True Martial World Chapter 670

Chapter 670: Elder Consortium’s Invitation
Chapter 670: Elder Consortium’s Invitation

After leaving the Great Empress mystic realm, Jiang Xiaorou separated from Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong headed for the Lin family together, while Jiang Xiaorou returned to the Desolate race. She was worried over her mother after not seeing her for three years.

Lin Xintong was also slightly perturbed. If the Blood Moon's Alliance Leader appeared again, it was very likely for him to stir a bloody storm in the Tian Yuan world. And all Lin Xintong could do before this was to warn the Lin family. The moment the Tian Yuan world faced disaster, they were to immediately abandon the Lin family's stronghold, and bring the promising offspring of the family into the Divine Wilderness to seek shelter.

Of course, Lin Xintong knew that such cautionary measures were meaningless. If there was really a disaster that the Tian Yuan world could not resist, the thought of a successful escape was just blind hope.

Only when Lin Xintong and Yi Yun returned to the Lin family and saw that everything was peaceful did Lin Xintong finally heave a sigh of relief.

It was great that the family was safe and sound.

The moment Lin Xintong and Yi Yun entered the Lin family's mountain entrance, they were immediately recognized by the disciples guarding the entrance.

"Miss! Young master Yi!"

The entrance guards were youths in their twenties. They were extremely excited seeing Yi Yun and Lin Xintong appear hand in hand.

Over the past few years, news of what Lin Xintong and Yi Yun had done had already proliferated.

The scene of them combining forces to kill Zhulong in the Soul Tomb was vividly described, becoming something that made the Lin family youths feel proud of.

The Lin family of the past had suffered all forms of humiliation due to Yi Yun and Lin Xintong being considered traitors of the human race. Things were also made difficult for them due to the Martial Alliance. But now, the Lin family had became an extraordinary existence in the entire Tian Yuan world. Over the years, many family clans began to make amendments to the Lin family.

The juniors of the Lin family were all treated with respect when they were out of their family grounds. All these benefits they physically experienced were all due to Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

"Miss, the Matriarch has been waiting for you all this while. Make haste to see her."

The few youths said, and eagerly led the way.

Seeing these passionate members of her clan and the familiar family, Lin Xintong felt a faint sense of warmth in her heart.

A family clan...might be utilitarian at times, making it seem cold and aloof, but it would not make a person feel lonely. Especially when the family clan had the Matriarch who loved her so deeply.


The return of Yi Yun and Lin Xintong was treated as a spectacular event for the Lin family. For this, the Lin family specially held a grand banquet to welcome them back.

A few large factions that had friendly ties with the Lin family also sent a few of their important figures to attend the banquet, bringing gifts to Yi Yun and Lin Xintong. As for those family clans that had average relationships with the Lin family, they were not even invited.

This made many family clans feel uneasy.

They could not guess the Lin family's attitude. They did not know if the Lin family planned on settling scores after having waited for Yi Yun and Lin Xintong to rise up.

When a faction became strong, it would need to expand its lands. Even if Lin Xintong and Yi Yun were nice people who were at peace with all mankind, was it the same with the Lin family?

It was rare for the Lin family to have such an opportunity, so how could it not take the opportunity to expand?

And expansion was bound to infringe on the interests of other major factions. Either their territories would be appropriated, or people annexed.

The large factions within a million miles of the Lin family were all at risk. It was unknown when they would need to uproot themselves or even become a part of the Lin family.

On the second day of celebrations, someone sent an invitation. It was to invite Yi Yun and Lin Xintong to Greatsword Mountain, so as to discuss the destruction of the Blood Moon remnants, as well as discuss on matters about the development of the Tian Yuan world's martial culture.

It was signed the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium.

"Greatsword Mountain? Tian Yuan Elder Consortium?"

Yi Yun was momentarily stunned.

Greatsword Mountain was previously the stronghold of Blood Moon, and now, it seemed to have been replaced by the "Tian Yuan Elder Consortium".

"It is an organization formed from the current major factions in the Tian Yuan world. Although, it is publicly meant to maintain the Tian Yuan world's peace and advance its martial arts, it is actually just a method for these family clans to protect themselves and to separate themselves from Blood Moon. In the past, they had thoughts of inviting you and Xintong to the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium, but both of you had already entered reclusive training."

The Matriarch, who was sitting beside Yi Yun, explained. At the homecoming banquet, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong each sat on one side of the Matriarch.

"I see..." Yi Yun faltered slightly. After a war, victors tended to form an organization that belonged to them, hoping to establish a new order that was in their favor.

However, it was too early to sound the trumpets of victory for this war. It was too naive to think of splitting the benefits left behind by Blood Moon.

"Since they have sent an invitation, there is no harm to going." Yi Yun answered the messenger immediately.

By the side, the Matriarch frowned. Only when the messenger left did the Matriarch say with a deep voice, "Greatsword Mountain is no longer the what it was in the past. Their invitation might even be a trap. Many factions do not wish to see the both of you mature."

What the Matriarch said was naturally understood by Yi Yun. This was very likely a treacherous plot, but he said, "I understand what Matriarch has alerted me too. Don't worry, I have a grasp of the situation."

What Yi Yun dreaded the most was Blood Moon's actions. As for the Elder Consortium, Yi Yun did not care too much about it.

And he was he was not very optimistic about this Elder Consortium fighting Blood Moon. However, using it as an open target to attract Blood Moon would likely be effective, since they were the most visible target.


After the end of the welcoming banquet, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong headed to Greatsword Mountain.

The liaison agents sent by the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium had already prepared teleportation arrays along the way. So, in two hours, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong traversed the distance of tens of millions of miles, allowing them to see Greatsword Mountain that towered into the clouds.

In just three years, Greatsword Mountain looked completely different. Many of the buildings the Martial Alliance left behind had been demolished, and replacing them was a gigantic pagoda that reached out into the skies on the peak of Greatsword Mountain.

It was nothing difficult for warriors to construct such a magnificent building on the peak.

Very clearly, this gigantic pagoda was the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium's headquarters.

Yi Yun took a few glances at the gigantic tower and realized that the pagoda somewhat resembled the God Advent Tower in the Great Empress mystic realm. It was unknown what intentions the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium had for them to build it in this shape. Were they envious of the God Advent Tower?

Outside the gigantic pagoda, there were several large and powerful arrays set up. The knowledge of these arrays were mostly obtained from the ancient canonical manuals left behind by Blood Moon, so they were extraordinary in strength. Furthermore, this was the headquarters of the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium, so it was not impossible to lay an ambush under the gigantic pagoda.

Upon seeing the gigantic pagoda, Lin Xintong's eyebrows ticked up as she said, "Are we going to enter just like that?"

Yi Yun opened his energy vision and he saw right through the gigantic pagoda's array to its energy source. After his cultivation level increased greatly, Yi Yun could use the Purple Crystal's powers to see through powerful arrays. It was nothing too difficult for him.

In a few seconds, he managed to understand the situation of the powerful arrays before saying, "We will enter just like that!"