a tiny portion of its power, it was still a beginning worthy of being a pleasant surprise.

As the spatial storms ceased, the spatial maze completely shattered. Yi Yun kept the God Advent Tower and landed on a black mountain peak with his face pale.

Other than an immortal cave, the God Advent Tower was also a weapon. Its greatest effect was to suppress.

The God Advent Tower was the perfect tool to suppress and shatter space.

However… just using it for few seconds caused Yi Yun to feel mentally exhausted, and drained of his stamina. The exhaustion he felt from this was far greater than that from the battle with Zhulong.

Using the God Advent Tower was still a very tough task for the Yi Yun at present. If he wanted to use it to kill his enemies, it would be even more difficult. After all, his enemies would not give Yi Yun the time he needed to activate the God Advent Tower. Furthermore, the speed of the God Advent Tower when it was controlled by him was not fast enough, so it would be very difficult to strike his opponents with it.

“If I break into the Yuan Opening realm, it should be much easier for me to use the God Advent Tower.”

As Yi Yun had such thoughts, he became more eager to break through to the Yuan Opening realm.

As these thoughts flashed past his head, he suddenly saw a girl’s red dress flutter on a mountain not far from him, looking towards him with watery eyes.

The black pupils were bright and pretty, but they also betrayed the tears in them…

“Sis Xiaorou…”

Seeing Jiang Xiaorou’s pale face, Yi Yun felt shakened. They had experienced a decade of separation, without him knowing anything about how Sis Xiaorou led her life with the Desolate race.

His figure flashed as he flew towards Jiang Xiaorou.

Traversing the distance between two mountain peaks was done in an instant…

He opened up his arms as he tightly embraced Jiang Xiaorou.

He buried his head in Jiang Xiaorou’s long hair, indulging in Jiang Xiaorou’s breathing. This long-awaited feeling made him choke as he nearly teared.

While resting on this delicate yet warm shoulder, Yi Yun could even faintly feel her collarbone. Hugging Jiang Xiaorou was like hugging a roll of silk.

However, it was this delicate shoulder that had carried him home when Yi Yun first arrived into this world, weak and suffering from excruciating hunger.

It was this shoulder that shouldered the responsibilities as the family’s breadwinner in the food-scarce Cloud Wilderness. She worked overnight creating arrows and leather armors, in order to exchange for tiny bits of rations.

She had quietly suffered and endured the bullying in the Lian tribal clan.

Previously, Yi Yun nearly thought he was to be forever separated from Jiang Xiaorou in Chu Prefecture City.

Only today, when he experienced that familiar yet gentle touch from embracing Jiang Xiaorou tightly was he reminded that everything was over. Their futures were still within their own grasps.

Yi Yun and Jiang Xiaorou embraced each other under the crimson moonlight coming from the red full blood moon above the mountain peak.

No one in the area spoke. Everything was silent, only the cold wind in the Soul Tomb blowing emitted a rustling sound…