True Martial World Chapter 654

Chapter 654: An unfolded map reveals a dagger
Chapter 654: An unfolded map reveals a dagger

“So that’s what happened, we can feel assured now. That traitor Yi Yun should not be allowed to die easily.”

“Right, that sort of person should have his soul extracted and body destroyed. His soul should be tortured for a century before his soul is completely annihilated.”

“What are the hidden powers of the Martial Alliance? I’m really looking forward to seeing them.”

Upon hearing Fengming’s words, everyone relaxed and they were somewhat elated.

Fengming had a slithering smile filled with deception and bad intentions hidden behind his generous face. He opened his trademark folding fan and he began to fan himself gently. He pointed at the stone pillars behind him and said, “Are you curious as to what these cocoons are? Let me tell you now that these cocoons are the hidden powers sealed by the Martial Alliance!”

“Oh?” Everyone looked at the large cocoons with their eyes lighting up.

“That is it? No wonder we were brought here.”

“What could be the Martial Alliance’s hidden powers?”

Many people looked forward to it, but there were a few people who were secretly afraid, such as Wei Chiwei, the Chu sisters and company.

The six of them were considered traitor accomplices with Yi Yun’s “betrayal”.

They believed that they would be ostracized by the Martial Alliance, or even be killed. However, not only were they not being questioned, they were even teleported here by the Reincarnators.

And up to now, none of the Martial Alliance’s Reincarnators bothered about them, as if they were thin air.

Fengming said, “The seals on the large cocoons have been in place for a very long time. The seals need to be simultaneously removed, so your help will be needed.”

“Now, I’ll read out names, and that person is to go to a designated cocoon to meditate!”

“First, Fang Yunhai… ”

Fengming began reading out names. Every warrior whose name was read out was led to a large cocoon by Qiongqi or Sheji.

These people began meditating near their respective cocoon, somewhat at a loss.

Every large cocoon in the Yin specters’ slumbering grounds contained a Yin specter with varying strengths.

The Blood Moon assigned a corresponding body according to the respective Yin specters’ strength. By doing so, they could produce the strongest combat strength.

It took a total of 30 minutes before all the names were read out, including Wei Chiwei, the Chu sisters and company.

They were each assigned to a corresponding large cocoon.

Sitting above their respective large cocoons, the Chu sisters could sense a faint evil aura coming from the cocoons, sending shivers down their back.

What was this all about? Why were they given the opportunity to participate in the final plan?

They looked at Wei Chiwei and the bald youth. The two of them also looked uneasy, as if they were sitting on a large cocoon that contained a powerful primordial beast.

“Alright, the removal of the seals will also allow you to be correspondingly rewarded. So work hard and release our Martial Alliance’s final hidden powers. This is the final goal of this Blackstone Trials!” Fengming said those words with a gentle and mild voice, and it had an extremely rousing effect.

The rewards handed out by the Martial Alliance had always been the pursuit of the youths present over all these years.

“Carefully feel the seal in the large cocoon near you. Inject as much energy as possible into it so you can remove it!” Fengming gave the order.

Everyone sent their perception into their respective large cocoons to sense the existence of the seal.

Many people did so without any doubts, and they began to inject their own Yuan Qi into the large cocoons without any reservations.

However, there were a very small minority who had their reservations about this.

In the Soul Tomb which was fraught with dangers, injecting large amounts of energy into the cocoons, which would weaken themselves, was not a safe thing to do.

Besides, the method needed to remove the seals made them hesitate. What was sealed in the cocoons? Was it a weapon? Or was it some ancient life force?

It was something sealed tens of millions of years ago, and it was still as strong as ever? Then, was it dangerous for them to be so close to it?

But at this moment, it was meaningless to think about all of that. After all, they had signed a soul contract, so they could not openly disobey the Martial Alliance’s orders.

Seeing their peers trying their best to inject their own Yuan Qi into the cocoons without any reservations, these people also began to compete with them. They did not wish to fall behind, all because of the rewards promised by the Martial Alliance.

Over all these years, they had enjoyed many perks from the Martial Alliance. They were extremely sensitive to the word ‘rewards’.

As time slowly passed, many of them gradually began to be covered in sweat. As a result of draining their energies, they began to suffer from the after-effects.

Zhulong remained expressionless. As for Fengming, a smile suffused on his lips while he had his arms crossed in front of his chest.

He was estimating the energy depletion progress of everyone. The more energy they drained, the more energy would be given to the Yin specters sleeping in the cocoons, allowing the possession to go more smoothly.

“Begin.” Zhulong transmitted his voice.


Fengming, Sheji and Qiongqi stood in a trigram formation. While Fengming looked calm,Sheji looked expressionless and Qiongqi’s eyes flashed.

The three of them joined forced to condense several array runes.

