True Martial World Chapter 686

Chapter 686: Jiang Family’s Disaster
Chapter 686: Jiang Family’s Disaster

Yi Yun had first heard the former Desolate Queen mention Jiang Xiaorou's father before she talked about a route that led to the 12 Empyrean Heavens. This allowed Yi Yun to make the connection and suddenly realize a possibility...

"Senior, you mean… Sis Xiaorou's father actually came from the 12 Empyrean Heavens?"

Yi Yun deduced. He looked at Jiang Xiaorou and but he noticed her complicated expression. Clearly, she already knew about her father's life.

The former Desolate Queen nodded and said, "That's right… Past events hundreds of years ago now seem like they were lifetimes ago in retrospect… "

As the former Desolate Queen spoke, she gently shook her head with grief and lamenting expression.

Jiang Xiaorou gently walked over to hold her mother's arm. She silently comforted the former Desolate Queen through such a method.

Yi Yun quietly listened, waiting for the former Desolate Queen to tell the story of the past.

"Everything begins about 600 years ago… " The former Desolate Queen lovingly touched Jiang Xiaorou's hair and said with a faint voice, "I met Xiaorou's father 600 years ago. He came from the 12 Empyrean Heavens, but he was not as powerful as you would imagine, being able to dominate the Tian Yuan world easily. On the contrary, he was severely injured, with his meridians broken, and highly probable that his martial path would be completely severed."

"He came from the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven of the 12 Empyrean Heavens. He was a member of the ancient Fey race, and they were engaged in war. He was injured in the war, and he came to the Tian Yuan world while escaping death."

"Later on… I met the seriously injured him and took care of him. He had a special aura that attracted me, and later on, we fell in love. He told me that he came from the 12 Empyrean Heavens and I knew his background was to be kept a secret. He was too seriously injured, and he did not have the means to protect himself in this world. The moment someone knew of his background and coveted the inheritance and treasures that came from the 12 Empyrean Heavens, it was very possible for the tragedy of people murdering and plundering him to happen."

"I was about to inherit the position of Desolate Queen back then. According to the Desolate race's rules, as the successor to the Desolate Queen, I could not marry a person from a different race… And back then, he came from the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, and no one knew he was an ancient Fey race member. As he concealed his identity, people thought that he was human."

"And you know that humans are the arch enemies of the Desolate race."

When the former Desolate Queen spoke up to this point, Yi Yun nodded. As the Desolate Queen, it was necessary to ensure that the bloodline of the Desolate race was pure blooded. It was possible for the offspring of the Desolate Queen to inherit the position of Desolate Queen next. But if the Desolate Queen married a human, a member of the Desolate race's enemy, how could they appease the Desolate race masses?

"The clan did not agree with my decision, so I insisted on forging my own path. The clan imprisoned me, and back then, I was stubborn and rebellious. I escaped and hid from my clan's pursuers. In the end, I left the Desolate race and went to the Tian Yuan world. I cut off all ties with the clan, lived with him in the Tian Yuan world. As such… the clan could not do anything to us."

'We hid our identity, and through our own strength and a few loyal servants who came with me when I left the Desolate race, we set up a small family clan in a remote area of the Tian Yuan world. That was the Jiang family. The goal of establishing the family clan was to search for resources to treat his injuries. Of course, the Tian Yuan world's resources were limited when it came to healing him. He used more than 500 years, but he still failed to join up all of his meridians."

"By then, I was already pregnant… " When the former Desolate Queen said this, she looked lovingly at Jiang Xiaorou. She was from a different race from Jiang Xiaorou's father, and since it was not easy for the ancient Fey race to reproduce, it was even more difficult for him to produce an offspring with the Desolate race.

It could be said that Jiang Xiaorou's birth was an accident which Jiang Xiaorou's father did not expect.

"It was very difficult for me during my pregnancy with Xiaorou. The pregnancy lasted many years before I entered labor. And the labor process made me endured extreme pain, it nearly caused me to drop in a cultivation realm."

The stronger a life, the stronger the blood line, and the more difficult the pregnancy and labor were. For weaker life forms like insects or mice, their labor was much simpler.

This seemed like a law of nature, limiting the proliferation of powerful life forms, so it could maintain nature's balance.

"When Xiaorou was born, rainbows filled the sky. Her bloodline was extremely powerful, exceeding any preceding Desolate Queen of the Desolate race. This is also why she successfully obtained the recognition of the Desolate race's Sacred Spirit… " Upon saying this, the former Desolate Queen looked at Jiang Xiaorou, who was beside her, with eyes full of love and gentleness.

"However… when Xiaorou reached the age of one, her father left… returning to the 12 Empyrean Heavens… "


Yi Yun was momentarily stunned.

