True Martial World Chapter 680

Chapter 680: Greatsword Mountain Dyed Red
Chapter 680: Greatsword Mountain Dyed Red

Shen Tu Patriarch and the other legendary figures had not experienced such a feeling in a long time. Even when they first came into contact with martial arts, the feeling of facing a desolate beast hundreds of times more powerful than them paled in comparison to what they were feeling now.

The black armored monster stared at them in silence. No feelings could be seen from his only eye, only indifference. The way he looked at them was as if he was looking at a bunch of ants.

As the strong winds howled, his black hair fluttered behind his head. The blood-red color in the distance seemed to sweep over like the tides, meeting the monster's body. On the peak of Greatsword Mountain, it formed a gigantic vortex.

Shen Tu Patriarch and company seemed to see destruction caused from the eyes of the monster. It was a bloody crimson color, a hundred times more intense than the blood cloud.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

As intense as violent drum beats, their heart beats echoed in Shen Tu Patriarch and company's ears. It was as if their hearts were about to leap out from their throats.

"Who the hell are you… ?"

Shen Tu Patriarch's voice trembled as he slowly crushed the voice transmission jade slip, and at this moment, his pupils suddenly constricted!

The monster had disappeared from the tip of the pagoda!

The empty pagoda tip made everyone feel their scalps tingle!

These legendary figures immediately conjured their protective Yuan Qi!

With the fluctuation of Yuan Qi, the flashes of their protective Yuan Qi lit up… Pu!

A red beam appeared, and a long, spear-like hand suddenly appeared through a legendary figure's chest. This Heaven Ascension realm Elder's mouth opened slightly as he stared widely. He slowly lowered his head in disbelief, looking at his chest.

On the end of the hand were dark claws, finger tips stained with blood and flesh, dripping incessantly to the ground. His protective Yuan Qi had torn away like paper, not putting up a single bit of resistance.


As the hand was retracted, blood sprayed through the air.

This legendary figure was thrown outwards like a gunny sack, falling to the ground, fate unknown.

The other legendary figures looked at the monster with their faces pale. With the monster standing in front of them, it was more than ten feet taller than them.

His exterior appearance was that of a human, but it felt like there was completely no humanity in him.

His strike did not result in any Yuan Qi fluctuation. It was a simple attack, primal in nature, yet, it had killed a legendary figure so simply.

This monster slowly walked over to another legendary figure, who hands turned clammy. He felt like the air and space itself were being compressed, making him unable to move.

"Help me!" He shouted as his Yuan Qi exploded, sword serving as a conduit while energy gathered on his sword tip.

A tremendously powerful strike seemed to instantly turn daylight into night. And in the darkness, this life-yearning strike slashed at the monster like Armageddon-causing meteorites crashing downwards.

The monster did not dodge and it watched as the sword stabbed at his chest.


When the sword beam struck the monster's body, his tall figure was instantly enveloped by the sword beam.

But at this moment, a hand stained with warm blood reached out of the sword beam, grabbing hold of the legendary figure's neck.

Dang! The legendary figure's sword fell to the ground as his legs were lifted off from the ground, legs constantly kicking in a struggle.

Shen Tu Patriarch and company watched in horror at this scene as the legendary figure appeared as powerless as a baby in front of the monster. Finally, with a simple clench of the monster's five fingers, the sound of spine-tingling cracks were heard.


Blood sprayed out of the legendary figure's mouth, and in the mist of blood, his head slumped down in an odd, disjointed manner, body convulsing.

His neck had been forcefully twisted off!

The monster turned back indifferently to look at the rest.

"We will fight it out with you!"

Shen Tu Patriarch bellowed. There was no room for escape in front of the monster, the only thing they could do was give their all!

Various energy beams shot out. Even the incomplete array, which was meant for Yi Yun, was activated by Shen Tu Patriarch.

Despite such an earth-shattering offensive, there was not a single trace of Yuan Qi fluctuation coming from the monster. His methods of killing were like squishing ants to death, extremely simple and direct.

Legends fell one after another. In their eyes, one could see terror, disgruntlement and despair.

They had been cultivating in martial arts for tens of thousands of years, standing at the peak of the Tian Yuan world, their every move affecting billions of lives. They were existences all warriors coveted.

Yet in front of such a monster, they felt like they were ordinary warriors facing themselves.

The difference was too great!

Despite giving their all in their offense, it was to no avail. The monster's expression did not change one bit.


A broken spear fell to the ground. It had been split apart by the monster, and beside the spear was a crushed voice transmission jade slip...

Shen Tu Patriarch opened his mouth wide, grabbing his torn apart chest while staring deadly at the monster.

The monster was in heavy armor, with a tattered cape behind him. His muscles were taut and hard like divine metal. He had one red eye, while in his other eye socket, it looked like a stone, as if he was blind. His facial features were hidden in the shadows of his helmet. It was all a blur, preventing anyone from seeing clearly.

At this moment, a shadow appeared over Shen Tu Patriarch's head. A large black foot came crashing down, and like a piece of straw, Shen Tu Patriarch was trampled by this foot, his sternum shattering!

Kacha! The entire square began to crack apart with his single stomp, cracks spreading out like numerous cobwebs.

Shen Tu Patriarch stared widely at the sky. His eyes lost focus as he could no longer breathe. A pool of blood slowly gathered beneath that barefooted foot...


The rumbling of Greatsword Mountain and the turbulent Yuan Qi that resulted from the intense battle on the mountain peak alarmed many major factions' disciples stationed at Greatsword Mountain.

They usually did not scale Greatsword Mountain's peak, but now, even the defensive arrays around Greatsword Mountain's pagoda had been shattered by the monster's single stomp.

These disciples still were unaware of what had happened as they rushed over, looking at the peak.

Many elite disciples were gathered at Greatsword Mountain, especially the Shen Tu family clan, Li Fire Sect, etc. As they were afraid of Yi Yun's retaliation, many of the family's geniuses took up residence at Greatsword Mountain.

People looked up at the tall pagoda, and watched the blood cloud that hung over their heads.

They saw a figure beneath the cloud. He was like a savage dressed in heavy armor, with tattered clothes underneath.

The savage was looking down, as if he was stepping on something.

And when they managed to discern the "thing" that he was stepping on, the young elites present, especially the Shen Tu family clan's disciples felt a jolt through their bodies!

That person's face was covered in blood. His facial features were completely twisted, while his body convulsed. Yet, they managed to recognize that it belonged to Shen Tu Patriarch!

A Patriarch, one of the strongest figures in the Tian Yuan world had been trampled to death by a savage?

A cold feeling rose up from their feet. At at this moment, the savage slowly looked up. A heartless single eye looked at this bunch of youths…

At that instant, everyone felt like their lives no longer belonged to them!