True Martial World Chapter 660

Chapter 660: Feeding and Nurturing
Chapter 660: Feeding and Nurturing

Under the combined forces of Lin Xintong and Yi Yun, Zhulong was killed. Fengming, Sheji and Qiongqi were dumbfounded as they watched this.

Zhulong was dead!

As a first generation Blood Moon, Zhulong was actually one of the leaders of the upper echelons of Blood Moon. But now, he had been killed by the duo after just completing a reincarnation due to not having fully recovered his strength and cultivation level.

The moment Zhulong died, the remaining Reincarnators were like sheep waiting to be slaughtered. There was no way for them to survive.

As Reincarnators, they had a bright future ahead. In their previous lives, they were accustomed to be in control of the lives of others. But now, their lives were in the hands of others.

However, Yi Yun ignored the trio at this moment.

The Yin specters' possession was about to complete, so if he were to delay any further, more and more Yin specters would be revived. These Yin specters might not be able to immediately control their new bodies fully as they had been in deep sleep for too long. They needed time to fully regain consciousness.

"Separate all the human warriors' mental connection with the Yin specters!" Yi Yun said to the Desolate race warriors behind him.

At this moment, Yi Yun was a formidable god of war in the minds of the Desolate race warriors. They were utterly convinced by his killing of Zhulong with Lin Xintong.

The moment he gave the order, the Desolate race warriors charged forward like a surging tide. Sheji, Fengming and Qiongqi could only watch by the sides idly, as they were completely helpless to resist, nor did they dare to.

Although these Desolate race's Skyfox members lacked strength, they were sufficient enough to deal with the unrevived Yin specters. They charged at the stone pillars like a pack of wolves, forcefully and violently pulling the human warriors from the large cocoons.

The human warriors lamented. Their soul seas were enduring the assaults from the Yin specters, giving them splitting headaches. Amongst some of them, there were even Soul Devouring Worms wriggling endlessly in their ears. Hence, the additional feeling of being thrown to the ground was not a pleasant feeling.

The saved human warriors looked at the Desolate race warriors, who were previously their foes, with complicated expressions.

They never expected that the outcome of the Blackstone Trials would end up like this. They had nearly been harmed to death by Blood Moon, but they were eventually saved by the Desolate race.

Many people, who were exonerated from their suffering, looked up at the hovering and Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow wielding Yi Yun with mixed emotions.

At this moment, with the bow in his left hand, he shot arrows consecutively!

Pure Yang energy arrows tore through the darkness, penetrating several Soul Cocoons.

With a crisp "Chi Chi Chi" sound that was intermixed with the wails of spiritual souls in pain, large numbers of Yin specters were burned by the pure Yang flames.


A Yin specter broke out of a Soul Cocoons as it could no longer withstand the searing pure Yang flames!

This Yin specter was like tumultuous blue flame. And one could faintly see a human face with a painful expression in the flames.

It charged straight at Yi Yun without any regard!

Yin specters did not have any bodies, nor could they use energy. However, this Yin specter had the means to make a final attack, possession.

If the spiritual soul power of a warrior to be possessed was much weaker than the Yin specter's, the Yin specter could directly possess the warrior's body. But if the difference was not great, it would lead to an internecine struggle, and the most extreme outcome would be the Yin specter vaporizing, while the warrior became a retard.

This Yin specter had been slumbering for tens of millions of years. It had yet to possess a body, but it had fully awakened. It knew that if it did not kill this human, all of them would be reduced to nothing.

It also knew that the human in front of it was very powerful and that it was impossible for it to possess the human with its own strength. Hence, it released its soul power to let the Yin specters who were struggling in the surrounding Soul Cocoons to combine efforts to attack Yi Yun.

"Hum Hum Hum— Hum Hum Hum— ”

The shrieking of the wind combined with the angry wails was a result of large numbers of Yin specters charging out of the Soul Cocoons to attack Yi Yun.

Some of these Yin specters were like gigantic skulls, while some were like demons that crawled out of the depths of hell. Some of them had yet to recover their consciousness, only having basic instincts of possession. Under the blue Yin specter's summoning, they charged forward without any fear of dying!

If so many Yin specters charged into Yi Yun's soul sea, no matter how powerful his spiritual soul was, it would be impossible for him to endure so many spiritual attacks. However, how could Yi Yun give the Yin specters a chance to approach him?

With a thought, the Golden Crow behind him let out a sharp shrill as it spread its wings. It then embraced Yi Yun with its wings like a ball of sun.

Pure Yang flames were best at subduing evil Yin powers. The first few Yin specters that charged at him were like moths flying at a bonfire. Their spiritual bodies were engulfed by the flames, as they were reduced to cyan smoke.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

From where Yi Yun was, one energy arrow after another was shot in all directions. It was like the Sun that emitted endless golden light. Wherever the energy arrows passed, they would penetrate the Yin specters, burning a large black hole through their incorporeal bodies.

Momentarily, the entire valley was filled with the ghostly wails.

Without being able to use energy, even the ancient Yin specters could not approach anywhere close to Yi Yun.

As long as they were unable to close the distance, they were unable to invade Yi Yun's soul sea, and the only thing that awaited them was to be destroyed.

However, these ancient Yin specters had slept in the Soul Tomb for tens of millions of years, resulting in their spiritual souls to extremely powerful from the Soul Tomb's evil Yin nourishment. Even though they were burned by the pure Yang flames and had energy arrows penetrating their incorporeal bodies, the Yin specters did not die. Instead they began to gel together once again.

At this moment, with a thought, Yi Yun waved his hand.

In a corner of the valley, an inconspicuous Heavenly Blood Union member's body jolted. A black energy emerged from the top of his head.

This energy, which contained an evil Yin aura that far exceeded the Yin specters, floated towards Yi Yun.

It was the evil energy that Yi Yun controlled using the Purple Crystal.

Back when the masked man took possession of Shen Tu Nantian's corpse, his soul sea had been invaded by the evil energy. Without him knowing anything, the evil energy's energy strands had emanated throughout the masked man's soul sea, consuming the masked man's spiritual body without a trace.

This extremely strange energy had the ability to devour spiritual energy.

And what was most astounding was that it was constantly maturing.

Now, Yi Yun's control of this evil energy was equivalent to rearing tigers.

Yi Yun wanted to use this energy for himself, but he was fully aware that this energy could one day escape from his control.

However, with the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun restricted the energy greatly. With just a thought, he could wipe away the tiny bit of consciousness that the evil energy had generated over a long period of time.

As long as it lacked consciousness, this energy was nothing to be afraid of.

Now, to kill the Yin specters, Yi Yun released the evil energy. Immediately, this energy was like a wolf that entered a flock of sheep, as it began to crazily devour the Yin specters!