"Yes… return… He did not belong to this world after all. In this world, he managed to repair 80% of his broken meridians and he was unable to make a full recovery. Besides, his family clan had a mission for him to complete, so he had to return. He said that once everything was settled, he would return to this world, taking me and Xiaorou away."

Upon saying this, the former Desolate Queen shook her head gently. It was not that she did not believe Jiang Xiaorou's father's promise, but nothing was a certainty in this world. Who could accurately predict what would happen in the future?

Just like how she would have to face the calamity brewing in the eternal whirlpool after she returned to the Desolate race. Who would know what the outcome would be?

The 12 Empyrean Heavens were too far from the Tian Yuan world, and the round trip was definitely not easy. Jiang Xiaorou's father had said that he had to settle everything before he would come back for the duo, but could he really successfully settle those matters? If they were such simple matters, would he have been forced to this world after having all his meridians severed?

Hence, when Jiang Xiaorou's father left, the former Desolate Queen was mentally prepared to not see his return.

The former Desolate Queen did not elaborate on the separation, but Yi Yun knew that she had probably experienced painful struggles.

"Then how did Sis Xiaorou end up in the Cloud Wilderness?" Yi Yun asked again.

The color of sadness disappeared from the former Desolate Queen's eyes and a coldness replaced it. "The Jiang family we established was in the territory of another large faction of the Tian Yuan world. We never wanted to vie for anything in the Tian Yuan world and we always kept a low key. We stayed out of the large faction's ways, but I never expected that even with such a low-key life, disaster still struck us."

"Some things are that coincidental. That faction's Patriarch was out searching for herbs. He had a spirit beast that could find treasures and sense the seismic networks to find divine herbs. When the Patriarch arrived at the spirit mountain where the Jiang family was living in seclusion, he failed to find any primordial herb using his spirit beast, but instead he found Xiaorou. The treasure-seeking spirit beast had sensed the extraordinary bloodline from Xiaorou's body."

"And the Patriarch had failed to find any satisfactory treasures and instead, he intended on using Xiaorou as a herb. And you probably have guessed who this person was. He was Shen Tu Patriarch."

"That is also the reason why I later left the Tian Yuan world and returned to the Desolate race. That is also the reason why Qing Kui led the Divine Wilderness' beast horde, charging into the Tian Yuan world, severely weakening the Shen Tu family clan… "

"Although my Desolate race is more powerful than the Shen Tu family clan, being far from the Divine Wilderness, and being besieged enemies from all corners of the Tian Yuan world, it was also difficult to completely annihilate the Shen Tu family clan. They were rooted in the Tian Yuan world and they had many allies. Furthermore, the beast horde's movement had a wide target. So anytime they found things amiss, they would escape in advance."

So that was the reason.

Yi Yun's eyes turned cold. It was no wonder Shen Tu Nantian wanted to refine Jiang Xiaorou into elixirs back when he first saw her. So all of this was a result of Shen Tu Patriarch.

But now, the Shen Tu family clan was completely destroyed. From their arrogance and dominance of plundering children back then to the utter collapse of the family clan now.

The former Desolate Queen added, "Xiaorou's birth had expended too much of my energy and life force. When I encountered Shen Tu Patriarch, my life force had not completely recovered. Besides, I'm a member of the Desolate race. If I had a Primordial True Spirit beside me, I wouldn't have been afraid of a few Shen Tu Patriarchs, but I naturally could not bring a Primordial True Spirit into the Tian Yuan world."

"Finally, it ended in disaster. In the battle, I could only end the battle with Shen Tu Patriarch with a tie. And by then, Shen Tu Patriarch had discovered that we were members of the Desolate race. This ignited the greed in his heart, and he wished to capture me as well."

"He summoned all the Shen Tu family clan members in the vicinity. And the Shen Tu family clan had half-step Heaven Ascension realm experts and plenty of allies. As reinforcements rushed over from all directions, the tiny Jiang family I established was naturally no match."

"The Jiang family was destroyed and I could not take care of Xiaorou during the battle. An old, faithful servant took Xiaorou away in the chaos. As for what happened after that, I do not know. Xiaorou was also unconscious then, and she had already forgotten about it as she was still young."

"When the old servant escaped, she was already severely injured. She was also pursued by the Shen Tu family clan, so I was afraid that I would never see Xiaorou for the rest of my life… I never expected that the old servant managed to escape into the deep desolate lands under the Shen Tu family clan's pursuit, allowing Xiaorou to survive. For Xiaorou to end up living in the desolate lands, that old servant has probably passed away… "

The former Desolate Queen was filled with grief upon saying this. The old servant that had died was an old granny that took care of her through her youth. She never expected that her moment of rebellion caused the old granny, that was so loyal to her, to die in the Cloud Wilderness, without even her bones being found.