True Martial World Chapter 658

Chapter 658: Pure Yang Energy Arrows
Chapter 658: Pure Yang Energy Arrows

To all of the Heavenly Blood Union members, who were struggling in pain while lying prostrated on the Soul Cocoons, Yi Yun, who appeared with the two peerless ladies, was similar to a heavenly king that came from the heavens.

If one did not consider his relationship with the Heavenly Blood Union members present, his appearance was like that of a heavenly king coming to save his people. However, the fact was that Yi Yun was previously accused of being a traitor. Many of the Heavenly Blood Union members had hated Yi Yun and disgruntled with him. With jealously, in addition to the new and old grudges, this resulted in many hoping that Yi Yun would die.

Even the alias Yi Yun used to enter the Heavenly Dao Union, Jiang Yidao, was ostracized by the Heavenly Blood Union members. Just before entering the Blackstone Trials, many people had even derided, scolded and mocked Yi Yun for being cowardly and inhumane. He had chosen to escape when faced with a trial that would greatly impact the survival of the Human race. He was then only forcely brought back by the masked man.

After all this derision and scolding, these previously highly-spirited elites, upon meeting Yi Yun in the Yin specters' slumbering ground, were now in such pathetic states.

As for Yi Yun, he apparently already knew of the nefarious schemes of the Martial Alliance. Yi Yun's quitting was probably a result of these schemes.

However, later on, Yi Yun had gained control of the masked man and returned to the Heavenly Dao Union, joining the Blackstone Trials. All of this was to completely destroy the Martial Alliance's scheme. Just thinking of these things made many of them falter. They had no place to hide their shame. Just thinking about their previous actions made them label themselves as incorrigible idiots.

Now, although they did not know the Martial Alliance's goals, they knew that the Martial Alliance was not some benign organization.

The price the Martial Alliance needed to pay for killing all of them in the Soul Tomb, was to become enemies with the entire Tian Yuan world! Therefore, the most likely outcome was that the Martial Alliance planned to use their martial prowess to enslave the entire Tian Yuan world!

The level of brutality and evil by such actions was probably worse than that of the Desolate race!

"Young master Yi… save… save me..."

A Heavenly Blood Union member stretched out his hand, imploring Yi Yun to save him.

As warriors, they were outstanding amongst peers in their own age, so they were naturally arrogant.

Now however, he was in too much pain. Under the threat of a death, the torture of his soul sea and the Soul Devouring Worms tearing through his ear canal, all of his arrogance had vanished.

He did not want to die for no reason in this land that never saw the light of day. He did not want to become food for the Yin souls. He wanted to survive. He wanted to return to his family clan, expose the Martial Alliance's nefarious schemes.

"Young master… Young master Yi, I was dumb… I maligned you… But we were duped… Save me..."

Many elites, who had always been smug, began to plead for Yi Yun's help. They knew that the only person that could save them now was Yi Yun.

"These people really have thrown away all of their dignity."

A Desolate race girl, who replaced Chen Fei to lead the "Skyfox", said disdainfully from behind Yi Yun.

"When one's life is under threat, dignity becomes extremely extravagant. Besides, the pain they are experiencing in their soul sea is unimaginable by us. Yi Yun, save them. Their lives can be put to good use." Lin Xintong said.

To overthrow Blood Moon, they first needed to expose Blood Moon, and these people were the best witnesses.

"Got it."

With the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow in hand, Yi Yun pulled open the bow string. He did not string an arrow, but used pure Yang energy as arrows.

Pure Yang flames condensed together at Yi Yun's fingertips, forming into six pure Yang arrows!


The bowstring twanged, and the first targets of the arrows that shot out were Wei Chiwei, the Chu sisters and company.

Since the six of them had followed Yi Yun's lead, their safety was to be ensured.

"Stop them!" Zhulong yelled in exasperation. Not far behind him, Sheji, Fengming and Qiongqi charged forward.

Aspect Totem phantom images conjured up behind them. There was a gigantic serpent, a firebird and a ferocious tiger with wings on its back.

At the same moment as these three people moved, Lin Xintong also moved. Her dress fluttered as starlight fell from the skies, dispersing the gloomy mist while gathering on Lin Xintong's sword.

Lin Xintong slashed out her sword, like a surging river splitting the sky in two. On the surging river, a phantom image of a simply dressed woman appeared, briskly walking on the river, as if she was chasing time itself as it was receding away.

Sheji, Fengming and Qiongqi's Aspect Totem phantom images were swept up in the surging river, as numerous ice crystals froze on them, the three Aspect Totems began to struggle violently.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The Aspect Totems that were condensed from energy, froze and cracked in the frosty ice.

Lin Xintong brandished her sword with an indomitable slash.

The expressions of the three changed greatly as they used their respective means to defend themselves. However, Lin Xintong's sword beam was too sharp and too quick. The laws imbued within the beams came from the "Great Empress Heart Sutra", they were profound and intangible.


Qiongqi tragically cried out as his stomach was pierced through!

Amongst the three of them, he was the weakest. It was not because he had a low cultivation, but because he had been injured in his fight against Jiang Xiaorou. He had not yet recovered, so he was unable to withstand Lin Xintong's attack.

Qiongqi's expression twisted as he held his stomach in pain. Not a single drop of blood flowed out from his wound. Instead, numerous ice crystals began to form on his wound, and they grew, along his meridians, towards his limbs.

Qiongqi's face turned pale, as he knew deeply that if the ice crystals pervaded his meridians, he would undoubtedly lose all combat ability. If his meridians were severed, a large portion of his cultivation would be crippled.

Just a single slash was this powerful?

Lin Xintong had never shown her true strength, but now, from the looks of it, she was not any weaker than Yi Yun. It was likely that they were equal in strength!

While Lin Xintong caused the three Reincarnators to retreat from a single slash, severely injuring Qiongqi in the process, Yi Yun's energy arrows had flown in front of Wei Chiwei, the Chu sisters and company.

"Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

The six energy arrows stabbed straight into the large cocoons.

Yin specters were just Yin souls. Before having a body, they had no combat ability other than being able to possess. They were like turtles without their shells.

And pure Yang energy was the most effective energy against Yin and evil spiritual beings. With the pure Yang arrows entering the Yin specters' nest, it was a fatal blow towards the Yin specters who had yet to finish possessing a body!


Azure smoke emitted out of the Soul Cocoons that were shot. One could hear the faint but miserable cry of the spiritual souls.

These six Yin specters were severed from their connection with Wei Chiwei and company. They were either severely injured, or reduced to nothingness from Yi Yun's arrows!


With the connections suddenly severed, Wei Chiwei, Chu Ke'er, Chu Qing'er and company rolled off the Soul Cocoons, slamming heavily onto the ground in a utterly helpless manner.

However, they had managed to keep their lives!

Yet, the impact on their soul seas was probably not recoverable without a few months of recuperation.

"Senior Brother Jiang, I have to thank you again. We are truly useless..."

Wei Chiwei said with a falter. He was accustomed to calling Yi Yun Senior Brother Jiang. The Chu sisters were also pale, they looked at him with gratitude but also felt ashamed. They felt that they had been too burdensome.

Yi Yun only gave them a light smile, indicating for the six of them to not take it to hard. Following that, he pulled the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow open, and this time, twelve pure Yang energy arrows appeared on the bowstring.

The energy arrows were aimed at the Soul Cocoons. With the bowstring pulled open, Yi Yun’s expression turned cold and penetrating, as if he was a peerless god of war.