True Martial World Chapter 676

Chapter 676: The Taste of Near-Death
Shen Tu Patriarch and Yi Yun had clashed twice during their battle, but Shen Tu Patriarch was clearly overwhelmed by Yi Yun.

Shen Tu Patriarch emerged from the rubble and at this moment, he was filled with rage and shock. He knew that Yi Yun was not easy to deal with, but he had never expected Yi Yun's strength to reach such a terrifying extent.

Shen Tu Patriarch had enjoyed the ability to have nature at his beck and call all his life. He had never been humiliated in public in such a way. With extreme anger, he shook the spear in his hand as the divine tree behind him melded into his spear. At that moment, Shen Tu Patriarch seemed to be fully integrated with the land beneath him. He was like a tree that was rooted into the land.

The entire mountain with its entire forest as well as all the flora in the surrounding region that spanned a thousand miles seemed to establish an invisible connection with Shen Tu Patriarch.

These plants absorbed Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and through the seismic network, they constantly provided energy which gathered in Shen Tu Patriarch's body!

As an old freak that had lived for tens of thousands of years, Shen Tu Patriarch had some unique secret skills.

"It's the 'Creation Sutra' that Old man Shen Tu cultivates. It links the energy of all that is created and absorbs the Yuan Qi from them to augment himself. If it wasn’t for him being at Death's doorstep, Old man Shen Tu would not use this move!"

Some of the legendary figures present knew Shen Tu Patriarch a long time ago, and they had seen Shen Tu Patriarch's best skills.

"With the use of 'Creation Sutra', it might allow him to take back some of the advantage that he lost."

Shen Tu Patriarch, who was currently on the battleground, was in a wretched state. This battle’s outcome was not something that many had anticipated.

The people present all knew Shen Tu Patriarch's strength. Amongst the Heaven Ascension realm experts, Shen Tu Patriarch was definitely considered one of the stronger ones. However, his tree enchantment had failed to leave any impact on Yi Yun. Instead, his spear attack had been easily overcome by Yi Yun.

This reflected the fact that amongst the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium members, more than 70% of them were not Yi Yun's match.

They did not like such a conclusion. Even though they did not wish to enter a conflict with Yi Yun, they also wished that Shen Tu Patriarch would defeat Yi Yun, or at least, he should not lose too badly.

If not, it would imply that they could do nothing to Yi Yun at this point in time. If Yi Yun was given some more time in the future, then no one would know how much his strength would grow!

As the energy grew more intense, immense amounts of Yuan Qi flowed through the seismic network and condensed into a gigantic hand in front of Shen Tu Patriarch.

The gigantic hand grabbed at Yi Yun. This hand had a vast and majestic aura, as if it was an embodiment of Heavenly Dao.

Against Shen Tu Patriarch's 'Creation Sutra' strike, Yi Yun hovered a hundred meters in the air. With the broken sword in hand, he gently reversed his blade.

To Yi Yun, a battle with Shen Tu Patriarch was a process in which he could test his own strength.

After breaking through to the Yuan Opening realm, Yi Yun wanted to know how strong he had become!


Like a mighty explosion that thundered from heaven, the moment that the pure Yang broken sword was brandished, it swept up the worldly pure Yang energy. It resulted in whirlwinds sweeping through colorful immense clouds that were lit up by lightning.

The "Great Empress Heart Sutra" cultivation technique surged in Yi Yun's body. Yi Yun seemed like a sun hanging in the sky. And with that, Yi Yun slashed his sword at Shen Tu Patriarch.

The sword came slaying down, ripping through the fabric of space, as if it became the only thing in the world. As the heavens began to shatter, a sword beam seemed to break through the confines of space and time, coming from an ancient era.

Everyone stared with widened eyes. Seeing the reverberations in the sky, this was definitely a top matchup in the entire Tian Yuan world.

Shen Tu Patriarch, who was using his specialty attack, versus Yi Yun, who was bound to become a peerless Great Emperor.

This strike was sufficient enough to decide the victor, and it could also tell the difference in their strength!

The surrounding crowd, including Heaven Ascension realm warriors, began to retreat in the face of such a collision. They also conjured their protective energies to withstand the shock wave. After all, an energy impact of such a degree would definitely result in a terrifying explosion.

However… when the sword beam clashed with the gigantic Heavenly Dao Hand, the explosion they were expecting did not happen. The stunning sword beam ripped through Shen Tu Patriarch's gigantic hand without stopping!

Chi La!

The gigantic hand that emitted a vast, ancient aura had been split into two from top to bottom!


Everyone stared widely. The energy explosion that they thought would resemble the collision of stars did not happen. Instead, Shen Tu Patriarch's "Creation Sutra" had been wrecked.

Yuan Qi surged wantonly as pure Yang flames burned, engulfing the heavens and earth!

The white clouds in a thousand mile radius dispersed, while the gigantic Heavenly Dao Hand perished in the inferno sea.

The sword beam did not lose momentum after tearing through the gigantic Heavenly Dao Hand as it went straight for Shen Tu Patriarch's head!

Shen Tu Patriarch's pupils constricted. He wanted to dodge this earth-shattering strike, but at that very instant, he felt his surroundings being pulled taut by an immense and terrifying energy. It was like a cage locking him in!

There was no way for him to dodge!

Shen Tu Patriarch bellowed and he put his spear in front of him to ward off Yi Yun's strike. As to how much he could ward off, or whether he would be killed immediately, it was all an unknown!

Under such a situation, Yi Yun naturally did not go easy. Even though he needed allies to face Blood Moon together, against a person like Shen Tu Patriarch, he naturally would want to directly kill him if given the opportunity, to guard against future trouble!

"What insolence!"

At this moment, a roar echoed. From the legendary figures watching nearby, a tall black figure flew out. He held a large seal and threw it at Yi Yun's sword beam!

This black figure was the Sovereign of the Eventide!

As the strongest person in the Tian Yuan world, he needed to protect Shen Tu Patriarch. If the older generation was all killed by Yi Yun, it would cause chaos!

The seal was like a black mountain. As it disintegrated and suppressed the void, it slammed heavily onto Yi Yun's sword beam!

Be it a seal or spear, they were considered to be heavy weapons, and against a sword, they had an advantage.

However, when the seal slammed into the sword beam, the expected explosion of the sword beam did not happen. Instead, in the intense collision, the seal trembled as if it had hit an invisible spatial barrier. Furthermore, the sword beam accelerated downwards!


The sword had ripped open the land. The mountain peak that Yi Yun was standing on had now been split into two!

A sword scar ran right from the mountain peak down its mountain sides, causing about a dozen gigantic ravines to open up. As for the sword scar, it extended all the way down, entering deep into the ground, opening up what could be hundreds of thousands of feet.

As for Shen Tu Patriarch, he stood not far from the sword scar ravine. His clothes were torn and his hair disheveled. His face had an unusual paleness to it.

He had been defeated, thoroughly defeated.

He knew that he had just visited Death's door. If it wasn’t for the Sovereign of the Eventide's strike that shifted the sword beam at the very last moment, diminishing a portion of the impact, would he have died after being struck by the sword?

It was unpredictable!

Shen Tu Patriarch subconsciously tightened his grip on his spear, as he felt his palm turn cold.

The taste of near-death was something that he had never experienced in a very long time. He had almost forgotten what it felt like.

And today, he had experienced it once again from Yi Yun, a junior who had cultivated for less than thirty years!

Chapter 676: The Taste of Near-Death