True Martial World Chapter 679

Chapter 679: The Demon God in the Sunset
In a blink of an eye, a few months had passed since the gathering at Greatsword Mountain.

And during this period, the news of Yi Yun rejecting an Elder spot at Greatsword Mountain, refusing to sign a soul contract, and defeating Shen Tu Patriarch had proliferated throughout the Tian Yuan world.

The warriors who learned of this news still remembered the warrant from back then. Once upon a time, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had been identified as human race traitors, accused by all, and hated by everyone.

Many young warriors had fantasized of finding traces of Yi Yun and Lin Xintong to provide to the Martial Alliance to gain merit.

Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, the Martial Alliance became the conspirator lurking in the Tian Yuan world, and Yi Yun had become the hero who destroyed Blood Moon's plans. He had even battled Shen Tu Patriarch without losing. Such a battle outcome was amazing!

Towards a matter that sounded like an ancient legend, many young geniuses were completely envious about it, some even felt excited about it.

Martial arts practitioners pursued a pleasurable life just like what Yi Yun was experiencing.

In the Tian Yuan world, numerous youths began to set Yi Yun as their goal. Even though the seniors of various large factions purposely played down the matter, averting the promotion of Yi Yun. Slowly, Yi Yun became an idol in the hearts of the Tian Yuan world's younger generation. He was the embodiment of absolute power.

Who didn't want to be like Yi Yun, having great accomplishments at a young age?!

Of course, in such a situation, the most ashamed entity was the Shen Tu family clan.

On Greatsword Mountain, Shen Tu Patriarch could even hear people discuss Yi Yun, and the content sounded extremely harsh on his ears.

"I can't wait any further. If I wait any longer, I will truly have no chance to survive. Yi Yun will definitely kill me!"

Shen Tu Patriarch knew that Yi Yun was not some benevolent saint very clearly. He was firm and resolute in his killing. How could he endure a potential threat?

In a warrior's life, no one could guarantee that their lives would be smooth-sailing. They had to constantly maintain their peak conditions.

For example, Yi Yun may be strong, but he would still experience injuries or feel weak after breaking out of reclusive training. Yi Yun would not allow a venomous snake to lurk around him as it could bite at him at any time. The smart choice was to completely eradicate potential threats.

As time passed, slowly, Shen Tu Patriarch constantly contacted Elders of other factions to come to Greatsword Mountain. He then began to discuss with these people in Greatsword Mountain's large formation array.

Shen Tu family clan sent many confidants to the family clans that had old grudges with Yi Yun. They constantly roped in allies and looked for help.

They already planned on setting up a large formation array at Greatsword Mountain, to lure Yi Yun into a trap.

On this matter, Sovereign of the Eventide also took an attitude of silent acquiescence. He had even secretly provided help and benefits for this array.

To Sovereign of the Eventide, Shen Tu Patriarch and company were like a knife in his hand. If they failed, it did not matter if his knife broke. He would not be involved.

Soon, Shen Tu Patriarch managed to gather ten Heaven Ascension realm legendary figures. Their factions all had offended Yi Yun before. Even these people had their concerns, and they could not force themselves to risk their lives to fight Yi Yun.

The root of the problem was because of the success rate. They really did not have much chance of success.

The ten legendary figures gathered at Greatsword Mountain. This was temporarily the safest place, at least they did not need to worry about being assassinated by Yi Yun.

As things dragged on, a few months passed. Shen Tu Patriarch knew deeply that with each passing month, Yi Yun's strength would constantly grow.

He was a bit worried, but it seemed like Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had disappeared once again. They were not in the Lin family, and their whereabouts were unknown.

As time dragged on, the more they lacked in confidence.

These days, Shen Tu Patriarch felt like he was sitting on pins and needles. He felt like being in Greatsword Mountain was like being imprisoned. If he could not kill Yi Yun, he could only wait to face the gallows.

Sooner or later, Yi Yun would have the adequate strength that could defy all the rules. When that happened, he would personally attack Greatsword Mountain and take his life.

And this period of time would definitely not exceed a decade. It was very hard to accept, knowing when his death was coming.

As he was tortured by his upcoming death, Shen Tu Patriarch even thought of taking the initiative to attack the Lin family so as to provoke Yi Yun, forcing him to attack Greatsword Mountain.

