True Martial World Chapter 684

Chapter 684: Entering the Divine Wilderness
Chapter 684: Entering the Divine Wilderness

The vast Divine Wilderness was endless in expanse. There were very few traces of humans deep in the Divine Wilderness, but today, all the experts of the Lin family had entered the Divine Wilderness in a mighty formation.

The distance from the Tian Yuan world to the Divine Wilderness was extremely great. Furthermore, after entering the Divine Wilderness, there were no more teleportation arrays, so it would take at least a month to proceed forward.

The Lin family had acted in accordance to Yi Yun's instructions by evacuating all the mortals and low-level warriors in the family. They were divided into groups, taking some of the family's riches as they reluctantly left the Lin family's grounds.

As for the Lin family's experts, they accompanied Yi Yun and Lin Xintong into the Divine Wilderness.

It was relatively easy for this group of experts to navigate through the Divine Wilderness with Yi Yun and Lin Xintong leading the way. Ignoring the primordial species that filled the entire Divine Wilderness, just trying to find the Desolate race in the Divine Wilderness was extremely difficult. Humans did not know where the Desolate race resided, so if they were to get lost and enter a dangerous area of the Divine Wilderness, it would be extremely dangerous for them.

Over tens of millions of years of accumulation, the Divine Wilderness had many lands fraught with great danger. A human race's Heaven Ascension realm warrior might even suffer great losses if he brought his family's younger generation into such places.

Heaven Ascension realm warriors may be strong, but they could only barely withstand a Primordial True Spirit from the Divine Wilderness. Without any preparations or a map of the Divine Wilderness, going deep into the Divine Wilderness without thought would result in disastrous outcomes.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong may be familiar with the Divine Wilderness, but they couldn’t identify all the danger zones. However, when they reached a distance of a million miles into the Divine Wilderness, they saw a group of people covered in tattoos riding fierce beasts charging towards them.

Yi Yun could tell from far that they were the Desolate race's garrison troops in the Divine Wilderness. In the vast Divine Wilderness, the Desolate race had several garrison troops, guarding various spots in the Divine Wilderness.

These garrison troops were not easily dealt with. Even if they did not have experts amongst them, they could mobilize the primordial species in the Divine Wilderness or take advantage of the danger zones in the Divine Wilderness to attack the enemy. The combat power they wielded was extremely terrifying!

And such small garrison troops were distributed throughout the Divine Wilderness. Their locations were hidden and there were so many of them. They were mutually coordinated and they had great strength.

In the Soul Tomb, the Desolate race was not the human race's match, but the moment they were in the Divine Wilderness, they were like Flood Dragons entering the sea. They were the absolute sovereigns of the Divine Wilderness.

A Desolate race at the Yuan Opening realm was already extremely terrifying in the Divine Wilderness, and for a Desolate race Great Emperor like the Shepherd Boy, his power in the Divine Wilderness was even more horrifying.

In the war between humans and Desolate race, the humans had always been more on the defensive since ancient times. Basically, no human would dare to attack the Divine Wilderness, they would only cross swords with the Desolate race on human territory.

The reason why the Desolate race could withstand the human race for tens of millions of years was a result of its deep heritage. Even if all the family clans in the Tian Yuan world joined forces to attack the Divine Wilderness at all costs, there was still a chance of them being completely wiped out!

Of course, if the Desolate race attacked the Tian Yuan world en masse, they too would lose the advantage by leaving their territories.

The group of Desolate race garrison troops moved extremely fast. They traveled like a gust of wind. They were barebacked and covered in tattoos, having an aggressive stance.

The Lin family Elders could tell that it was not any ordinary Desolate race garrison troop. Their aura was extremely powerful and the person leading them was even more terrifying.

The Lin family experts secretly held their weapons tight. Although they did not believe a battle would break out, it was always better to be vigilant.

However, the Lin family did not expect that from miles away, these people would leap off their beasts and walk forward, respectfully saluting Yi Yun.

"The Desolate Queen has orders, we have waited here for a long time to welcome Young master Yi!"

Yi Yun had obviously informed Jiang Xiaorou before bringing the Lin family into the Divine Wilderness, and all the Desolate race garrison troops that littered the Divine Wilderness were ordered to receive Yi Yun.

The Lin family heaved a sigh of relief. They were also amazed at Yi Yun's standing amongst the Desolate race. The Desolate race was very courteous to Yi Yun. The leader of the garrison troops was probably similar to a General in the Desolate race. Not only did he come in person to receive Yi Yun, he had even dismounted miles away and walked forward to salute Yi Yun.

"Sorry for troubling you, General."

Yi Yun returned the salutation. With the Desolate race leading the way, they could enter the deep reaches of the Divine Wilderness, without any worry for danger.

As Yi Yun was leading the Lin family to seek asylum with the Desolate race, a bloody wave was set off in the Tian Yuan world.

Wherever the Black-armored Demon God went, all the warriors there were slaughtered.

The weaker warriors were easily killed by the Black-armored Demon God, while the strongest ones were sealed in the Black-armored Demon God's armor, enduring endless torment.

The Black-armored Demon God did not have any emotions. He hardly spoke and when he killed, he was always expressionless. It was as if he was mowing down grass when he killed a bunch of people.

He was elusive and he traveled exceedingly fast. He could appear deep in the Tian Yuan world, and a few hours later, he could appear on the boundaries of the Tian Yuan world. His every appearance was accompanied by a blood cloud that filled the sky. This blood cloud was like nearing death and despair to the Tian Yuan world warriors. No matter where they escaped, they could not hide from the blood cloud's cover.

One sect or family clan after another were flattened and destroyed. Some of these family clans had been handed down for hundred of thousands of years or even more than a million years. Sacred or holy grounds were dyed red with blood, becoming zones of death.

The Tian Yuan world's family clans had never imagined that a single life form would one day threaten their entire existence.

In front of death, many people turned afraid, resulting in many family clans beginning to flee.

They abandoned their family's foundation and spiritual lands that they had accumulated for years. With their family's fortunes and the important disciples of the family, they began migrating.

With the entire family migrating, they fled in all directions, but no where in the Tian Yuan world was safe. There was nowhere for them to go. Some of them escaped to the Divine Wilderness, but without the Desolate race leading the way, it was also unsafe for them to escape into the Divine Wilderness.

In fact, many family clans had encountered the Black-armored Demon God while migrating and it only ended with a massacre!

The Black-armored Demon God seemed to have an ability to find mighty people in this vast world.

Of course, in the ailing Tian Yuan world, there were valiant human warriors who teamed up against the Black-armored Demon God or stayed behind to protect their family clans, fighting to their last.

However, their efforts were like smashing a rock with an egg. Staying behind to protect their family clans was the same as waiting for death. However, even though they knew that they would have a bitter end, these people still faced it head on.

Humans were a complex life form. They had their jealousy, machinations, betrayal and contempt. But in troubled times, there were many who would sacrifice their lives for justice. They achieved honor by martyring themselves. They were willing to sacrifice themselves, at the expense of their lives for freedom and all life.

The entire Tian Yuan world was covered in blood, with an atmosphere of tragedy and despair resonating throughout. Many sects or family clans that enjoyed a lustrous past turned empty overnight, becoming ruins. Corpses laid strewn across the ground, being torn apart by wild dogs and wolves.

No one entered Greatsword Mountain either. A brilliant, sacred ground of the past was now immersed in complete silence. At night, a cold wind would howl, bleak and desolate.