True Martial World Chapter 659

Chapter 659: Zhulong’s Doomsday

The moment Yi Yun released his fingers, twelve energy arrows shot out. The incorporeal Yin specters were like sitting ducks in front of the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow as they were unable to withstand Yi Yun's attacks.

If a pull of his bow could shoot out twelve arrows, severely injuring or even killing twelve Yin specters, it would just need Yi Yun a few pulls of his bow to destroy all the Yin specters within the slumbering grounds.

Hence, Zhulong could not sit idle while watching this happen. The moment Yi Yun pulled open his bow for a second time, Zhulong moved. With Heaven's Punishment in hand, he punched at Yi Yun's energy arrows!

In the prior, intense battle with Yi Yun, Zhulong's hands had been injured, and was still in the midst of recovering. Furthermore, the effects of using a mystic technique and overdrafting his Qi and blood had yet to be diminished.

Although his punch still possessed an extremely astounding aura, Yi Yun's keen senses told him this aura was much weaker than before.


Zhulong's fist collided with all the energy arrows Yi Yun shot out. As the energy arrows exploded, the pure Yang energy contained within it gushed out, causing pure Yang flames to soar upwards.

At the same moment Zhulong shattered the energy arrows, Yi Yun made his move. With the pure Yang broken sword in hand, he charged straight at Zhulong.

Yi Yun's two Aspect Totems, the Golden Crow and Nine Neonate appeared behind him, as his sword beam streaked across the void.

Lin Xintong followed closely behind Yi Yun.

Lin Xintong was dressed in clothes white as snow, and as she brandished her sword, a lake appeared out of nowhere behind her. The lake was deep blue in color, with wavelets sparkling that emitted an indescribable frost Qi. Far away into the distance, a radiant moon hung above the lake, sending forth a watery glow.

As Lin Xintong's sword was augmented with the frost moon's illumination, it came screaming at Zhulong.

As the Yin specters were undergoing their revival process, every second counted. Since Lin Xintong no longer needed to protect Jiang Xiaorou, she joined forces with Yi Yun to kill Zhulong in the shortest amount of time in a two against one situation.

With both swords used in unison, one was Yin and another was Yang!

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had been cultivating together for years, and had been cultivating the "Great Empress Heart Sutra" together. Although the laws they cultivated in were complete opposites, they complemented each other. Their combined strength was not just a simple case of addition.

Instantly, Zhulong felt the pressure increase! Behind him were the unrevived Yin specters. Without any room to retreat, he could only desperately drain his energy to punch out again and again.

"Help me!" Zhulong bellowed. Behind him, Fengming, Sheji, Qiongqi and the other Reincarnators could only summon their courage to charge forward. Previously, they had Heavenly Blood Union members helping them, but now with all of them engaged in the possession process, they could only count on themselves to withstand Lin Xintong and Yi Yun's attack.

They knew very well that only by enduring until a majority of the Yin specters were revived would they be able to turn the tide of the war, if not, they were definitely doomed.

A multitude of sword beams flashed, some consisting of solar rainbows, while others were the frosty lunar rivers. The vicissitudes of Yin and Yang seemed ever triumphant!


Qiongqi, who had been suffering from his injuries, was the first person to succumb. His curved Yuan Qi was shattered by the sword beams as he let out a terrible cry while flying backwards.

Beside him, Sheji was injured by Lin Xintong's sword Qi once again. The frost Qi on the blade tip slashed open Sheji's wrists, causing her palms to immediately freeze, seemingly becoming as brittle as ice crystals.

The frost Qi meandered upwards along Sheji's arm causing her expression to change. As she retreated, she began circulating her Yuan Qi to withstand Lin Xintong's frost Qi, however to no avail. The frost Qi, which seemed indestructible, forcefully broke through Sheji's meridians, and spreaded towards Sheji's heart.

This indomitable frost Qi contained the nomological insights of Lin Xintong.

As she realized this, she knew charging forward again was no different from flinging herself at Death. Although it was needed to further delay them until the Yin specters were revived, she still needed survive up to that point.

Without Sheji and Qiongqi, Fengming and Zhulong found it harder to resist!

Fengming could only serve the purpose of causing some confusion, as the combined forces from Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were mostly shouldered by Zhulong alone.

Zhulong bit the tip of tongue and struck out with fist shadows that filled the sky.

Although he was still injured, and fighting one against two, Zhulong's attacks were not to be belittled. He had managed to forcefully cause Yi Yun and Lin Xintong's sword Qi to slow down.

"Die!" Zhulong roared as all the muscles on his face twitched. He charged at the duo without any regard.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong remained calm, as their swords interweaved together, sending out their second strike!


The convergence of pure Yang and pure Yin once again surged at Zhulong.

As Zhulong was midway through his charge, his energy rapidly depleted. A torrent of sword Qi assaulted his protective Yuan Qi. He was like an exhausted fish swimming upstream against rapids, and was nearing his limit.


Zhulong's protective Yuan Qi began to crack as the first fractures began to form. With a crisp snap from his right hand's fingers, his fractured fingers that had yet to fully recovered once again ruptured.

His offense also came to a momentary stop!

In a life and death battle, even a fraction of a second of hesitation could result in a complete reversal in the outcome. Furthermore, he was facing the combined efforts of Yi Yun and Lin Xintong in battle!

Zhulong's heart immediately sank for Yi Yun and Lin Xintong's swords were already in front of him!

