True Martial World Chapter 681

Chapter 681: Ten Rotten Corpses
Chapter 681: Ten Rotten Corpses

The sky above Greatsword Mountain was enveloped in a blood red color for a full day and night. It only began to gradually disperse only the next dusk.

At this moment, a few figures flew over from far away, and leading the group was Sovereign of the Eventide.

Sovereign of the Eventide looked at the tall mountain peak from afar. It was completely silent throughout the mountain.

Without even needing to take a look, he scanned with his perception and he knew that the entire mountain was now a land of death. All the disciples who had all resided in Greatsword Mountain had died!

The square on the mountain peak had cracked and there were traces of blood everyone, but the corpses of Shen Tu Patriarch and company could not be found.

The younger generation's corpses were scattered everyone, while the legendary figures' corpses had disappeared.

Beside the pools of blood, there were remnants of weapons and enchanted treasures.

Sovereign of the Eventide saw a broken spear, and beside it, there was a piece of shattered jade strewn across the ground. It was the voice transmission jade slip that had been crushed.

Sovereign of the Eventide crouched down to pick up the spear. As one of the most powerful figures in the Tian Yuan world, Shen Tu Patriarch's spear might not be the best one in the Tian Yuan world, but it was not that much different from the best.

Especially after destroying Blood Moon, with the acquiring of the Blood Moon treasury, Shen Tu Patriarch was given a material known as Mystic Cloud Crystal. It took him two years to slowly merge the Mystic Cloud Crystal into his spear, allowing its quality to increase to the next level.

Yet, such a spear had been forcefully broken.

The ends of the broken spear showed no traces of it being cut through by a weapon, instead, it showed that it had been torn apart using one's bare hands. How much strength was required?

Actually, when Shen Tu Patriarch was being killed, he had already crushed the voice transmission jade slip. He did not have the opportunity to transmit his voice, but Sovereign of the Eventide could hear the sounds that came from the battle.

The entire battle broke out abruptly, but it lasted for a very short time. In such a short period of time, Shen Tu Patriarch and the other legendary figures that stayed behind at Greatsword Mountain, a total of six people, were completely annihilated. Not a single one escaped!

Ignoring the fact that the six of them combined were not the match of the enemy, they couldn’t even could escape separately in different directions… Their opponent's strength was completely horrendous.

"What killed Shen Tu?" An elder frowned.

He could not think of anyone in the entire Tian Yuan world who had such strength.

Sovereign of the Eventide took a deep breath as his expression turned ugly.

It was impossible for Yi Yun to be the murderer. With Yi Yun eliminated, Sovereign of the Eventide could only think one one entity, Blood Moon!

Upon thinking of Blood Moon, the Sovereign of the Eventide felt his heart jump. What happened to the ten corpses?

He hurriedly took out his voice transmission voice slip, so he could communicate with the Sanctuary Island Lord.

Sovereign of the Eventide was afraid that the ten corpses had come alive. If that happened, the Sanctuary couple would be in danger.

Although Sovereign of the Eventide had always yearned for the couple to die, so that he could be without threat, now with a formidable enemy in front of them, all of the warriors in the Tian Yuan world were on the same boat. If the boat were to sink, they would all be doomed.

Just as Sovereign of the Eventide crushed the voice transmission jade slip, he suddenly turned his head. He saw a black and white figure quickly flying towards him in the overcast sky.

The two traveled at an extremely fast speed. From the horizons, they had appeared in front of Sovereign of the Eventide in the blink of an eye.

The two figures were the Sanctuary couple.

It was natural for the couple to learn about what happened at Greatsword Mountain.

"How are the corpses?" Sovereign of the Eventide immediately asked.

"See for yourself!"

As the Sanctuary Island Lord flung his hand out, ten soul-sealing coffins flew out from his interspatial ring, lining up in the sky.

Ka Ka Ka!"

The coffins opened one after another.

Upon seeing the interiors of the coffins, Sovereign of the Eventide gasped.

The ten corpses had not disappeared, but they had undergone a tremendous change. There were no signs of the corpses coming alive, but… they had all decayed!

The ten corpses had completely rotted, emitting a foul stench. The Blood Moon Alliance Leader's corpse was considered fine, as the rate of decay was not that fast, but the other nine had already been decomposed to bone.

Even the corpses of mortals would not decay so fast in a warm, humid environment when buried underground, what more the corpses of warriors that could be preserved for tens of thousands of years.

Now, these ten corpses had undergone a drastic change overnight!

Sovereign of the Eventide's heart sank. The rotting of the corpses and the appearance of a Demon God that had happened at the same time, clearly, it was not a coincidence.

The Sanctuary Island Lord sighed and said, "It seems that Little brother Yi Yun wasn't wrong. We underestimated Blood Moon. Although it is unknown what means they have employed, I have a hunch that a major disaster is about to befall the Tian Yuan world, just like the apocalypse that happened tens of millions of years ago.

The apocalypse?

No one present had experienced the apocalypse that happened tens of millions of years ago. Even the history books did not have records of it. People found the calamity unreal and distant. As for what it was like, no one knew.

The legendary figures present felt like they were being pressed under a boulder as their breathing turned heavy.

It was not be surprising that an existence, which could easily annihilate them, could destroy the Tian Yuan world.

"It's already meaningless to talk about this. So what if Yi Yun expected that Blood Moon had other tricks up their sleeve? Would he be able to destroy such a terrifying existence?" Upon mentioning Yi Yun, Sovereign of the Eventide frowned. Yi Yun was always a thorn in his side.

"Yi Yun definitely won't be able to destroy it, but if he's given a few hundred years, or even a thousand years, he will approach the ancient Great Empress' cultivation realm. Then he might be able to accomplish it… "

"A few hundred years? A thousand years?" Sovereign of the Eventide sneered. "By then, we would probably all be killed. So what use is it for him to destroy such a terrifying existence?"

"Of course there is a use." The Sanctuary Island Lord looked up the sky. His eyes reflected the star-filled sky... "In a thousand years, you and I might be killed by that monster, but someone will survive in the vast Tian Yuan world, unless that existence has the ability to completely destroy an entire Great World… "

"As long as someone lives on, humans will carry on existing. Several thousand years later, they will prosper again. Rebirth after being destroyed is just like the cycle of death and rebirth."

Upon saying this, he lowered his head and looked at Sovereign of the Eventide and said lightly, "The Tian Yuan world does not only have us."

Sovereign of the Eventide was dumbfounded momentarily as he never expected the Sanctuary Lord Island to suddenly give such a speech.

In a warrior's life, they would be able to go anywhere as they pleased, taking charge of the cycle of death and rebirth, living as brightly as the moon and sun, and as old as the heaven and earth. Who cares if the world collapsed after death?


As the Tian Yuan world's legendary figures were panicking in chaos with the appearance of the Demon God, Yi Yun, who was in reclusion in the Great Empress mystic realm, suddenly opened his eyes

He took out an Information Stone. A tiny crack had appeared on it. Upon seeing this, Yi Yun frowned. He knew what would come had come.