However, even if Shen Tu Patriarch felt that such a crazy idea was doable, the others did not have the courage. It really had the feeling of moths charging into the fire.

On this day, Shen Tu Patriarch was in a cultivation chamber trying to mull over profound techniques. He knew that in a head on fight with Yi Yun, the chances of winning were slim. He could only use a mystic technique that overdraft his body's potential to bridge the difference in strength.

The ancient heritage left behind by Blood Moon had no lack of such mystic techniques. Usually they were skills that damaged the enemy and dealt almost the same damage to oneself. However, these were like timely gifts for Shen Tu Patriarch.

Just as Shen Tu Patriarch was entering reclusion to mull over the profound techniques, he suddenly felt his eyelids twitch. Following that, he had an inexplicable sense of anxiety.

When the eyelids of mortals twitched,it was due to a physical reflex, but to warriors, it was not the same.

When their eyelids twitched, either it was when luck came or the premonition of danger.

"What's the matter?" Shen Tu Patriarch's heart skipped a beat as he immediately stood up and quickly exited the cultivation chamber.

At this moment, on Greatsword Mountain, there were a few of Shen Tu Patriarch's allies. The other Tian Yuan Elder Consortium members had mostly returned to their own factions.

The few people still on Greatsword Mountain sensed something amiss and they gathered in the square in front of the Elder Consortium's gigantic pagoda.

On the square, they felt a surge of strong wind as the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi turned turbulent. This scene made them worry. What was happening?

The wind on the peak of Greatsword Mountain was definitely not naturally formed, it was conjured by energy. It blew at their faces like knives, giving them no choice but to conjure their protective Yuan Qi.

A faint killing intent emanated through the air as Shen Tu Patriarch's expression turned increasingly solemn.

He had a strong sense of unease!

Yi Yun? Was he here to kill him!?

Shen Tu Patriarch found it hard to believe. It was unlikely that Yi Yun would be this arrogant. Although he was strong, he had not fully matured. If he were to attack Greatsword Mountain, it was publicly attacking the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium's members. It was equivalent to being an enemy of the entire Tian Yuan world!

It was unlikely that Yi Yun had the power to dominate the Tian Yuan world, and if he angered all the large factions, they could combine forces and kill him at all costs. Then, there would probably be no place for him in the Tian Yuan world.

"Who is it!?"

Shen Tu Patriarch held his spear in hand and began to form a battle formation with the other Elders.

At this moment, it was already dusk. The sun in the western sky emitted a faint golden glow, illuminating Shen Tu Patriarch's face. Even his spear was basking in this layer of golden light.

Very suddenly, Shen Tu Patriarch saw a blood-red color appear in the horizon. He was certain that it was not a cloud dyed crimson by the setting sun.

The blood-red color slowly spread out and emanated towards Greatsword Mountain constantly. It seemed to increase in density and it was shocking to the senses.

From the blood-red color, Shen Tu Patriarch could sense an intense murderous intent from it. It was as like a sea of blood that had slaughtered millions of lives!

Drops of sweat begin to fall from Shen Tu Patriarch's forehead. It did not seem like Yi Yun, then who or what was it?

"Inform Sovereign of the Eventide!"

Shen Tu Patriarch turned more and more anxious. He had never felt such a feeling before. Beside him, a few legendary figures already felt that this matter was of great importance. They took out their voice transmission jade slips, but at this moment, Shen Tu Patriarch suddenly leaped up like a cat that had its tail stepped on. He turned back!

At that very instant, he had sensed a terrifying killing intent behind him, as if a primordial behemoth had appeared behind him!

The other legendary figures also followed Shen Tu Patriarch in turning back, and then they suddenly froze. This was because the terrifying aura and fear pervading their bodies made it hard for them to move.

They saw, on the tip of the gigantic pagoda they just came out from, a monster dressed in black armor standing there. It was unknown if he was man or ghost. He wore a tattered cape behind him that fluttered with the wind. His arms were as long as a human's body, reaching down to the top of the pagoda.

This monster had only one bloodshot eye. As the single eye stared at them, it made their hearts nearly stop!

They could sense a tremendous aura coming from this monster. It was not due to awe or from his forceful stance. It was like a hare facing a eagle in the sky. It was a level of suppression that came from the difference in life's natural order!

This suppression made their blood and energy almost impossible to flow.

What sort of thing… is he!?

Chapter 679: The Demon God in the Sunset