True Martial World Chapter 685

Chapter 685: Jiang Xiaorou’s Birth Origins
Chapter 685: Jiang Xiaorou’s Birth Origins

In a distance of a hundred thousand miles, which stretched into the Divine Wilderness, there were no humans around. Deep in the Divine Wilderness, the Desolate race and desolate beasts enjoyed a peaceful coexistence. Their location was unknown and nearly no human had stepped foot in the Desolate race's territory.

But today, in one of the altars in a valley, a soft glow suddenly appeared.

After the glow dissipated, a large group of people appeared on the altar. These people were of all ages and genders. The moment they appeared, they immediately looked around nervously and curiously. They were the members of the Lin family.

At this moment, there were many members of the Desolate race standing near the altar.

From afar, Yi Yun spotted Jiang Xiaorou. She was dressed in a long, red gown. She held a bone staff in hand, and in the middle of her eyebrows, there were cinnabar dots. She really had the bearing of a queen. And beside Jiang Xiaorou was Chen Fei, who had been in control of the Skyfox formation array core back in the Soul Tomb.

The Desolate race dressed differently to the humans. Many men were bare-chested with all sorts of runes tattooed on their bodies. Their necks and arms were covered in ornaments made of beast teeth and bone.

As for the women, they mostly wore white fur. Feathers were pinned through their hair, and their eyes look beautiful and sharp, with some wild charm in them.


Upon seeing Yi Yun safe and sound, Jiang Xiaorou experienced a heartfelt joy.

"Sis Xiaorou." Yi Yun stepped forward to hold Jiang Xiaorou's hand.

"My mother has been waiting in the Grand Palace for you. She has something important to tell you." As she spoke, she turned to Lin Xintong. "Miss Lin, follow my people and they will settle your family clan first. I'll be back in a while with Yun'er."

"Alright." Lin Xintong nodded her head. With that, Jiang Xiaorou began to instruct her people on the accommodations needed for the Lin family's residence.

The Lin family was worried that they would suffer while living under someone else's roof, but the Desolate race was extremely hospitable to the Lin family. They specially arranged a palace as the Lin family's residence and they had even allocated a few members of the Desolate race to serve the Lin family.

After the Lin family took up residence, Jiang Xiaorou took Yi Yun to the Desolate Queen Hall. Chen Fei and company respectfully followed the duo. All the Desolate race members were respectful towards Lin Xintong and Yi Yun. As the Desolate race worshiped the strong, news of the Yi Yun and Lin Xintong's performance in the Soul Tomb had proliferated in the Desolate race. Towards the duo, the members of the Desolate race, especially the youth, were filled with heartfelt respect.

Yi Yun accompanied Jiang Xiaorou as he stepped into a teleportation array. Chen Fei controlled the array and he began to utter profound and abstruse chants that sounded like the howling of the wind. Very quickly, the altar emitted a glow, enveloping the people on it.

With a flash, Yi Yun and Jiang Xiaorou appeared in front of a magnificent palace. This palace looked unsophisticated but solemn. In the strong, howling winds, Yi Yun saw a few gigantic primordial desolate beasts that were as large as mountains lingering not far from the Grand Palace. There was a powerful aura that emitted from these desolate beasts, and without a doubt, they were Primordial True Spirits.

They were the protectors of the Desolate race's Grand Palace.

The human race had several legendary figures at the Heaven Ascension realm. In comparison, there were few experts in the Desolate race that were at an equivalent level. However, with these Primordial True Spirits, the strength of the Desolate race far exceeded the humans.

Upon entering the Grand Palace, Yi Yun saw Jiang Xiaorou's mother.

She was dressed in a long, bluish-purple robe as she sat on a throne. Beneath her feet proned a tiger. Of course, it was not any ordinary tiger, it was a powerful desolate beast that had a pure bloodline.

This woman had a dignified beauty of aristocracy. The passage of time had not left any traces on her body. Standing beside Jiang Xiaorou, they looked like a pair of sisters.

"This junior, Yi Yun, sends his greetings to senior." Yi Yun bowed to Jiang Xiaorou's mother. The Desolate race had previously saved him from Shen Tu Nantian in the past. Although the Desolate race had ulterior motives for doing so, Yi Yun still appreciated it.

As the woman looked at Yi Yun, she sized him up with a smile hanging on her face. After looking at Yi Yun for about thirty seconds, she said softly, "So you are Yi Yun, you are really a dragon amongst men. In the past decade or more, I have heard Xiaorou mention you several times. I actually did not wish for Xiaorou to have anything to do with you, but it seems like I was wrong back then… "

With the former Desolate Queen saying those words, Jiang Xiaorou gave a knowing smile. She was naturally very happy that her mother had changed her attitude towards Yi Yun. In the future, she would be able to accompany Yi Yun.

