True Martial World Chapter 677

Chapter 677: The Awe of Strength
Chapter 677: The Awe of Strength

Seeing how his attack failed to have any outcome, Yi Yun frowned slightly. He indeed had the intent to kill, and if possible, he wanted to finish the old fool with that attack.

However, the Sovereign of the Eventide had stepped in, deflecting Yi Yun's sword.

With Sovereign of the Eventide in the way, killing Shen Tu Patriarch was difficult.

Although Yi Yun did not fear the Sovereign of the Eventide, if he were to attack him, it would be equivalent to making all the legendary figures in the Tian Yuan world his enemy. Those people would definitely not sit idle as Yi Yun killed each member of the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium one by one.

Yi Yun also did not wish for Lin Xintong and himself to engage in a life and death battle with so many people.

"Yi Yun, you sure are extraordinary!"

Sovereign of the Eventide looked at Yi Yun as his eyes sparkled. When his seal smashed into Yi Yun's sword beam, it made him astonished at Yi Yun's strength despite the short moment of contact.

A weapon like a seal's offensive methods were either "suppressing" or "smashing". It should have been easy for Sovereign of the Eventide to smash through a sword beam.

However, Yi Yun's sword beam seemed to thrive endlessly. It seemed like it had an immortal strength to it, making Sovereign of the Eventide think he had hit a divine mountain in his previous strike.

Sovereign of the Eventide knew that for a sword beam to not shatter from such a smash, it was due to the Sword Intent augmenting the sword beam.

The Sword Intent was too powerful, causing the sword beam to condense without dissipating.

For Yi Yun to have such strength and swordplay made him apprehensive.

Although Sovereign of the Eventide did not think that he was inferior to Yi Yun, he still lacked the absolute confidence that he could keep Yi Yun behind.

Defeating an opponent and keeping an opponent behind were two completely different things. Furthermore, there was Lin Xintong not far away.

Just thinking of him having to face the combined forces of Yi Yun and Lin Xintong gave Sovereign of the Eventide a headache. He was even somewhat afraid to face such a situation. The two of them were a Dao couple, so how could a couple like that not have any combined attack skills?

As such, getting the group of them to force Yi Yun and Lin Xintong to sign a soul contract was already out of the question.

Other than Sovereign of the Eventide, the others also become cognizant of this point.

With Yi Yun not signing a soul contract, it was like a recumbent tiger by their sides, making them uneasy.

Now, it was already unrealistic to shackle the tiger. The only method they had left was to fawn over the tiger, serving it meat, so that it would not attack them.

Instantly, many people changed their minds. Those legendary figures, who had the intention to befriend Yi Yun, rushed forward at this moment to congratulate him.

They flew into the air and surrounded Yi Yun.

"Young master Yi is truly impressive! To battle the Heaven Ascension realm at the Yuan Opening realm, that is crossing a full realm. In the future, when Young master Yi achieves Heaven Ascension, who knows what strength will be like!" A middle-aged looking man said with a smile.

"News of today's battle will quickly proliferate throughout the Tian Yuan world." Beside the middle-aged looking man, an old man echoed.

"I wonder when Young master Yi will have the time. I, Xue Yushan, have always had the intentions to visit the Lin family. If Young master Yi is free, I will get my disciples to prepare some small gifts."

A group of people gave their compliments. Of course, it was unknown how many of them had genuine feelings.

Yi Yun did not take those compliments at heart. He knew very clearly that without the great power he possessed today, these group of people would have gnawed at him, leaving not a single bone left. The Great Empress heritage would be robbed from his corpse. These old fools could even begin fighting each other just for the Great Empress heritage.

Yi Yun did not care much for their sweet words that had swords hidden in them. He gave a few perfunctory responses and instead, the more fawning a person was, the more he was wary of that person. This sort of person was most likely to strike a man when he was done.

After the short exchange, Yi Yun suddenly turned his head and looked at the Sanctuary couple not far away.

From the moment Yi Yun came to the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium, the couple had not indicated their stand. They were not overly passionate towards Yi Yun, nor did they appear hostile.

Yi Yun had good feelings towards the couple.

He cupped his hands at the Sanctuary couple's male. "Island Lord, this lowly one has a few questions, and is hoping that the Island Lord would answer."

"Oh?" The Sanctuary Island Lord was slightly surprised. He smiled and said, "Little brother Yi, go ahead and speak."

"It's this, this lowly one wants to ask where did the Island Lord find the ten Blood Moon corpses?"

The Island Lord naturally had the greatest authority regarding the ten Blood Moon corpses.

He said, "The Sanctuary Island I reside in is deep in the Untraversable Sea. One day, I sensed a heaven-earth energy fluctuation far off. It even resulted in strange worldly phenomena, as if some law was being shattered. I thought a treasure had appeared, so I went searching with my wife. What we found was a major scene of destruction."

"The red color in the entire Untraversable Sea in a radius of ten thousand miles had disappeared, turning a deep blue. There were remnants of energy flow and laws in the air. This was likely due to a large explosion prior."

"If I am not wrong, there was likely some form of a formation array set up there previously. Unfortunately, the formation array failed for some reason and it directly collapsed, causing the change in the heaven and earth laws."

"I searched the vicinity for traces of the explosion and I discovered the ten Blood Moon corpses. Some of the corpses were no longer whole. I originally suspected that these people had set up a formation array to reincarnate en masse, but I could sense the traces of soul fragments from the corpses, so it apparently didn't resemble reincarnation."

"I was not sure if all of them could not reincarnate, but I was sure that a large number of them were truly dead. I believe this has lowered the threat of Blood Moon to its minimum."

"A formation array's explosion?"

Yi Yun frowned slightly. He found it hard to believe this explanation.

It was not only Yi Yun. The other Tian Yuan world's Elders also felt that something was amiss in the situation. However, the facts were before them, and indeed, there were ten dead Reincarnators. It was impossible to say that they had faked their deaths as the corpses were in the Sanctuary couple's hands. The Tian Yuan Elder Consortium had even constructed ten soul-sealing coffins to seal the corpses in them. They believed that it was impossible for the Reincarnators to be resurrected under such a situation.

Furthermore, they knew that in the Soul Tomb's Blackstone Trials, the core of Blood Moon, the strongest Yin specter army had been completely destroyed. This was undoubtedly a major blow to Blackstone Trials.

With a spate of setbacks, it was hard to imagine that the remnants of Blood Moon could stage a comeback.

"Why? Does Little brother Yi think there's a problem?" The white-dressed female of the Sanctuary couple asked. She was an extremely beautiful young woman, and her voice had a cheery tone. It was a extremely pleasing voice.

"Blood Moon is not that easily destroyed… " Yi Yun said with certainty.

"Oh? What is the reason?"

"I don't know, it's just a feeling... Yi Yun knew Blood Moon's history more than anyone present. He also understand the horrifying effects of that ancient great war more than them. He indeed lacked the evidence, and everything was just his hunch.