These array runes began to ripple forward like water waves. When the array runes touched the cocoons embedded in the stone pillar, the cocoons absorbed them immediately.

Once the array runes touched the surface of the cocoons, the cocoons seemed to come alive. Faint red light emanated from the cocoon and flickered.

One could even see inside some of the smaller cocoons due to the translucent stone pillar. It looked like there was a soul swimming around in them.

“Is the seal about to be released?”

Seeing Fengming, Qiongqi and Sheji begin to “help” them remove the seals, everyone worked even harder to inject their energies, wishing that they would be the first to release the seal.

But at this moment…


A Heavenly Blood Union member gave a tragic cry. He suddenly felt an excruciating pain in his head, as the cocoon beneath him suddenly seemed to transform into a demon that was devouring everything. He was originally the one injecting energy into the cocoon, but now, the cocoon had began to initiate the absorption of his body’s energy.

Not only was it absorbing energy, it was also absorbing his spiritual soul’s power through the energy connection!

Although the bodies of warriors were strong, their spiritual souls were extremely weak. Once it was injured, it was very difficult to treat it.

However, his spiritual soul’s power was being absorbed!

There was no way to resist the powerful suction. The cocoon seemed to transform into a avaricious primordial desolate beast that devoured everything!

“What’s going on!?”

As the suction increased in intensity, the Heavenly Blood Union member’s face turned pale. He had a twisted expression as the pain of his soul sea being forcefully torn apart made it seem like ripping his hair would give him greater comfort. He only wished that he could tear his head open so he could forcefully sever the connection.

He was terror-stricken as he felt his life force being rapidly depleted. If this carried on, he would probably die!

“Save me! Please save me!” He shouted for help.

But at this moment, he was met with the tragic cries of others.

In fact, these cocoons had array traps in them. With the three Reincarnators controlling them, the Heavenly Blood Union members were unable to withstand them in their extremely weak states.

Furthermore, there were direct spiritual attacks coming from the Yin specters in the cocoons!

“Lord Zhulong! Lord Fengming!”

At this moment, many of the Heavenly Blood Union members present sensed that all of this was instigated by the Martial Alliance, but they refused to accept the facts. While grabbing on to their last hopes, they wished that everything that was happening was due to an abnormal result of the cocoons laying dormant for too long, something that the Martial Alliance did not expect would happen.

They treated Zhulong, Fengming and company as the final life-saving straw. They stubbornly refused to believe that these people were the conspirators behind all this, because if that was the case, they were undoubtedly doomed.

However, the hopes of these naive youths were very quickly shattered heartlessly.

As Zhulong looked at all this, he appeared cold and distant. As for Fengming, a smile hung on his face, as if he was enjoying everything that was happening before his eyes.

During the next fifteen minutes of struggling, many of them experienced the cycle of fainting, but were again awoken by the agonizing pain that came from their souls. This cycle repeated several times.

Only then did Zhulong begin to speak slowly. “It takes time to build an army, but a moment to deploy them. Now, it time for you to be deployed. To awaken the Yin specters sleeping in the Soul Tomb, your bodies are the best vessels for the specters. There is no need to resist, as it would only give you more pain. It is meaningless.”

“The human races calamity is about to begin, and you shall be on the forefront of it all. You can contribute towards the calamity, and be remembered by history. Your bodies will also be put to even greater use under the hands of these future pioneers. Maybe in the future, your bodies will become gods. You should now feel honored for that possibility in the future… ” Zhulong said with a frank and calm tone, as if everything said was a matter of fact.

However, when these words landed in the Heavenly Blood Union members’ ears, it left them cold and hanging, as if they had received a jolt.

Their last hopes had been destroyed!

The Yin specters sleeping in the cocoons were about to take possession of their bodies. And their souls will be food for those Yin specters, as soulful nourishment!

In the future, their bodies will appear in another form, and the people in control of their body would no longer be themselves, but some evil souls!

Just thinking of these souls, which controlled their bodies, appear in their daily lives, deceiving their friends and family, enjoying their women, made many Heavenly Blood Union members tremble with rage!

What was even more infuriating was that Zhulong mentioned that their bodies would be put to greater use under the hands of future pioneers.

They should feel… honored!


It was preposterous!

Cold sweat drenched the faces of many of them as they gritted their teeth. Their organs were all twisted together from rage.

Could this order be passed down from the upper echelons of the Martial Alliance? The Blackstone Trials was a trap from the very beginning?

They were only chosen for their bodies. Even the Heavenly Dao Union’s existence was for this day.

They were like pigs reared to be slaughtered?

“Zhulong! Do you know what you are doing? My family will not let this go easily!”

“The Martial Alliance might be powerful, but it will be destroyed if it incurs public outrage!”

“You will die very terribly!”

Many of the Heavenly Blood Union members present began to issue deafening threats, but Zhulong turned a deaf ear towards all of this.