True Martial World Chapter 668

Chapter 668: Dao Seeds Breaks the Yuan Foundation
Chapter 668: Dao Seeds Breaks the Yuan Foundation

To Yi Yun, the Great Empress mystic realm was an absolutely safe haven.

The Great Empress mystic realm was completely sealed off, and Yi Yun had absolute freedom in controlling its entrances and exits. Hence, without his consent, it was impossible for Blood Moon to enter the Great Empress mystic realm. It was a world that belonged to him.

"Is this the vestige remains of the ancient Great Empress… ?"

High in the sky tens of thousand feet high, there was a small arch that resembled a floating window. Jiang Xiaorou stood there watching the bridges that seemed to hover midair like ribbons.

The bridges led to a mysterious, mist-shrouded world. And Jiang Xiaorou could sense an air of ancientness and vastness from that world.

Jiang Xiaorou already knew that Lin Xintong and Yi Yun had experienced trials in this mystic realm more than seven years ago. Yi Yun had even walked on the bridges, undergoing a variety of challenges on them.

Eventually, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had obtained the inheritance left behind by the ancient Great Empress in the God Advent Tower.

Yi Yun had only given Jiang Xiaorou a brief description of the trials, but Jiang Xiaorou knew that it was actually trials fraught with danger due to the Yin specters’ entry.

"Let us go in."

Yi Yun led Jiang Xiaorou and Lin Xintong to a black stone square. In the past, this ancient square was where the God Advent Tower stood erect, but today, the God Advent Tower had already been taken by Yi Yun.

With a thought, a tiny six-storey pagoda flew out of Yi Yun's Dantian.

The tiny pagoda rotated midair, and it rapidly expanded, making it the size of a heavenly pillar.

The gigantic divine pagoda landed on the black stone square, while beneath it, the three of them looked as tiny as worms before a towering divine tree.

Yi Yun and the two women walked hand in hand into the God Advent Tower.

After Yi Yun obtained the Great Empress' inheritance, he believed that Jiang Xiaorou too could enter the God Advent Tower and upgrade her strength.

Although Jiang Xiaorou had a unique bloodline, her strength was mostly reflected by her ability to control desolate beasts. In terms of her own body's strength, she was still weaker than Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

To warriors, the most important thing was naturally their own strength.

"Sis Xiaorou, in the first and second levels of the God Advent Tower, there are visual array disks of battles left behind by antecedents, as well as large quantities of manuals and mystic techniques. I will enter reclusive training together with Xintong now. Sis Xiaorou, after you browse through these manuals and gain some further insight, I'll pass you the core teachings of the 'Great Empress Heart Sutra'."

The "Great Empress Heart Sutra" was the most important piece of inheritance the ancient Great Empress left behind. Since it was an inheritance, it definitely needed to be passed on. After Yi Yun inherited the inheritance, he too had the responsibility and qualifications to pass it down.

He chose Jiang Xiaorou to be another inheritor of the "Great Empress Heart Sutra" because he believed that she would not be a disgrace towards the "Great Empress Heart Sutra".

Although Jiang Xiaorou's physique and bloodline leaned towards Yin and Softness, she did not have naturally terminated meridians. Her cultivation speed in the "Great Empress Heart Sutra" would naturally not be as fast as Lin Xintong's blazing speed in cultivation.

"Okay." Jiang Xiaorou looked at Yi Yun while she felt a rush of bliss. Without Yi Yun, she really would be at a loss of as to what to do.

Jiang Xiaorou stepped into the first level of the God Advent Tower, while Yi Yun and Lin Xintong entered the God Advent Tower's fifth level where the cultivation chamber filled with ice and fire was. They had spent six years of their lives in here previously.

"Let us begin."


Lin Xintong smoothed her lips as she gently took off her stainless white dress. She then sat opposite Yi Yun, and engaged in contact with him...

Back when Lin Xintong was cultivating arduously in the Divine Wilderness, Yi Yun had entered the Heavenly Dao Union. Their separation lasted for half a year, but now they were reunited. As Lin Xintong embraced Yi Yun, she felt a long-awaited sense of fullness in her heart. She was a very independent woman and did not make it a habit to rely on others. However, while she cultivated relentlessly in the Divine Wilderness, she faced the cold moon and endless desolate plains alone. This made her feel a sense of emptiness at times, as if she needed something to feel her heart to the brim.

Lin Xintong slowly realized that the feeling was the longing for Yi Yun. That feeling was something faint, but yet it kept churning in her mind, with no way of brushing it off.

Now, while hugging Yi Yun and experiencing Yi Yun's breathing and being, that sense of emptiness was slowly filled to the brim.

Lin Xintong was not a woman who was good at expressing herself. She only hugged Yi Yun and listened to his heart beating and remained silent.

Yi Yun also hugged Lin Xintong and experienced Lin Xintong's silk-like smooth skin that was as cool as refreshing springwater. He did not think about anything, nor consider Blood Moon or his future, much less consider the cultivation of his cultivation technique.

Even so, the worldly Yin-Yang energy still automatically circulated between the two of them.

This circulation was not controlled by Lin Xintong or Yi Yun.

The two of them had completely emptied their minds, allowing the Yin-Yang energies to circulate according to their natural order, and its natural order was in greatest harmony with Heavenly Dao laws.

This was because the circulation of Yin Yang energies was a Heavenly Dao itself.

And as their hearts neared each other, it allowed the pure Yang and pure Yin to harmonize into perfection.

As Yin and Yang converged, a Taiji picture formed within the chamber. It was not drawn by human means, but a Taiji symbol naturally formed from the world's Yin and Yang energies.

Unknowingly, the two of them had entered a "No Law, No Shape, No Void, No Me" ethereal state.

Every cell in their bodies seemed to possess a life of its own as they automatically respirated the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. The pair was different from other warriors who used their bodies' acupuncture points to absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and then transmit the energy through their meridians into their limbs.

As the two of them embraced, their bodies were tempered by the energies, becoming even purer, with not a single impurity.

It was unknown how much time passed as time become nothing but an afterthough. There was only the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and Yin-Yang energies that were constantly accumulated in Yi Yun and Lin Xintong's bodies.

This accumulation slowly reached the maximum point which their respective Dantians could withstand.

The Yuan foundation in their Dantian was compressed again and again.

However, the remaining Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was still too dense and intense to the point of them deliquescing in a fog above the Yuan foundation.

At the same time, the nomological insights Yi Yun and Lin Xintong possessed slowly gathered together, forming worldly runes. These runes then gathered together to form clouds.

When the Yuan Qi density reached its apex, it could no longer remain suspended in the layer of clouds. Instead, it formed precipitation that rained down.

As the Yuan Qi raindrops came pattering down, it nourished the Yuan foundation soil.

These energetic raindrops slowly seeped down into the Yuan foundation, and surged towards the Dao Seed that was buried within the Yuan foundation.

With laws as clouds, and Yuan Qi as rain, descending on the Yuan foundation, the Dao Seed was nourished.

In this manner, the duo's Dao Seed within their Yuan foundation was nourished under the energetic rain, and began to slowly sprout.

A crystal clear sapling broke out of the seed's exterior as it grew upwards bit by bit.

The tiny sapling was as transparent as a crystal, but its surface was carved with nomological runes, making it look extremely profound and intricate.

As the soil on the Yuan foundation was slowly pushed apart by the sapling, this process of breaking open the Yuan foundation was known as Yuan Opening.

Once the Dao Seed fully sprouted, and the sapling brought out of the soil, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong would officially enter the Yuan Opening realm.