Yi Yun's sword was like the blinding radiant sun, while Lin Xintong's sword seemed like the calmest gentle breeze.

However, the sense of imminent danger that accompanied the sword beams resembled the terrifying blood pools in the pits of hell. The wails of numerous people permeated the wind that surged at Zhulong!

In this blood-red hurricane in front of him, Zhulong was like a tiny boat futilely battling the elements in the sea. He would be overwhelmed and destroyed in an instant!

Dodging was out of the question as Zhulong bellowed and punched out with both fists, slamming into Lin Xintong and Yi Yun's swords!

Zhulong could barely manage resisting one person, but now with two...


A deafening ring reverberated in Zhulong's ears.

The boom was a result of the violent energy that accompanied the two swords that had ripped open his flesh, exploding within his body.

As energy flushed out, Zhulong's shoulders had already exploded into two plumes of bloody red mist. The powerful impact sent him flying backwards. After slamming to the ground, he slid for another thousand feet, leaving behind a deep ravine in the ground!

Zhulong finally came to a stop when he crashed heavily into a stone pillar where Yin specters slept. He only felt a tremble along his back, as black blood gushed out from the corner of his mouth!

Zhulong's face had turned pale. The two swords had stabbed into his hands through Heaven's Punishment, causing all the joints in both his hands to fracture!

Yi Yun held the broken sword in hand which was still dripping with fresh blood. However, the fresh blood did not remain on the rusty blade, but was instead absorbed by the broken sword.

Without any hesitation, Yi Yun brandished the pure Yang broken sword and struck once again!

The time it took to traverse a distance of a thousand feet was nothing but an instant to Yi Yun. In a blink of an eye, his blade had stabbed straight at Zhulong's eyebrows.


Taking advantage of his perilous situation!

Yi Yun's sword surged with killing intent. A golden blast of wind transformed into a roaring golden wave that reached a thousand feet in height, as if it could drown mountains that littered the lands.

Against this terrifying aura, Zhulong suddenly felt a deep chill. He felt his death approaching!

Time seemed to slow down, as absolute despair made Zhulong go ballistic.

"You want to kill me? I'll perish together with you!" Zhulong bellowed in a craze. He was disgruntled! He had reincarnated so many times, and every incarnation he had allowed him to lord over numerous lives. He stood on a precipice over all those people, enjoying their worship, and the fear they felt towards him.

As for Yi Yun, he was just a young genius in his twenties. How could he compete with him!?

"Die Die Die Die!" Zhulong burned his blood essence as he was engulfed in flames formed from his blood and Qi. Inside the red inferno, he punched out his left hand that wore Heaven Punishment, seemingly sending a thick blob of blood straight at the roaring blood wave!


This punch was sky-trembling and earth shaking!

But at the same moment, Lin Xintong also made her move.

Her spiritual energy had locked onto Zhulong's energy circulation a while ago. At the instant Zhulong punched out without any regard, Lin Xintong's sword Qi had entwined itself around Zhulong's punch beam like an exquisite winding river.

Yin and Softness always accompanied each other. The pure Yin laws Lin Xintong knew was imbued in her sword, and was best at overcoming hardness with softness.

This sword beam's aim was not to kill, nor was it to directly clash with Zhulong's punch beam. Instead, it was to redirect, conquering the unyielding with a tiny bit of force!

Zhulong felt his fist lighten as his energy seemed to rapidly diminish like a receding tide. The force from his fist had been redirected away by Lin Xintong!

With the force from his fist greatly reduced, how was he to resist Yi Yun's sword?

Amidst the chaotic freedom of random energy pulsations, an ancient blade emerged, tearing through the pure Yang flames silently, and then piercing through the burning blood and Qi.

What seemed like an ordinary and unsophisticated sword was actually judgment from the heavens.

When it slowly stabbed at Zhulong's heart in an indelible fashion, Zhulong widened his eyes.

Disgruntledness, hatred and disbelief...There were too many feelings contained within Zhulong's eyes.


With a crisp ring, the energetic explosions around him were nothing much, but it was infinitely clear in Zhulong's ears.

His chest felt a searing heat, as his heart was penetrated by the broken sword. Each pulsation of his heart seemed to become a struggle against the blade, and every contraction of his heart caused large amounts of blood to gush out.

As blood spurted out from his wound, Zhulong grabbed the pure Yang broken sword with one hand, while his other hand was clenched tightly in a fist.

"You...You..." Zhulong's lips quivered as he stared deadly at Yi Yun. His eyes had turned blood red from hatred.

With the broken sword in hand, Yi Yun exerted some force with a twist of his wrist, causing pure Yang Yuan Qi to surge out from the broken sword, flooding out towards Zhulong's limbs, burning his meridians and blood along the way.

Zhulong's body convulsed violently as his pupils lost their focus. Yi Yun had already turned a blur in his vision.

The twisted pure Yang broken sword had diced his heart.

"Killing me...will make you pay the price. The Blood Moon's inheritance..."

Zhulong's lips trembled. Every word he said caused more blood to seep out from the corner of his mouth. However, before he could finish his sentence, the pure Yang broken sword swiped across his neck.

"You can die already."

Yi Yun said those words nonchalantly with an expressionless face. Slowly, he wiped the blood of his blade.

Zhulong's head jerked sideways as his throat seemed to open. His head fell back, eyes staring. They looked at the dark clouds and blood moon in the sky, having died with everlasting regret.

Chapter 659: Zhulong’s Doomsday