True Martial World Chapter 657

Chapter 657: Tearing the Void Again
Chapter 657: Tearing the Void Again

“Jiang Wushuang” had always been loyal to the Martial Alliance. He had been proud of being a member of the Heavenly Blood Union. But now, he had been violently thrown onto the largest Soul Cocoon. His body began to convulse as he suffered an excruciating pain in his soul. He felt like the evil spirit in the Soul Cocoon had already began invading his body, devouring his spiritual soul bit by bit.

“Lord… Zhulong… ”

“Jian Wushuang” lay in the Soul Cocoon in a weak and limp state. He stretched his hands out weakly towards Zhulong, as his fingers trembled.

He refused to believe that the Martial Alliance, who he had been always loyal towards to the point of abandoning his family clan to forever join the Martial Alliance, would now treat him in such a manner.

Seeing the cold and distant Zhulong and the hideous Qiongqi, who was enjoying all of this, “Jian Wushuang” let out a tragic laugh. He derided how pathetic and stupid he was.

Qiongqi sneered as he glanced at Jian Wushuang, before turning to ask Zhulong, “This pretty boy is just a bit better than those trash. Will his body do?”

Zhulong shook his head, “We need to attempt it even it’s not suitable. We have to take all the ancient Yin specters out of the Soul Tomb this time.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand casually, and plumes of soul fires flew out from his black sleeves.

This soul fires were the Heavenly Blood Union members that had been killed in the battle with the Desolate race.

Gongsun Hong, who had been killed by Yi Yun, was also one of the soul fires.

With his body destroyed, Gongsun Hong yearned to cultivate the “Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique”, allowing himself to have a brand new body, so as to fulfill his aspirations and ambitions.

Gongsun Hong was still a bit stunned when he was thrown out into the slumbering grounds of the Yin specters.

There were stone pillars and strange stone cocoons here. As for those Heavenly Blood Union members, they were now all pinned to gigantic cocoons, either struggling or crying out in pain…

Seeing their twisted expressions, it was as if they wished for a quick death.

What… was this?

Gongsun Hong was dumbfounded. This was also part of executing the mission? It did not seem like it.

Then, as he looked at the Reincarnators from the Heavenly Blood Union, the cold Zhulong, the smirking Sheji, the savage and malefic Qiongqi… Gongsun Hong suddenly felt a cold intent surge at him, causing his spiritual soul flame to tremble.

He had a strong sense of unease.

“Lord… Lord Zhulong… What is this about… ?”

Gongsun Hong was panic-stricken, as he felt that the Zhulong standing in front of him was like an ancient evil demon.

Zhulong calmly said, “I was planning on refining all of you into Yin specters, nurturing you for future use, but there is now no more time. So… I will have to let you down by making you soul food for the Yin specter, allowing the ancient Yin specter that has been sleeping for tens of millions of years to quickly recover its peak strength.”

As Zhulong, he grabbed Gongsun Hong and the other Heavenly Blood Union members and threw them at the gigantic Soul Cocoon where “Jian Wushuang” was.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Gongsun Hong let out a tragic scream. However, he was just a spiritual embodiment, so how could he resist? His spiritual soul flame as well as the other Heavenly Blood Union members were swept up by an immense force, as they slowly merged into the Soul Cocoon, and the Soul Devouring Worms devoured them.

By then, a Yin specter had completely merged itself into a Heavenly Blood Union member’s body.

A youth in his twenties stood up from the Soul Cocoon, but his footing was unstable as his expression looked vacant.

His eyes had already turned crimson red.

He suddenly grabbed a few bloody black worms from his ears, and with a crushing sound, squeezed them to pieces. He then threw the wriggling corpse on the ground, crushing them flat.

The first stage of this youth’s possession was completed, but the Yin specter was unable to fully control this body, resulting in him still being in a dazed state.

Qiongqi laughed. “Cheers to your waking up! How does this new body feel?”

Fengming, who was beside Qiongqi, also said, “Hurry and get acclimatized, so as to control this body perfectly. There are serious matters awaiting us.”

