True Martial World Chapter 671

Chapter 671: Heaven Ascension
Chapter 671: Heaven Ascension

With this, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong walked into the gigantic pagoda calmly. On the first level of the pagoda, there was a teleportation array. The moment they entered it, a flash took them to the top level of the pagoda. Here, there was a large hall, but it was simply furnished. There was a black round table, and on its perimeter, there were chairs with metallic textures that were placed around it. Every chair was riveted to the ground and its position represented a corresponding stature and position.

The moment Yi Yun entered the hall, he saw a few seats that faced the entrance directly. In accordance with tradition, the seats in the middle that faced the entrance were the seats of supreme power and honor. And at this moment, three of those seats were empty.

Around it, there were more than ten Tian Yuan world legendary figures sitting in random spots. Everyone had different expressions on their faces. Many of them gave a smile when they saw Yi Yun come, but there were others who reacted coldly. After a brief glance at the two of them, they returned to their what they were doing prior to their arrival.

Yi Yun did not think much about these people's response. As for those people who smiled at him, only the Heavens knew if they would kill and rob him on the spot.

Soon, Yi Yun sensed a piercing gaze coming from amongst the legendary figures of the Tian Yuan world. With a thought, he looked over and he saw a green-robed middle-aged man wearing a jade ring sitting on a seat that was just beside the emptied three seats of honor. His eyes were squinted while he looked at Lin Xintong and Yi Yun.

Although he looked like a middle-aged man, Yi Yun could tell that he was actually an old freak. This was because Yi Yun could sense very little life left in his body.

For an old person to maintain a youthful appearance, it was due to a trick to maintain eternal youth. In fact, the length of a warrior's lifespan did not have much to do with their looks. Many female warriors, who greatly cherished their beauty, would look extremely beautiful and young up till their final years. They would ignore the great costs and even sacrifice a bit of their energy to maintain their youthful appearance. However, in the last one or two years of their life, they would rapidly age. Just before their death, their skin will be wrinkled, with thinning white hair and grim yellow teeth.

Upon noticing Yi Yun cross gazes with the green-robed man, Lin Xintong transmitted her voice to Yi Yun. She said, "Yi Yun, that green-robed middle-aged man is the Shen Tu Patriarch."

Shen Tu Patriarch?

Yi Yun's eyes flashed. So he was Shen Tu Patriarch. By being able to sit in close to the central seats of power, his strength was clearly not weak.

In fact, Yi Yun could not sense the Shen Tu Patriarch's cultivation level.

It was a realm above the Yuan Opening realm, the Heaven Ascension realm.

As warriors practiced martial arts to train their bodies, they would go from the Mortal Blood realm to the Purple Blood realm. On the basis of having strong physical bodies, they would lay the Yuan Foundation, plant a Dao Seed in the Yuan Foundation, and grow a Divine Tree from the Dao Seed. And this Divine Tree will constantly grow till it pierced through the divine clouds, straight into the Heavenly Dao, paving the road to Heaven Ascension.

Hence, the next realm after the Yuan Opening realm was called Heaven Ascension.

In the Tian Yuan world, there were very few people who could attain the Heaven Ascension realm. Even the geniuses from the major factions, who qualified to enter the Heavenly Blood Union, and were now undergoing normal development, would have less than a 1% chance of attaining the Heaven Ascension realm.

These people were titled Empyreal Kings, Great Emperors or Patriarchs in the Tian Yuan world. They were important figures, who stood at the very peak of the Tian Yuan world, holding the lives of billions of people in their hands.

And the standard of measuring a top faction in the Tian Yuan world was whether a Heaven Ascension figure held the ground in that faction. For example, the Li Fire Sect and the Shen Tu family clan had such Patriarchs that allowed them to enjoy such a placing.

Due to the loss of ancient heritage and the limitation of resources, if a Tian Yuan world warrior wanted to break through into the Heaven Ascension realm, not only would he need heaven-defying talent, he would need a certain amount of luck. Typically, just reaching the early stages of the Heaven Ascension realm would expend a top faction's fated luck and heritage that had been accumulated for more than a hundred thousand years, or even a few hundred thousand years.

And if one wanted to reach the middle stages of the Heaven Ascension realm? That was too difficult!

Taking the Shen Tu Patriarch as example, Yi Yun determined that his cultivation level was only at the early stages of the Heaven Ascension realm. However, he was one of the stronger ones amongst the early stages of the Heaven Ascension realm.

As there were very few Heaven Ascension realm experts in the Tian Yuan world, many warriors would be given the title of Empyreal King even before they reached the Heaven Ascension realm, such as when they were half step into the Heaven Ascension realm. After all, an Empyreal King was just a complimentary title. It was worth nothing to label a half-step Heaven Ascension expert as an Empyreal King, Patriarch or Great Emperor.

Hence, there were more titled Empyreal Kings than the actual number of Heaven Ascension realm experts in the Tian Yuan world. And to juniors, these Empyreal Kings' cultivation level was too high and not something they could understand. No one knew who was truly in the Heaven Ascension realm or half-step into the Heaven Ascension realm.

As for the Shen Tu Patriarch, he had entered the Heaven Ascension realm for tens of thousands of years, which was why the Shepherd Boy failed to defeat Shen Tu Patriarch.

As Yi Yun looked at Shen Tu Patriarch, he too looked back at him. He was gently stroking his chin while squinting his eyes. His gaze spoke volumes.

No one knew what this elder, whose family clan had a grudge with Yi Yun and killer of his favorite grand child, Shen Tu Nantian, was thinking.

"Yi Yun, it looks like the invitation from the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium doesn't possess pure intents. If I'm not wrong, the person sitting beside the Shen Tu Patriarch is the Li Fire Sect's Li Fire Grandma."

Upon hearing Lin Xintong's words, Yi Yun shifted his gaze slightly. Sitting beside Shen Tu Patriarch was a thin, wizened woman. She wore simple gray clothes. Her white hair was tied up into a bun in a sloppy manner, held up by a wooden hairpin.

Be it her simple clothes or the style of the wooden hairpin, it all looked very antiquated. If not for Yi Yun being extremely powerful, allowing him to see through her cultivation level, she would have looked no different to an old granny in an ordinary rural village. If she was thrown into a remote village, no one would have been able to spot her.

When Yi Yun and Lin Xintong entered the hall, Shen Tu Patriarch at least looked over and sent piercing stares. As for the old woman, she was holding a teacup, slowly drinking her tea, as if Yi Yun and Lin Xintong weren’t there.

It was hard to imagine that the Li Fire Sect, who this old woman belonged to, had a vendetta with Yi Yun.

In this crowd of old freaks who had disparate motives and thoughts, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong sat down in the middle of these old freaks in a natural and poised manner.

However, the atmosphere turned cold. Other than a few legendary figures, who wanted to befriend Yi Yun, exchanging pleasantries with Yi Yun, the others remained silent.

Slowly, everyone turned quiet. Those who had greeted Yi Yun also stopped speaking. As the atmosphere in the hall became more solemn and quiet, till it became nearly oppressive, three people walked out of a side hall.

Two men and a woman walked straight to the middle seat of the round table.

When the three of them looked at Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, one of the men and the woman smiled, while the other man remained expressionless.

Yi Yun slightly faltered. Without a doubt, these three people were the principals of the Tian Yuan World's Elder Consortium!