Yi Yun said, "Thank you, Senior. This junior has undergone all sorts of hardship with Sis Xiaorou. So no matter what happens in the future, this junior will definitely face it alongside Sis Xiaorou."

Yi Yun did not blame the Desolate race for his forceful separation with Jiang Xiaorou. To the Desolate race, humans were not to be trusted.

The former Desolate Queen gave a faint smile before sighing. She said, "The Black-armored Demon God has appeared once again, whipping up a blood storm throughout the Tian Yuan world. Although the Desolate race and the Human race are enemies, this is also a calamity for my Desolate race... Today, I'm meeting you also about this matter… "

"I believe… you should already know about how strong the seven Demon Disciples are. You even probably know that the Black-armored Demon God is severely injured and that the life force and spiritual energy within him is unstable, right?"

"Yes." Yi Yun nodded. He was also planning on getting some enlightenment from the former Desolate Queen. He wanted to know what this powerful woman, who ruled the Desolate race, planned on doing in this disaster.

The former Desolate Queen said, "Yi Yun, the reason why I'm calling Xiaorou and you here is not to give you any advice, but to tell you of Xiaorou's origins. It is also something to do with her father. The reason why I forbade Xiaorou from having any relationship with you was also actually due to her father… "

Yi Yun was stunned at the twist in the former Desolate Queen's words.

He expected the woman to discuss how to deal with the Black-armored Demon God with him, but he never expected her to mention Jiang Xiaorou's father.

Yi Yun had no inkling of understanding regarding Jiang Xiaorou's father. He had even pondered why Jiang Xiaorou had the surname Jiang.

Back in the Lian tribal clan, Yi Yun had heard Jiang Xiaorou reminiscing about her youth. She seemed to live in a large family clan in the past, and he had not heard of Jiang Xiaorou talking about growing up with desolate beasts. Hence, Yi Yun had guessed that Jiang Xiaorou's father might be human.

However, over the years as Yi Yun traveled the Tian Yuan world, he had not heard of any large family clans with the surname Jiang in the Tian Yuan world. There were a few weaker family clans of the same surname, but they did not seem to have anything to do with Jiang Xiaorou.

Yi Yun looked at Jiang Xiaorou's mother, waiting for her to proceed with her story.

The woman sighed, as if recalling the past, giving her all sorts of mixed emotions.

"Yi Yun, before talking about Xiaorou's father, let me ask you first. When you entered the Great Empress mystic realm and understood many of the secrets of the ancients, have you ever considered leaving this world?"

Leaving this world?

Yi Yun was stunned. He knew what leaving this world meant. It meant heading for the Twelve Empyrean Heavens!

In fact, after Yi Yun and Lin Xintong obtained the Great Empress mystic realm inheritance, they had talked about heading to the Twelve Empyrean Heavens before.

The more they understood the secrets of the ancients, the more the two of them felt that the world they resided in was too small. Lin Xintong was not a person who wished for normalcy. She had a resolute heart for martial arts. When she learned about the Twelve Empyrean Heavens, knowing about the twelve supreme Great Dao, she yearned for it greatly. As for Yi Yun, he had also thought about heading to the Twelve Empyrean Heavens after his cultivation reached its limits in the Tian Yuan world.

Yi Yun nodded his head silently.

The former Desolate Queen was not surprised as she said, "My invitation for you here today was not to discuss about dealing with the Black-armored Demon God. First, I'll tell you about the route that leads to the Twelve Empyrean Heavens, which is also a route of retreat… "

The route leading to the Twelve Empyrean Heavens?

Upon hearing the words of Jiang Xiaorou's mother, Yi Yun was alarmed.

Yi Yun knew that the world the Tian Yuan world resided in was actually a sealed ground. Even the Tian Yuan world itself was a gigantic enchanted treasure used to suppress the eternal whirlpool.

It was by chance that the Azure Yang Lord arrived in the Tian Yuan world back then. And it was because of the Azure Yang Lord that the primal enchantment of the Tian Yuan world shattered.

As a result, this world and the exterior world, where the Twelve Empyrean Heavens was, had means of communicating with each other again.

However, Yi Yun had no idea on how to go from the Tian Yuan world to the Twelve Empyrean Heavens.

He never expected that Jiang Xiaorou's mother knew the way.