There were waves of trouble during the Blackstone Trials, and after a prolonged period of time, the first Yin specter had finally awoken. As such, in less than an hour, all the Yin specters would awaken, then everything would be set in stone.

When they thought about this, Qiongqi and Fengming heaved a sigh of relief.

However, at this moment, Zhulong’s expression suddenly changed. He felt a sense of danger surge at his heart, causing his body to freeze up!

“Dodge!” Zhulong shouted deeply.

“What?” Fengming, Qiongqi and Sheji were stunned momentarily.

“Dodge!” Zhulong roared angrily.

At the same time, his body suddenly leaped up as he flew upwards. As for Fengming, Qiongqi and Sheji, although they were slower by half a beat, they flew in all directions just in time.


A deafening explosion echoed. The entire slumbering ground of the Yin specters, valleys and stone pillars trembled. In the space where Zhulong, Fengming and company were standing, it looked like glass that had been smashed by a hammer. Large pieces of spatial barrier fragments had peeled off, as a golden divine tower flew out of a spatial hole, suppressing the heaven and earth!

“This is… ” Zhulong and the other three Reincarnators were alarmed.

A divine tower had smashed through the spatial maze surrounding the Yin specters’ slumbering ground?

The spatial maze was extremely hidden, so how could it be discovered by others, and shattered in one strike?

After the spatial barrier was shattered, it formed a spatial tornado storm. The spatial storm was heading towards the stone pillars, which would cause the Yin specters that had not awakened to be destroyed by the storm.

Zhulong loudly roared and punched out!


Zhulong’s fist wind impacted the spatial storm, causing it to explode, dissipating into nothingness.

The spatial barriers surrounding the Yin specters’ slumbering ground were far weaker than the alternate dimension barrier that Yi Yun had previously broken open.

If not, Zhulong would have found it very difficult to resist the spatial storm, leading to many Yin specters to perish in the spatial storm. And correspondingly, Yi Yun would have consumed a great amount of stamina if he wanted to break open a more powerful spatial barrier.

Just as Zhulong’s punch smashed through the spatial storm…


A sharp whistle tore through the air, as a golden beam streaked across the darkness, straight at Zhulong. It was an arrow!

Zhulong’s pupils constricted when he saw the arrow!

“Yi Yun! It’s really you!”

Be it the aura that accompanied the arrow, or the pure Yang laws imbued within the arrow, they convinced Zhulong that it was undoubtedly coming from Yi Yun. He did not immediately understand what method Yi Yun had used to be able to so quickly escape from the alternate dimension, and find the Yin specters’ slumbering grounds through the layers of spatial dimensional mazes.

The threatening arrow’s attack did not give Zhulong the time to ruminate over it. He gritted his teeth and dodged sideways.

He had not recovered from the injuries from overdrafting his blood essence, so he was currently in an extremely terrible condition. Furthermore, he had just dissipated the spatial storm. Since he had just finished his move and having used up his energy, it was impossible for him to withstand Yi Yun’s arrow.

The arrow brushed past Zhulong’s shoulder, tearing through Zhulong’s protective Yuan Qi.

After the arrow shot past Zhulong, the arrow unbelievably changed its angle just before it collided with a mountain. This slight change made it face the Yin specter that had just awoken!

This Yin specter was still in a daze. Before it could fully control its new body, it already saw the arrow fly at it.


The Yin specter let out an angry growl, but its body was unable to keep up with its soul. Since it was unable to use the energy in the body, and it was even still repressing the resistance that came from the body’s owner in the soul sea, it was unable to dodge immediately.

The golden arrow was too fast, and with it unable to block, the arrow penetrated its body!


The newly born Yin specter exploded from the arrow’s strike, as its body split into pieces, even shattering its soul!


The Yin specter who had suddenly been killed, the golden explosion as well as the golden tower that suppressed the heaven and earth attracted everyone’s attention.

At this moment, the golden tower was still spinning, but began shrinking in size. And out from the shattered space came Yi Yun who was engulfed in pure Yang golden flames. He held a bow in his hand as he walked out. And following behind him were two beautiful ladies, dressed in red and white. They were Jiang Xiaorou and Lin Xintong.