True Martial World Chapter 678

Chapter 678: Threat
Chapter 678: Threat

"Feeling?" When the man from Sanctuary heard Yi Yun say that, he smiled. Something just from feeling alone did not sound reliable, but to warriors, feelings were not something that they should brush away.

Many warriors had fated luck augmenting them. Sometimes, due to the fated luck, they would enjoy a blessing of the mind, allowing them to make the best choice at critical moments.

"There is reason for Little brother Yi to be worried, but we do have our precautions as well. These ten corpses have already been sealed in soul-sealing coffins by me. I have set up various arrays and I used a Realm Stone to suppress them. So even if they have extraordinary abilities, it is impossible for them to be revived. And in a few days, if my research comes to naught, I will destroy the corpses so as to prevent any future trouble." After he collected the ten corpses, he too found the matter amiss. He wanted to figure out how the ten Blood Moon members died through their corpses.

After Yi Yun heard his words, he slightly faltered and said, "The matter is not so simple. That will be all that I shall say. Everyone, please be careful and all the best."

Yi Yun also knew that it was pointless saying anything else in this situation. He bade them farewell immediately.

Hand in hand, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong left as their figures flashed away nearly instantly in the azure sky.

After watching Yi Yun and Lin Xintong leave, Sovereign of the Eventide's eyes flashed. At this moment, he was not considering the threat of Blood Moon, but the threat that came from Yi Yun.

Blood Moon looked like it had suffered a serious setback and it might have already been completely destroyed. However, the threat from Yi Yun was very real. In less than ten years, he would have the ability to dominate the entire Tian Yuan world.

All of their lives would then be held in Yi Yun's hands.

At this moment, Shen Tu Patriarch, who was stained with blood, flew into the crowd. When Yi Yun was around, he was too humiliated to show his face. Now that Yi Yun had left, he could no longer suppress his feelings.

"You can laugh all you want about the insult that I experienced today, but I want to give a word of caution. Yi Yun's rise is already unstoppable. Those who have old grudges with him, don't think optimistically. Everyone has already seen it, when I was battling him, his final strike was clearly trying to take my life. If it wasn’t for Sovereign of the Eventide saving me, I would have lost my life. This is my advice!" Shen Tu Patriarch said hatefully.

When everyone heard it, they did not speak a word. All of them had indeed felt the killing intent in Yi Yun's final attack. It was a strike that did not hold back.

Shen Tu Patriarch's gaze scanned them as he said solemnly, "Everyone, don't think that he just has the intent to kill me, and has no intentions towards you. Many amongst you had offended the Lin family and Yi Yun back then. To seek revenge on that useless grandson of mine, Shen Tu Nantian, he hid his identity in front of Nantian and he did not expose any of his hatred. From this, you can tell what sort of personality he has. After that, with strength so much inferior to Nantian, he tortured Nantian terribly step by step. The Lin family throwing Nantian into the dungeons was also his work. Finally, in the Great Empress mystic realm, he finally killed Nantian! How can you not be afraid of such a person? He might not be doing anything to you now, but in the future... Hehe, that will be hard to tell."

Shen Tu Patriarch knew that he had thoroughly offended Yi Yun. If he tried empathizing, he too would want to uproot any potential trouble and kill himself if he was Yi Yun.

That was human nature!

Those who did not have many grudges with Yi Yun, were still hoping to engage in self-preservation or even befriend Yi Yun. Shen Tu Patriarch would not sit idle as he waited for Yi Yun to murder him.

Upon hearing Shen Tu Patriarch's words, many people revealed a look of dread. All of them had an idea of what Yi Yun did to Shen Tu Nantian. It was indeed quite scary.

Back when Shen Tu Nantian wanted to put Yi Yun to death in the Chu Prefecture City, Yi Yun was like an ant-like figure to Shen Tu Nantian. Who knew that in a few years, Shen Tu Nantian would end up dying under the hands of Yi Yun.

Towards such a Yi Yun, trying to curry favor with him could not put them at ease. The best method was of course to kill him. However, Yi Yun was too powerful. Shen Tu Patriarch nearly died under his hands, and Sovereign of the Eventide also failed to befriend him.

They wanted to kill Yi Yun, and probably by only setting up a formation array beforehand, and gathering the forces of many Elders would they be able to stop Yi Yun from escaping. But even so, it might succeed. And if their assault on Yi Yun failed, the outcome would be unthinkable.

How could Shen Tu Patriarch not know what was on their minds? He sneered and said, "All of you are trying to play it safe. When you get hunted one by one, it will be too late to regret!"

After finishing, Shen Tu Patriarch flicked his sleeves and left. He did not plan on leaving Greatsword Mountain so as to prevent Yi Yun from attacking him. He wanted to enter reclusion to heal his wounds. Regardless of how overbearing Yi Yun was, he would not attack Greatsword Mountain, or it would mean that he was truly challenging the entire Tian Yuan Elder Consortium.

As for those Elders, he did not believe that they would play it safe all the way. Yi Yun was constantly growing and the threat to them was getting bigger. They would eventually break.

After a few Elders heard Shen Tu Patriarch's words, they exchanged glances and said, "Let's gather again in a few days."

They needed time to consider. Yi Yun's threat was great, but to lose decorum with Yi Yun was too risky. If Yi Yun began to seek revenge on those family clans, it would not be too late for them to make a decision then.

And those family clans who could receive retaliation, such as the Totem Mystic Race, they really could not sit still.

"Shen Tu Patriarch is right. We have to get rid of Yi Yun as soon as possible. He refused to sign the soul contract this time, revealing his ambition." The family clans that were worried about being retaliated upon had decided on privately convincing the family clans that had cordial relationships with them. They might as well ally with other Elders rather than sit idly waiting for death. There was a possibility of successfully killing Yi Yun, and if they waited till Yi Yun was completely invincible, they would only be sheep for the slaughter.

On Greatsword Mountain, the family clan's Elders left one by one, with various thoughts on their minds.

And ten thousand miles away.

"Yi Yun, what do you think Blood Moon is trying to do?" Lin Xintong asked.

"I don't know." Yi Yun shook his head. He too was puzzled.

Lin Xintong said, "Regardless of what Blood Moon wants to do, we need to upgrade our strength as fast as possible. Other than Blood Moon, we need to watch out for those family clans. These people are most volatile. Even if your strength has temporarily awed them, it would actually mean that you are a great threat to them. They will probably not feel at ease if they do not get rid of us."

"These people won't be able to stir up a storm." Yi Yun said nonchalantly. He did not think anything of people like Shen Tu Patriarch. They might have some combative power if they combined forces, but Yi Yun would not give them the opportunity to combine forces to kill him.

And those people were all scheming people, so how could they truly cooperate fully?

"Yi Yun, let's return to the God Advent Tower and carry on cultivating." Lin Xintong said with a smile. She was holding hands with Yi Yun, and a warmth came from Yi Yun's palm.

The two of them flew towards the Untraversable Sea hand in hand.